Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 412 - Cultivation Examination(30)

Daqi Sect’s disciples lived in a tavern within the south of Xiaguang Town. Su Wan had paid attention to where the sect stopped by. Su Wan concealed her aura once she arrived at the tavern at night. She silently snuck into the backyard and searched for the two auras that she specially remembered.

Not long later, Su Wan only noticed Hou Bingning’s aura because she had an ordinary aptitude. Therefore, her cultivation wasn't that high. She was only in the primary realm stage right now. She had the best cultivation resources within the sect but that was because she had a genius brother.

It was the best time to cultivate now. Hou Bingning planned on showering and then cultivating and meditating but she didn't expect for a silhouette to appear behind her once she finished changing her clothes.

She appeared silently, without any murderous intent. However, she knew the silhouette came with an unfriendly intention.


Before she could finish, Hou Bingning already took out her magic weapon. Though her cultivation wasn’t high, she had lots of magic weapons as she was the disciple of a Daqi Sect.

Su Wan quickly dodged Hou Bingning’s attack and then turned, swinging out a silver chain.

She had obtained lots of treasures all these years because she was with the wealthy Master Mo and the extremely lucky male lead. She literally could just pick up treasures from walking out of the door.

“Immortal Restraining Rope!”

Seeing the chains, Hou Bingning’s expression changed. This chain was “Immortal Restraining Rope” and although it wasn’t a true immortal weapon, it was also a really powerful magic weapon! It used to be the magic weapon of an elder within Daqi Sect but after they failed at ascending and turned into ashes, no one knew where he was anymore…

“Just who are you?”

Hou Bingning stared at the figure in the darkness. She couldn’t see them but she felt like the figure was a woman.

“You should know who I am just like how I know who you are.”

Su Wan exclaimed softly, not bothering to change her voice.

Mission enforcer!

Hou Bingning’s gaze widened. While trying to stall time, she was coming up with a solution inside her mind…

Not far in another room, Hou Bingchen was focused on refining with his refining cauldron.

This was the last time he’d get to refine before entering the world. Although he knew that his department had the greatest chance of winning this time, he was used to being careful and refused to let anything slip by.


Hou Bingchen’s communication talisman suddenly rang by his waist. Hou Bingning’s frantic voice rang, “Brother, save me!”

Hou Bingning!

Hou Bingchen hesitated. He always took care of his sister but that didn’t mean he actually believed her.

However, it was unreasonable if he didn’t go to her right now.

He stopped his refinement. After thinking for a while, he took out a magic weapon and walked towards her room.

Right now, there was a layer of spiritual boundary outside her room. Hou Bingchen waved his sword and barged inside, cutting through the boundary.

Hou Bingning was in a fierce battle with Su Wan right now. Seeing him, her face brightened and she subconsciously moved closer to him. “Brother, it’s a devil from Wanyao Mountain!”


Hou Bingchen also felt the devil qi that assaulted his nostrils. It was indeed a devil!

“Devil, you dare to cause trouble at Xiaguang Town! Watch yourself!”

Hou Bingchen waved his double-edged sword and aimed it straight for Su Wan. At this moment, Su Wan’s gaze flickered again and threw the Immortal Restraining Rope again.

He didn’t panic when he was restrained by the rope. He and Su Wan had about the same strength. It seemed like this weapon could only keep him still for a little bit.

“Brother, let me help you.” Hou Bingning suddenly rushed from behind. This caused Hou Bingchen’s eyes to widen as he watched her dagger piercing deeply through his chest!

Blood splattered everywhere. Hou Bingchen’s face turned incomparably pale.

A breeze of cold wind blew by and before Hou Bingning could take out her dagger, her body was slapped into the air and she crashed into the wall, back first, dying right then right now.

Killed in one move!

Su Wan quietly watched the slender figure that suddenly appeared. She couldn’t help but smile. “You’re here.”

She greeted faintly as if he was an old friend she hadn’t met in a while.

Ye Cheng expressionlessly held onto Hou Bingchen, silently transferring his spiritual qi into his body. In the next second, Ye Cheng’s expression changed.

This was…

Hou Bingchen watched as Ye Cheng’s palm slowly turned black. He immediately struggled. “Boss, ignore me. This is an extreme poison from Medicinal Valley!”

“Mn, you’re quite knowledgeable.”

Su Wan smiled and walked forward. “Hou Bingning was already poisoned and lost her rationality. I already wiped poison on her dagger. Even cultivators in the divine realm can’t escape death. Therefore, quietly await your death. Don’t struggle.”

Saying this, Su Wan looked at Ye Cheng. “You too. Master Ye, wait no, I should call you Department Head Xu.”


Xu Ce smiled and then waved his hands, the black fog enveloping the entire room. In the next second the poisonous qi on Xu Ce’s palm was absorbed by the black fog.

Ghost cultivator!

Su Wan froze. She didn’t expect Xu Ce to be a ghost cultivator.

Ghost cultivator…

She subconsciously touched her wrist. “Xu Ce, you’re quite lucky.”

“You too.”

Xu Ce knew that Su Wan was good at using poison. After being with Su Rui for the past few decades, she probably secretly learned all his different poisons. He had neglected this.

Feeling that Yun Sheng’s breath was weakening, Xu Ce sighed. “It seems like after tonight, there are only going to be five mission enforcers left. That’s good too.”

“Department head Xu, you’re still as confident as ever. That’s rare.”

Su Wan also smiled, walking forward fearlessly. She stood in front of Xu Ce and gradually lifted her wrist, rolling up her sleeves. It revealed her clean wrist as well as the golden tattoo on top of it. “Before I die, can you tell me the truth? You’re the old ghost, right?”

Old ghost.

Xu Ce’s gaze landed on Su Wan’s wrist and then he watched as the tattoo gradually turned into a golden bracelet. He fell into a daze for a moment.

“You...remember everything now?”

After a while, Xu Ce lifted his head and glanced at the close-up Su Wan. While he was in a daze, he was also on guard. He knew Su Wan. He believed that Su Wan’s actions and question was definitely to interfere with his mind.

She was waiting for a good time to make a move!

But unexpectedly, she didn’t do anything. She only stared at the man with a conflicted gaze.

“Why did you save me? Didn’t I tell you I don’t need you to save me?”

Su Wan took another step forward, not afraid of Xu Ce suddenly making a move on her.

Why did he save her?

Xu Ce didn’t know the answer either.


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