Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 42 - Misunderstanding 2 [OW]

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Lopseed and Baby's breath are much calmer than before. Although they are in the same room with Xian Mo Yu, their petals and leaves are not shaking anymore. They only tried to bend away and distance themselves from Xian Mo Yu. Su Ling sighed silently because this scene is too familiar to him. All spiritual plants behaved like this back when his pheromone still smells bad. But Xian Mo Yu has it worse because the plants acted like this when it is fragrant right now. The two plants’ action to distance themselves was utterly useless because Xian Mo Yu's roots are long and flexible, and it can reach any place in this room as it please.

Su Ling played a bit with the two plants and spent some time with Xian Mo Yu for a while. After reminding it not to hurt his friends, he left the spiritual plant room. He went back to the master bedroom, made the bed and put on all the covers. Then he wiped the closet again, looked around, and shifted the position of the full-length mirror and the lazy couch. Su Ling wanted to shift the closet as well, but he doesn’t have the strength to do so. By the time he finally managed to arrange the bedroom to suit his taste, he was tired and didn't want to move. The physical stamina of an Omega is really terrible. Taking his pyjamas into the bathroom, Su Ling mentally included exercise in his daily schedule.

The ringtone of a call woke Su Ling up. He raised his hand and could feel that his arms are sore and mumbled, "Who?"

"This is Xiào Rui. I'm sorry to disturb you, but you are five minutes behind the usual agreed time, are you okay?"

"Ah? Hiss..." Su Ling got up in surprise, and all the muscles that happened to do some heavy work yesterday began to protest.

"What's the matter?" Xiào Rui asked hurriedly.

Su Ling glanced at the time, it was 7.35 am, and he usually went to the Xiào villa at 7.30 am.

Su Ling: "It's nothing. So sorry, I've overslept. I will come right away."

Xiào Rui: "I will ask my driver to pick you up."

Su Ling: "It’s fine. I wash up quickly, and getting a taxi is faster."

Xiào Rui felt that it is reasonable and reminded him, "Pay attention to safety on the road."

Su Ling acknowledged with an En before hanging up the call. He quickly changed his pants, casually put on a T-shirt then started brushing his teeth and washing his face. Before going out, he put the spiritual plants in his space storage. It was 8.00 am when he arrived. Su Ling apologized and went to get the Redthorn Ball liquid, which later given to the private doctor who had been waiting.

Upon coming out of the spiritual plant room, he saw Xiào Rui’s mother standing at the door.

“Thanks for your hard work, I have asked someone to prepare breakfast. I heard Ah Rui said that you came directly without eating.”

Su Ling was embarrassed as he explained, "I got up too late."

Mother Xiào: "It's not too late. Ah Rui used to get up at 8-9 am on holidays. Alright, come and see if my breakfast suits your taste."

And so Su Ling ate breakfast in the villa, then thanked Mother Xiào before taking his leave. Mother Xiào asked the driver to see him off. It was the same driver who sent him back every day, and the driver has gotten used to the routine. When the car is approaching the flower shop, he slowed down the speed and asked, "Mr Su, are you still going to buy some flowers?"

Su Ling checked the time and realized that he would have already delivered the roses at this time normally. On the other hand, his arms felt sore, his body is tired; his heart is tired as well. Male god’s state is not good these days, and his complexion was terrible. Yesterday, he only looked slightly better because his susceptibility period has just ended. However, male god became more silent than before. Unlike before where he(GLH) would show obvious joy because of his(SL) concern, his recent emotions are quite restrained. This made Su Ling feel uncertain, and he couldn’t be completely sure about male god’s attitude towards him.

In his heart, Su Ling silently sighed that chasing after someone is quite tiring.

"No need to buy, please send me back directly." Let’s take a rest for a few days, and also let male god relax.

Su Ling guessed that his marriage proposal that day has given male god a scare, and he probably chased him(GLH) too tightly, which made the male god very stressful. Thinking from Gu Liheng’s point of view, if he has a problem in ‘that’ aspect and the person he likes is chasing him, he would feel sweet and tormented at the same time.

The speed of the car immediately increased, and Su Ling's bracelet rang. It was a call from the security company. Su Ling connected the call, and the other party explained that they want to confirm with him the specific location and whether he is home.

"No. 301, Building 2, Xinlu Community. I'll reach home soon."


Gu Liheng sat on the sofa, staring silently at the empty vase on the coffee table. The young man didn't come today, was he delayed by some matters or he finally gave up? Lightly touching his bracelet, Gu Liheng’s fingertip paused for a while above the young man’s contact icon, but he retracted his hand.

Meeting with his mother these few days, although he managed to wake up from the nightmare faster than before, he still dreams every night. Gu Liheng knew very well that having his sleep affected for a few days in a row has caused him to be in a terrible state. Moreover, the time that the young man stayed over every day has become shorter and shorter. Could it be the reason he didn't come today is because he couldn't bear the boredom?

This outcome is what he hoped to happen initially, but now, Gu Liheng only felt as if his heart has been blocked by something. Raising his head, he massaged his forehead before walking out of the living room. He got in the car and glanced out of the window, "Drive slowly in the villa area."

However, until the car leaves the villa area, he still didn’t see any people or vehicles passing by. As the car continued to drive forward into the city, Gu Liheng still looked out of the window. After a while, Xiào Rui and Lin Meng appeared in his field of vision. They were walking close together towards a mall. He retracted his gaze, and his stiff facial features were very serious. Since Xiào Rui is out shopping with Lin Meng, it means the liquid for today’s portion has been harvested. He has to speed up his recovery.


When Mother Gu saw Gu Liheng, her habitual gentle smile narrowed, "You should look in the mirror, your complexion is really ugly. I thought that at your age, you should already know how to take care of yourself."

"Even if you are on holiday, you should pay attention to your image. If someone sees you like this, there might be bad news about the Gu company having troubles. You should go back to rest. I don't want you to appear at the birthday party with this face tomorrow night."

Gu Liheng's jaw tightened, but he sat firmly on the sofa opposite his mother, "I'm fine." He just needs to stay around her.

Mother Gu frowned, "I could use one hand to count the words you said in these past few days. What do you want to do actually?"

Gu Liheng: "Look at you."

Mother Gu: "...If you change your expression, I might believe it."

Gu Liheng's fingers were clenched. His gaze fell on her face as the corners of his mouth were gently, stiffly, and slowly raised up to reveal a forced smile. All of a sudden, scolding sound exploded in his ears, panic and nervousness followed. His teeth clenched, his cheeks and jaws stiffened, and his eyes were calm and indifferent. Gu Liheng’s current appearance is no better than a blank expression.

Mother Gu's brows tightened. Since the death of her partner, she has been affected by the pheromone rejection illness. At first, she was only emotional, but then it became serious as time passed. Her mind was always in a state of chaos. Fortunately, Ah Heng has already taken charge of the Gu family at that time, so there was no need for her to worry about everything. But now seeing Gu Liheng's appearance, she noticed something wrong and her smile stiffened as well. Originally she thought Ah Heng was just serious by nature and didn't like to laugh, but now, she couldn't help being flustered. She said, "You... if you don't want to smile, don't force it."

Her volume was natural, neither high nor agitated, and the voice in Gu Liheng's ears suddenly disappeared. All of the negative emotions quickly disappeared too. The corner of Gu Liheng's mouth fell, and he replied with a serious look, "No, I want to smile." Then he added, "You just do your thing, don’t mind me."

That night, Gu Liheng didn't dream about his childhood, but he still didn't sleep well. In his dream, he saw the young man running and pounced on an Alpha who he couldn't see his face.

The next morning, the young still did not come. He stood by the windowsill and stared at the door for a long time.

Su Ling got up early that day and ran around the playground nearby twice. Then he ate breakfast and went to the Xiào villa. As soon as he entered, Lin Meng jumped up from the sofa and called out, "Ling Ling!" As he shouted, he wanted to pull Su Ling, but Xiào Rui stopped him.

Su Ling smiled, "I'll go get the liquid first, and we will talk later."

Lin Meng's eyes were bright, "I'll go with you, I want to see."

Su Ling: "Come on then."

After harvesting the ball fluid, Lin Meng pulled Su Ling onto the sofa and kept saying, "Ling Ling is really amazing," and then curiously asked, "When did your pheromone return to normal?"

Su Ling: "Some time ago."

Lin Meng smiled brightly, "That’s great. Your pheromone smells so good now, Zhao Qi should really smell it!"

Su Ling raised his eyebrows, "I am not interested in him."

That makes Lin Meng laughed out. After he finished laughing, he asked, "Let's go pick an outfit together later? I didn't get any yesterday. We need to dress well in President Gu's mother's birthday party tonight."

Su Ling puzzled, "Birthday party?"

Lin Meng: "Yeah, haven't you received the invitation?" His big eyes were filled with confusion. President Gu likes Ling Ling, how could he not give Ling Ling an invitation?

Then Su Ling remembered that he had indeed heard about it. It was the time when Redthorn Ball was exposed, and it was related to this birthday party.

But male god never mentioned it before, he completely forgotten about it if Lin Meng didn't mention it, "I didn’t get any invitation."

Lin Meng: "President Gu didn't give you an invitation? My mother said that many unmarried rich Omegas have been invited. Madam Gu actually wants to use this birthday party..."

Seeing Su Ling frown, Lin Meng didn't continue.

But Su Ling already understood, "As blind dates?"

Lin Meng: "Don't be angry. They are all invited by Madam Gu. Maybe it has nothing to do with President Gu." Then his eyes turned with a thought and suggested, "Why don't you come with me tonight?"

Xiào Rui pulled at Lin Meng’s shoulders and said amusedly, "How can Omega accompany each other? And you are my dancing partner."

Lin Meng took Xiào Rui’s hand and was about to fling it away. But after thinking about it, he grabbed it and smiled, "I will go with my parents, you will take Ling Ling."

Su Ling: "No."

Lin Meng: "Why not? That's a great idea!" He thought his idea was particularly good.

Xiào Rui rubbed his hair, "Won’t you get jealous?"

Lin Meng wrinkled his nose and said, "Ling Ling likes President Gu, so I'm not jealous," he looked at Su Ling, "Do you think the same way, Ling Ling? It's okay yo, I will meet Ah Rui again after we entered the banquet. It’s the same thing."

"Think about it, there are so many single Omegas. Plus Zhao Qi will join as well, can you rest assured?"

Su Ling: "..." No, he can’t.

Male god has just passed his susceptibility period, so if someone set a trap, he may get caught in it. And If male god is found to have done unspeakable thing in the public... Su Ling doesn’t dare to imagine how male god would look. So he said to both men, "Have to trouble you."

Lin Meng laughed, "No trouble," he pulled Su Ling up, "Go, let's go buy our outfit."

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