Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 42-1: He Molested Me

After Chen Yu slapped the man into the alley, she was about to chase him in to give him a violent beatdown but was blocked by the waves of hostility.

Seeing the indiscriminate attack in the alley from Xiang Nan who looked like he went crazy, Chen Yu silently retracted her foot that had stepped into the alley and decided to sit down on the sidelines.

This unlucky person must be the Celestial Master who painted the soul-refining array, however, even though he was pushed down and beaten by Xiang Nan like this, he actually still overestimated himself and wanted to refine Xiang Nan.

This man’s ability to seek death was quite special.

The man was smashed back inside the alley by Chen Yu’s compass, and while he was still confused and disoriented, he was pressed down and beaten violently by Xiang Nan. The hostile energy inside the alley became heavier, completely suppressing the man’s aura. He had no power to fight back, so he could only take out another advanced-level talisman he brought for a high price and once again shook Xiang Nan away from himself.

The man took this opportunity to run towards the alley’s entrance again.

Chen Yu saw the man running towards her, so she simply lifted her foot and kicked him back in.

Like a hungry tiger pouncing on his prey, Xiang Nan immediately rushed to kill.

“Little girl coming from nowhere, what are you making trouble for?!” the middle-aged man shouted at Chen Yu while avoiding Xiang Nan’s attacks. He hadn’t recognized Chen Yu as the Celestial Teacher he just gave a ‘lesson’ to.

“He, he…”

The middle-aged man fell prey to Chen Yu’s plot time and again, he had already lost the decisive opportunity in this fight. Xiang Nan took a posture of ‘fighting to one’s last breath’ and the middle-aged man knew that he would be seriously injured if he waited any longer, so he took out the last advanced talisman he had and intended to take this opportunity to escape for good.

When the man ran to the alley’s entrance this time, he shouted, “Get out of the way!”

“He, he…” Chen Yu raised her right hand, and the compass that had been floating in the air slowly floated back to Chen Yu’s side.

“Are you that Celestial Master?” the middle-aged man felt the aura on Chen Yu’s body and his face changed suddenly.

“I studied hard for half a month, but you actually attacked me when I was taking my exam?” Chen Yu showed a hideous grin and waved her right hand forward ruthlessly, and the man was immediately smashed back into the alley by the buzzing compass.

Xiang Nan roared and rushed up again.

People are divided between good and bad, so of course it was the same with Celestial Masters. Chen Yu was ignorant when she was young, she once asked the old man, how to know if a Celestial Master is good or bad? Chen Yu still remembered the old man’s answer.

Back then, Chen Yu had just learned how to draw talismans, the old man pointed to the talisman Chen Yu had just drawn carefully and said, “Talismans are made by the Celestial Master’s own spiritual power, so there’s a close connection between them. For example, this talisman, because you’re the one who drew it, then you can feel if it’s used by someone.”

“Talisman is formed by your energy and can help others, but at the same time, others can also use the connection between the talisman and you to harm you through a special spell. Little girl, you have to remember a Celestial Master’s magic should be used to fight supernaturally evil things, such as exorcising ghosts or evil spirits, using magic to harm people is a big taboo in the spiritual world.” The old man said solemnly, “If one day someone dares to use your talisman and casts a spell to harm you, find them and beat them to death.”

Chen Yu looked at the half-dead man beaten by Xiang Nan, and suddenly felt that as long as she didn’t let the man out of this alley, then she didn’t need to beat him up herself and this man would still end up in almost the same condition as if she did it herself.

The man saw Xiang Nan completely ignored the soul-refining array and used his power frantically, it was obvious he had made up his mind to die alongside him. The opportunities created by the three advanced-level talismans were all ruined by this little girl who suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Left with nothing else, the man made a determined effort and took out a black wooden tablet from his pocket.

What was sealed in this wooden tablet was an evil spirit he refined in Xiangxi ten years ago, right now, its strength was nearing that of a ghost king. If it weren’t for the fear that two formidable evil spirits appearing at the same time would bring attention from the spiritual world, he would have already taken this out a long ago. However, at this time, he had no way to care about anything else.

“Ghost King, heed my command!”

Following the man’s voice, an evil spirit stronger than Xiang Nan suddenly appeared. Two majestic Yin auras collided, they soared high into the sky and thunder rolled with frightening roars.

Xiang Nan was shaken away by the sudden huge Yin aura, he looked up and saw a pitch-dark ghost shadow standing firmly in front of the middle-aged man.

Ghost King! It was the first time Chen Yu saw a Ghost King, its dreadful Yin aura made her take a step back.

“Eat him, you can completely evolve into a Ghost King after eating him.” The man leaned against the wall and pointed at Xiang Nan.

Although the Ghost King was powerful and the aura of its whole body was daunting, there’s no trace of emotion in those red eyes left except for indifference. After hearing the man’s order, the Ghost King suddenly jumped up and rushed towards Xiang Nan. The two evil spirits’ fight was too fast for the naked eye to see and Chen Yu couldn’t see anything except for fragmentary reflections.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three booms of thunder sounded in the sky one after another, a warning from Heaven caused by the dense Yin energy. At the same time, Celestial Masters of the spiritual circle of Imperial Capital, no matter what they were doing all stopped immediately to look up at this warning and thought, what kind of evil spirit was born into the world?

The man ignored Xiang Nan after he released the Ghost King, because he knew, although Xiang Nan was powerful, he wasn’t yet an opponent for the Ghost King which had evolved from devouring thousands of ghosts.

The man raised his hand to wipe at the bruise at the corner of his mouth, and walked towards Chen Yu step by step with a dark face.

“Girl, you’re courting death!” Chen Yu’s interference again and again made the man extremely angry, he raised his hand to strangle Chen Yu’s neck with a hideous face.

Chen Yu avoided the man’s arm sideways and kicked his face with a round kick. He was kicked to the wall, and before he could react, he was tossed down to the ground by Chen Yu’s shoulder throw.

If you have to rank Chen Yu’s talents, she’s third in studying, second in ghost-hunting, and first in fighting.

The two spirits were fighting in the alley as Chen Yu held the man to the ground and beat him up wildly outside the alley. She cussed while beating him, “You attacked me while I was taking an exam, do you know how difficult it is to get high points?”

How would the man know he didn’t only get beaten by Xiang Nan’s hands, but also planted on the ground by a little girl’s hands?

“Ghost King!” the man yelled.

In the alley, Ghost King who was facing Xiang Nan suddenly turned into a puff of black smoke and floated towards Chen Yu.

“Shit…!” how would Chen Yu know where her fist would land on the Ghost King? She was frightened out of her wits and didn’t know what to do. As she was about to get up and run away when she saw a black wooden tablet out of the corner of her eyes. Chen Yu immediately recognized this wooden tablet as the ghost tablet where the Ghost King resided in, so she stepped on it without thinking.

Crack! The ghost tablet was broken into two, and the Ghost King who had drifted in front of her suddenly disappeared, and even Yin energy filled black cloud cleared up in an instant.

“You…” the man couldn’t believe what he saw.

“How can such an important thing as a ghost tablet use such a brittle wood?” After Chen Yu finished spitting this out, she continued to raise her foot and kicked the person.

This grandaunt, I, only want to beat you up to relieve my anger, but you dare to use a Ghost King to deal with me, this is plain murder, ah.

“Police, don’t move!” Chen Yu’s heart skipped a beat, she stopped her foot that was lifted up in the air.

I’m so done! I’m gonna enter the police station again!

“Sir, are you okay?!” The police helped the bruised man from the ground while secretly saying to himself that it was too miserable.

The man stood up and didn’t answer the police, but stared at Chen Yu standing to the side with spiteful eyes.

“You… Chen Yu?” the police officer couldn’t help exclaiming when he turned around and saw Chen Yu.

“Sergeant Qiu?!” Chen Yu greeted nervously. It’s over, it’s over, 80% of his injuries were inflicted by XiangNan, ah, but ordinary people can’t see ghosts, I’m so in trouble this time!

“You… you did this?” Qiu Heng asked with a complicated expression on his face.

“I… would you believe what I have to say?” Chen Yu’s awkward laugh was uglier than crying.

Qiu Heng hesitated, he looked at the miserably injured man next to him and asked, “Is she the one that caused your injury?”

The man naturally knew the two knew each other, but no matter whether they knew each other or not, he didn’t want to go to the police station. He took a step aside, avoided Qiu Heng’s support, looked at Chen Yu and asked, “Your name is Chen Yu?”

“What are you gonna do about it?” Chen Yu stared back without showing any weakness.

“Just wait and see!” the man said viciously.

“Sir, we can go to the police station to fix up whatever things we have to do, don’t say these kinds of words that can be misconstrued as you getting revenge.” Qiu Heng noticed the man’s expression and tone were wrong, obviously he wanted to get revenge on Chen Yu later on so he couldn’t help but give a warning.

The man turned his head and stared at Qiu Heng. Qiu Heng who looked at him couldn’t help but shudder, this man isn’t a good person!

“What’s the matter?” Chen Yang, who had been waiting in the car for a long time, saw Qiu Heng couldn’t handle this fight, so he walked over with a cold face.

When Chen Yang approached, he looked at the man’s injuries and frowned, this can be sentenced as criminal assault. The beating seemed to be done by a girl, he wanted to see what kind of valiant, masculine woman she was, so Chen Yang turned his head to see the culprit with some curiosity.

“Brother!” Chen Yu greeted him with a crumpled and ugly smile.

The Coke can in Chen Yang’s hand fell down on the ground with a clatter, wetting the ground.

“What is this?!” Chen Yang said angrily.

Chen Yu took a step back in fright, pointed to the man with a scarred face and said, “He bullied me first!”

Qiu Heng felt like he wanted to cry piteously when he heard this. Little sister Chen Yu, ah, if you want to find an excuse, then find a decent one, if you beat people up like this, how can you still claim you were bullied?

“What the hell is going on?” Chen Yang glanced over the man’s swollen face in shock.

Qiu Heng looked at the bag Chen Yu dropped on the ground and asked with a flash of inspiration, “Did he steal your bag?”

“He… he…”

“Say he molested you!” didn’t know when the female perverted ghost floated over.

“He molested me!” Chen Yu whose mind was chaotic, naturally accepted the female ghost’s suggestion.

“What!!!” Qiu Heng looked at the man angrily. In his eyes, that bruised, pitiful face changed into a boorish one in an instant.

The man obviously didn’t expect Chen Yu to say something so outlandish, he felt like his blood was choking him in his chest but he couldn’t spit it out.

When Chen Yang heard someone actually dared to molest his sister, he abruptly turned his head and stared at the pig-headed man, his chest heaved up and down violently, and it took all of his life’s self-control to resist the urge to go up and beat him up.


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