I Swear I Won't Bother You Again!

Chapter 42.1 - Completely Empty (すっからかん)

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For students without anything special to do, what will they do after class?

Some will return straight home, some will take a detour with friends, and some will wrap up their business in the school. It’s normal to go home when there’s nothing left to do and stay there if it’s the other way around.

Within those kinds of students, there are some students who just don’t want to go home. Right now, Violette is alone, not having any friends who can accompany her. If she told Yulan that she's staying in the school, he will most likely stay with her. Even so, she feels bad for using Yulan’s time just because she doesn’t want to go home.

In the end, she leaves the classroom alone, picks a place with as few people as possible, and waits for the time to pass. She’s thinking of killing time in the library or cafeteria, but most people seem to have the same idea as her. Basically, there are always so many people in both of those places.

“...Let’s stay for around an hour here.”

Violette can hear the sound of people spending their time as they please, but there’s no one in sight. The trimmed plants are beautiful, but looking at them makes Violette feels a little lonely. Probably, it’s because there’s no other color than green.

This academy basically lets the students do as they wish, but it doesn’t mean that students with no particular errands can play here all the time. Students who don’t participate in the student council or other activities are encouraged to go home if they have no adequate reason to stay here. Since there’s no use to defy it, most people have no choice but to obey.

The time limit is one hour later. It’s not too late for the sun to set, around the time when the color of the sky begins to change.

Violette opens the book she brought from home. She has spent over the last few days to finish this one. She should be able to finish reading this today.

What should I do after this… Going outside the academy sounds nice, but once he finds out, it will become troublesome.

Her will to be free doing whatever she wants to do is still fresh in her mind. But when she has time to think about it, she has fewer wishes that she can actualize than she has expected.

At first, she wants to go out, but she realizes that it’s going to be a hassle once her carriage tells her father where they pick her up. Especially since she refused Maryjun’s invitation before, he seems to think that Violette owes Maryjun something even if there’s no basis in that thought. Once he has prioritized the others, he’s going to put ridiculous interest on them. It’s already bad enough that she’s going home late every day. If Maryjun wants something, her father will definitely trample Violette’s heart without hesitation.

To be honest, it’s too much of a pain. She also can’t say that it won’t hurt her.

So far, she has been trying all of the facilities in the school as much as possible, but she has been attending this academy for four years, combined with her middle school days. Even if the building changes, the inside doesn’t change. There are new classrooms, but all of them are used for class purposes.

“...I guess I'm more empty than I've expected.”

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