Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 414 - Cultivation Examination(32)

The next morning, bad news from Daqi Sect had spread through Xiaguang town. Tianyun Sect’s disciples quickly rushed over. The leader was Dugu Qingjiu and the female lead, Yun Xian’er, followed him like his tail.

“It was the devil species.”

In the room where the two siblings died, there was a faint devil qi pervading in the air.

Yun Xian’er’s gaze sharpened when she heard Dugu Qingjiu’s words. She took out an exquisite small round mirror from her storage bag and shone it around the room. After the golden light flickered past, a layer of thin black fog congealed within the air. Everyone concentrated their gaze on the gloomy cold ghost qi.

This was...ghost cultivation!

Ghost cultivation from Ghost Netherland.

Dugu Qingjiu felt restless. As it turned out, he not only had devils but also ghosts as his opponents!

Who did this? Xu Ce’s people or Ye Xin’s people?

“The devils and ghosts are quite savage! They dare to kill people under Tianyun Sect’s foot!”

While Dugu Qingjiu was in deep thought, everyone who came up with the conclusion was furious. Tianyun Sect had planned on contacting the major sects to unite and go on an expedition towards Ghost Netherland and Wanyao Mountain. But all these years, many sects were busy with their own development so they hadn’t come to a consensus with Tianyun Sect yet. Now that this happened, Daqi Sect obviously stood up first and supported the punitive expedition towards Ghost Netherland and Wanyao Mountain.

The entire time, the Xiaguang Town was enveloped by a nervous atmosphere. Tianyun Sect’s people also started searching for suspicious cultivators.

Su Wan, the actual murderer, slept well yesterday. This morning, she dragged Su Rui out to shop on the streets.

“Master, look. This is the famous multicolored silk cloth within Xiaguang Mountain. Does it look pretty? Hm?”

Su Wan compared the silk cloth to herself while Su Rui stared at her sparkling gaze. His gaze softened and he said gently, “Yes. If you like it, then buy it.”


Hearing this, she immediately threw the silk cloths into Su Rui’s arms. In the end, she tossed the spiritual stone to the owner and said, “I’m buying all of that. No need to look for change.”

“I am indebted to your patronage! Please take care!” The owner held the spiritual stone and smiled, seeing off his customer. The spiritual stone was a type of circulative currency within Xiaguang Town. Plus, even one low-tier spiritual stone was worth thousands of pounds of gold. The silk cloths weren’t worth much.

After they finished shopping, Su Wan immediately felt refreshed. Su Rui, who had become her attendant, wore a helpless but gentle smile as he stared at the figure. Su Rui also felt relaxed seeing her smiling happily.

He seemed to have forgotten his mission and their identities.

“Master Mo!”

At this time, a pleasant female voice rang behind the two. Su Rui stopped and turned around to see the two. There was a pretty-looking man and a gorgeous lady. The two of them looked visually attractive together.


Su Wan also stopped, her gaze sparkling as she slowly walked close to the man and woman.

Su Wan naturally knew the female lead, Yun Xian’er. With such a distinguishable face, there was no way she could forget about her face, okay?

However, Su Wan didn’t recognize the man next to her. Seeing that he was wearing the disciple robe that belonged to Tianyun Sect, Su Wan could tell he had a high status within the sect.

“Master Mo, long time no see.”

Yun Xian’er smiled and walked to Su Rui and Su Wan. While smiling, she greeted Su Rui and then looked at Su Wan with a deep gaze.

She was a devil.

Although there was no devil qi on her, countless decades ago, Yun Xian’er used her master’s magic weapon to make her reveal her original form. Therefore, she knew that Su Wan was a snake devil.

“Brother Qingjiu.”

Yun Xian’er leaned in his ears and exclaimed softly.

Dugu Qingjiu’s gaze couldn’t help but deepen when he looked at Su Rui and Su Wan.

Bamboo snake devil?

Damn. Is your sister Bai Suzhen here?

Cough. Let’s get back on track.

If the woman was the murderer from yesterday, then she must be a mission enforcer.

Was she Su Wan? Or Ye Xin?

“I am Tianyun Sect’s enforcer, Dugu Qingjiu. Someone died where the Tianyun Sect had resided at. Under my master’s order, I came here to investigate the situation. I hope you two will cooperate with me.”


Su Rui narrowed his eyes. Dugu Qingjiu should know very well who died. Now that he was attentively trying to investigate the case meant that he wanted to find the hidden mission enforcers within Xiaguang Town right?

Dugu Qingjiu and Yun Xian’er looked at each other. Yun Xian’er smiled and walked over. “To speak the truth, we did find lots of useful information. We found devil species’ devil qi and ghost species’ ghost fog at the crime scene. Our initial thought is that Wanyao Mountain and Ghost Netherlands had joined hands. Therefore…”

Yun Xian’er’s cold gaze landed on Su Wan.

“Ah, master.”

Su Wan felt Yun Xian’er’s gaze so she leaned against Su Rui nervously. “Master, look at her. She’s looking at me with a fierce gaze. She’s not suspicious of me is she? I spent the last night serving you. Master can prove it! Right, right?”

Su Rui was speechless.

Yun Xian’er thought: how is my gaze fierce? You’re clearly just jealous of my beautiful appearance.

Dugu Qingjiu: damn, why does she sound like Ding Jiajia?


Feeling the two strange gazes, Su Rui coughed and exclaimed, “That’s right. Xiao Qing is a devil but she never kills living creatures. Plus, she was with me yesterday night.”

Lying was easy to Su Rui. Saying this, he held onto Su Wan’s waist.

“Oh? Is that so?”

Dugu Qingjiu looked at him suspiciously.

Yun Xian’er also looked unfriendly. “Master Mo, we’ve gone to the Medicinal Valley and you guys didn’t seem to have stayed with them last night. Although I’m willing to believe you, there is no proof. Do you have some other proof?”

Su Wan: …

Other evidence? What? You think I recorded last night’s scene with a spiritual stone?

“If you want to blame us, no excuse will help.”

Su Wan took a step forward and looked coldly at the female lead. “I am a devil but I’ve followed my master for so many years. I’ve changed my nature and cultivated my moral character to act nice and kind. You guys claim to be Cangyue’s first sect but I didn’t think you guys have such short hindsights. So what if I’m a devil? So what if I’m a ghost? Everything in this world is equal. You guys are biased against me! I’ve heard that Tianyun Sect had been calling for all the daoist friends to condemn Wanyao Mountain and the Ghost Netherland...hmph. No one answered your calls. You guys feel like you’ve lost your faces right? This time, we have no idea who did this to the disciples of Daqi Sect. A thief crying “stop the thief” is normal within Kunlun paradise.” Hearing this, everyone gasped. Even Daqi Sect’s people couldn’t help but hesitate.

“You have a sharp mouth!”

An aged voice rang not too far and then a silver-white figure suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

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