Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 417 - Cultivation Examination(35)

The pitch-black underground palace was lit up by the blue flame.

Su Wan transformed into a human again. Seeing the unfamiliar male and female, she subconsciously leaned towards Xu Ce.

“What’s going on?”

Xu Ce furrowed his brows hearing Su Wan’s question. Then he looked suspiciously at the lady with a tender appearance but cold expression as well as the man smiling like a sly fox. “You two brought us here.”

“Not me.”

The man wearing Tianyun Sect’s disciple robe smiled and lifted his brows. “She did this.”

He pointed at the girl wearing black.

She remained expressionless. Feeling Xu Ce’s gaze, the girl looked over and said coldly, “Young master, I brought you guys here but brother Baiye suggested this.”

Devil King, Baiye?

Su Wan and Xu Ce both turned to look at the Tianyun Sect’s disciple with an ordinary appearance. His figure and appearance were both changing right now.

That’s right. Just like Baiye and Xuan Yuanshi, they both mingled into this world.

Of course, Xuan Yuanshi relied on her own strength. She hid her aura and entered through the identity of Guiling Sect’s disciple. Meanwhile, Baiye chose a really shameless method. He made a fuss with what happened with Su Wan that day and got a quota from Heavenly Zi. Then he transformed himself into a disciple of the Tianyun Sect, coming inside like this.

Baiye smiled faintly seeing everyone looking at him. “Young master, I notified Xiao Shi to use her teleportation spell to bring you guys to the underground palace. The master is deep asleep here and only you can remove his seal and wake him up”!

Flame Immortal!

Su Wan froze when she heard Baiye talk about Flame Immortal. He was actually still alive!

Plus, her guess had become true. The Flame Immortal was indeed Xu Ce’s father!

Xu Ce appeared really quiet. He didn’t think that the Flame Immortal would still be alive.

But whether he was alive or dead, it wasn’t that important to him because he was emotionless.

“Baiye, Xuan Yuanshi?”

Xu Ce confirmed the two’s identities. “I know you guys. Since this is the case, you guys can lead.”

Xu Ce then turned to look at Su Wan. “Follow me. Don’t walk around on your own.”


Su Wan nodded. She had no other choice here. Compared to Baiye and Xuan Yuanshi, Xu Ce appeared much more gentle and harmless.

The four gradually walked on the weird path in the underground palace. After a while, they finally walked to a stone door. There were lots of complicated veined patterns on the grayish-white stone door.

This was a charm.

Su Wan had done a lot of research regarding the charms of the cultivation world. She could tell that the veined patterns on the stone door was a charm, a really powerful sealing charm.

“Young master, only your blood can remove the seal to the stone door.”

Baiye looked at Xu Ce, his gaze was incomparably excited and warm.

He had been waiting for five thousand years and the young master was finally back. He could now remove the seal and summon the master.

Xu Ce didn’t move. “It has to be my blood?”

His expression was a bit off. Baiye and Xuan Yuanshi both nodded. “Naturally. Only your blood can remove the seal.”


Xu Ce still stood there, unmoving. Su Wan placed a hand on her forehead, face-palming.

Dear, it’s time to learn science.

Your young master took over someone’s body so the blood obviously isn’t his.

Therefore, you guys are looking forward to opening this stone wall? You must be joking then!

Mn. That was the reason behind this but Su Wan wouldn’t tell anyone else about this since this had to do with the mission enforcers. She turned towards Xu Ce. “What do you plan on doing?”

Xu Ce walked to the stone wall calmly before cutting his finger. The blood slid down the veined patterns of the stone wall and then gathered all together in a bit. And then, and then there was nothing else.

“How did this happen?”

Baiye looked at the stone door in shock. Don’t mention removing the spell but the stone wall didn’t even move at all.

“It’s just like what you’ve seen.”

Xu Ce stretched his hands forward. “I’m not using my body right now. If the seal has to be opened by the Flame Immortal’s direct bloodline, then let’s not waste our time here.”

Not his body!

Baiye’s expression turned a bit better while Xuan Yuanshi looked at Xu Ce and Su Wan, conflicted.

She thought back to what Jinghong Fairy had said to her. Therefore...young master had come back from that world?

“No, there must be another way.”

Baiye’s gaze turned serious.

His devil qi kept on churning. “If you’re not in your body right now, then we have to use your soul and condense that into essence blood. Then we must be able to remove the seal!”

“Brother Baiye, you’re crazy!”

Xuan Yuanshi carefully stood in front of Xu Ce and Su Wan. “It will do irreversible damage to young master’s soul if we use that method. I won’t let you do this!”

Xuan Yuanshi’s gaze was cold but determined.

She needed to protect the man behind her. No matter what type of enemies she faced, she mustn’t retreat.

Xu Ce moved to look at Xuan Yuanshi, a bit shocked.

Although he felt nothing, he could feel other people’s concern towards him…

The situation wasn’t good right now.

Feeling Xuan Yuanshi and Baiye’s imposing manners becoming more intense, Su Wan silently pulled on Xu Ce’s robe and said, “What’s going on? Is there something wrong with Baiye?”

Devil King Baiye…

Xu Ce slowly closed his eyes and recalled the memories in his mind. These memories were left in the bracelet by Xu Qin. They weren’t complete but Xu Ce learned a lot of things in the past.

Xu Ce’s last piece of memory was at the enchanting red plum tree.

Plum blossom immortal, Hong Yu.

She was Baiye’s wife.

Xu Ce opened his eyes and his gaze turned clearer. “Baiye, I know what you want to do. I believe you. Go ahead.”

“Young master!”

Xuan Yuanshi looked unbelievably at Xu Ce. She bit her lips and shook her head, “Young master, you have to think this through!”

Once a person’s soul had been damaged, they would suffer irreversible damage.

Su Wan also looked shockingly at Xu Ce. She hesitated before tightening her grip on Xu Ce’s robe. “Xu Ce, don’t mess around! You…”

“Xiao Wan.”

Xu Ce turned and smiled at Su Wan. “I think I understand what love is now.”

Love was gentle like water but also fiery like fire.

Different people love people in different ways.

Baiye would do anything to achieve his goal because he had waited too long. He was separated from his lover for a long time.

Behind that door, not only was the Flame Immortal sealed, but also the plum blossom immortal, Hong Yu!

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