Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 42: The Record of Raising A Baby (3) Part 1

The only way to receive food without spending money was to wait until the autumn harvest.

The production brigade divided the food according to work points, or it could be converted into money.

However, the food distributed was not enough to eat.

To improve the quality of life, Ah Jin had to use the original character's parents' inheritance.

As for the roof, there was still some time before winter.

It could only be repaired slowly.

It would not be possible to have heavy snow outside the house in winter and light snow indoors.

It was still the 60s when the country did not allow private sales.

Even if there was a hidden deal, a 16-year-old girl simply could not go out of that village.

The most important thing to do was to endure these years.

The days would be much better in the 70s.

The following day, Ah Jin got up on time to cook.

This time it was rice.

Ah Jin closed the door when she was cooking.

After all, the taste of high-quality rice was too fragrant.

She was afraid of being suspected.

It turned out that Ah Jin thought too much.

Every family made food in the morning.

It would have been mixed together if there was an aroma, so who would suspect the four poor children?

Ah Jin boiled the cabbage in water and added salt.

There was no other seasoning in the house except salt.

Fortunately, the cabbage was fresh and tasty.

It had a slightly sweet taste, which matched the fragrant and thick rice porridge.

The three children ate with their eyes shining.

Ah Jin put down her chopsticks and said, "This is the food and vegetables I secretly got. So don't talk nonsense when you go out. We won't be able to eat once someone catches you."

The three children hurriedly nodded together and swore they would never tell anyone.

They were never curious about where their eldest sister got the food from.

The three children trusted and relied on Ah Jin wholeheartedly, so to speak.

She told them to come back with more hay and to fix the roof.

Again the three agreed.

When she arrived at the production brigade, Ah Jin was still partnered with Grandpa Fang.

Ah Jin had been strengthened by her energy and dug the ground faster.

So Grandpa Fang could not keep up with her speed in sowing seeds.

Ah Jin also took the time to rest while waiting for Grandpa Fang.

The blisters on her hands were already worn out when she climbed the tree.

Now they had dried up, leaving the epidermis stuck to the flesh.

Probably it wouldn't take long for the skin to fall off and turn into a callus.

Grandpa Fang was surprised to see Ah Jin's hand when he caught up with her.

"My goodness ah. Does it hurt ah? You can tell Grandpa. I can dig the field."

"I'm fine Grandpa, let's continue."

The hoe was wielded again after that.

She continued to dig the ground.

Grandpa Fang's heart ached.

How could it not hurt?

He had also gone through it.

At that time, he could not hold the bowl when he ate, and he had to continue digging even after the blisters broke.

He kept on digging until the skin of his palm was thick and calloused, and it didn't hurt anymore.

He watched Ah Jin plowing the ground one after another.

Her face remained unchanged.

Grandpa Fang subtly admired her that he was not as good as she was.

All the way until noon, the head of the production brigade whistled for lunch.

Only then did Ah Jin called back the fourth child to go home together to cook and eat.

At that moment, Ah Jin heard someone called out to her.

"Zhaodi! Zhaodi! Hurry up and go to school. Your brothers are fighting with someone else!"

After thanking the older woman, Ah Jin took the fourth child to school.

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