His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 42 - Betrayal

After finding out that she became a wealthy second generation, Shen Ziqiao felt as though she was stepping on clouds, feeling light-headed. It didn’t feel real, it was like she was dreaming. She originally thought that she was a total female supporting character without any cheats or the favoring of Heaven. Who knew that she obtained money as a female supporting character? Why wouldn’t she be happy over this?

But she couldn’t be overly happy. After all, this was just a false reputation. In name, she was “Miss Perfect.” In reality, she wasn’t anything. If she didn't treat everything with a positive attitude, there would definitely be bitter days ahead.

How was she going to get back the dowry that the Pan Madam left for her? This depended on her skills.

Relying on Shen Xiao and Shen Zikai to get it back for her? It didn’t seem viable. Those two were filial and, even if they loved her deeply, it was unlikely for them to fall out with the Old Madam.

Maybe they would even persuade her to hand the dowry over and let the Old Madam manage it, saying something about how the Old Madam would return it after she got married or something.

If she wanted to get her dowry back in a confident and proud manner, she needed to ask the Pan Family for help. But finding the Pan Family… Shen Ziqiao curled her body against the ebony lounge chair. It seemed a bit difficult to accomplish.

“Third Miss, the weather is nice today. You’re not going out to walk around?” Hong Ying carried a small tea tray over. There was a teacup with a carp outlined in gold on top of the tray. Shen Ziqiao received the teacup and took a sip of the pickled plum honey tea with red dates. It was sour and sweet, very tasty. “Hong Ying, are there any news from the capital?”

Although she was in a dilemma over how she would get the dowry back, she was sincerely worried over Qi Zheng’s unconscious state.

Hong Ying knew what Shen Ziqiao was referring to. She lightly shook her head, saying that she heard nothing. Shen Ziqiao sighed and asked, “When can we return to the capital?”

“Third Miss, don’t worry. As long as the Lord and Eldest Master come back, they will immediately take you back.” Hong Ying tried to convince her.

The main point was that she beat up Shen Ziyang and she didn’t know what he was going to say about her in front of Old Madam Shen. That old woman definitely wouldn’t let her back.

“Hopefully.” But Shen Ziqiao didn’t have too much hope. She heard that Shen Xiao and his son were coming back a few days ago, but she still hadn't gotten a glimpse of them yet.

However, this was because Shen Ziqiao didn’t understand the situation. They sent a letter back home notifying the family of their return, but they wouldn’t actually be back at the capital until a month or two later. They had no airplanes or cars here, so how could they possibly cross over half the country in a few days?

“Lady Meng is back.” Hong Yu called out outside.

Right after, the thin bamboo curtains were moved to the side and Lady Meng appeared in front of Shen Ziqiao, flushed.

“Hong Ying, quickly help Lady Meng take a seat.” She personally poured tea for her and said, “Lady Meng, drink tea to relieve your throat. You must be tired.”

Lady Meng wasn’t polite about it and took the cup, gulping a mouthful of tea. She panted and then said, “Third Miss, this maid was unable to meet with Pan Duosan and Liang Jianhai. I inquired a fellow that I was familiar with and found out that Pan Duosan was kicked to some place by the Old Madam half a year ago with some stupid excuse. As for Liang Jianhai, he is probably the Old Madam’s dog now…”

Seeing Lady Meng’s angry expression and her gritting her teeth, Shen Ziqiao didn’t find the news to be surprising. Betrayal was inevitable. As long as someone gave enough benefits, no matter how loyal someone was, they couldn’t resist the temptation.

“Therefore, the five stores within the capital are now under the Old Madam’s control?” Shen Ziqiao mockingly asked. She had seen greedy people, but not a sneaky old woman who coveted their granddaughter’s dowry.

Lady Meng said shamefully, “It’s all this maid’s fault for believing too much in them, thinking that they wouldn’t betray the Madam.”

Shen Ziqiao smiled and said, “This is like the sky choosing to rain and a mother choosing to marry off their daughter. It’s not something you can control. Ok, don’t think too much about it. Temporarily ignore what’s going on in the capital. Wait for Elder Brother to come back and then talk about it.”

When Hong Yu heard this by the side, she said, “Calculating the time, the Lord and Eldest Master should be back soon.”

“Lady Meng, go rest first. We’re not in a rush. One has to be patient in order to achieve their goals. If we accidentally startle them, it would be more difficult to do what we want to.” Shen Ziqiao said.

Lady Meng understood this. But thinking of how the old woman took over the things that the Madam left for the Third Miss, it was as though someone had slashed her heart.

Shen Ziqiao was certain that one of the two in the capital was bribed by the Old Madam. She didn’t know where the other went. She wasn’t as impatient anymore. Instead, she calmed down.


Tie Dan’s injury didn’t worsen. The physician looked over it and said that the bones were slowly healing.

Everyone in the village all sighed in relief.

The Lin Family’s couple kowtowed and thanked Shen Ziqiao. If she didn’t come back in time, Tie Dan probably would’ve lost his foot. Shen Ziqiao didn’t accept their salutations. She said they didn’t need to work and just needed to take care of Tie Dan at home.

The days slowly passed by in the village, while the days in the capital became livelier and busier.

People heard the Young Master of Duke An, Qi Zheng, went out to pray in a temple. Who knew that when he came back, he was half dead. There were some people cheering over this in the Duke An Residence while others were worried.

Xiao Gu naturally hoped that Qi Zheng would never wake up, however she didn’t dare to reveal her happiness at all. She busied herself and invited all the well-known doctors in the capital. However, the doctors couldn’t do anything about it.

Duke An was angry and sad. He loved his eldest son, Qi Zheng, the most. He was originally very upset that Qi Zheng was less intelligent than the others, but who knew that he became unconscious this time.

Qi Zheng’s sickness startled the Empress and she ordered for the imperial physicians to cure Qi Zheng, otherwise she would punish them.

The entire Duke An Residence was in chaos and Duke An called Uncle Qun over to carefully inquire the cause of Qi Zheng’s situation. Uncle Qun tried to hide it, only saying that Qi Zheng was resting in the Shen Family’s village that day. The Young Master and the Third Miss Shen got into an argument and it was unclear what they said, but the Young Master fainted as a result.

So it was the girl from the Shen Family!

Duke An immediately began to imagine things. The girl must be crafty and despicable. She looked down on Zheng’er for being an idiot and was unwilling to marry him. Therefore, she must’ve said something to trigger him.

Right then, Duke An personally went to question Old Madam Shen.

Old Madam Shen also felt a headache rising because of Shen Ziqiao. Shen Ziyang was chased out of the village and when he returned to the capital, he immediately tattled on Shen Ziqiao to Old Madam Shen.

Hearing that Lady Lin was in the village, the Old Madam was really frightened. She actually let one slip by? Didn’t she kick all of the Pan Madam’s people out back then? Who dared to disobey her orders?

Seeing that her son and grandson were about to come back, the Old Madam was stressed over not being able to find a reason to keep Shen Ziqiao back at the village. Who knew that Duke An showed up at the door.

“Young Master Shen’s injury… Has to do with Ziqiao?” Old Madam Shen was shocked. That girl was that brazen?

Duke An was furious. “Then you’ll need to ask your Third Miss.”

Old Madam Shen really wanted to blame Shen Ziqiao for this, but if Qi Zheng never woke up, then she would be committing murder. The Shen Family’s daughters’ reputation couldn’t be ruined by Shen Ziqiao just like that.

Her precious granddaughter, Shen Zixin, still needed to get a good marriage.

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