Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 411 - Cultivation Examination(29)

Su Wan was forcibly taken to the lost time-space by Xu Ce and she became a mission enforcer. To Su Wan, what was most ruthless wasn’t knowing that her role was set to be the cannon fodder ex-girlfriend but rather the man she loved and hated never loved her before. Even more...he was only acting this entire time.

He approached his target as a mission enforcer and deceived her with his perfect acting, reaching his goal.

This was the man that she had deeply fallen in love with and was willing to destroy everything for him.

Everything was fake. Even his name and identity.

“I’m Xu Ce.”

When Xu Ce reached for Su Wan again, she took a step back as she stared at the gentleman. She sneered. “Don’t touch me. Why didn’t you let me die?! Why did you bring me here? Do you want me to become a cold-blooded mission enforcer like you? Do you think that’s fun?”

Her soul would be bound to the time-space. If they want freedom, they need to cross through different time-spaces and do missions to obtain points. Once they got enough points, they could get rid of the binding and leave the time-space, becoming free.

Su Wan felt despair in that moment.

Xu Ce clearly couldn’t understand her feelings. At that moment, he didn’t even understand what he was feeling.

As it turned out, Su Wan would rather die than to become a mission enforcer.

Xu Ce vaguely felt as if he made another wrong decision.

But there was no such thing as “regret” in his dictionary.

“You’re already a mission enforcer now. You can choose to follow me or to beat me.”

Xu Ce looked at Su Wan with a clear gaze. He never comforted people.

He was a strict and boring man when he wasn’t acting.

“Heh. Hehehe.”

Su Wan laughed out loud. Was this also fate?

“Okay, Xu Ce. If that’s the case, wait for me. I’ll beat you up!”

Since she couldn’t even die, Su Wan decided to just abandon everything. She just had to be a mission enforcer, no? If Xu Ce could do it, then why wouldn’t she be able to do it?

Who said that she had to be a cannon fodder for life?

She wanted to be that leading role who killed off all cannon fodders!

Therefore, when Xu Ce had Su Wan choose her department, Su Wan chose the destruction department without hesitation.

Since nothing would go her way, then she’d destroy everything!

After Su Wan became a mission enforcer, Xu Ce never saw her afterwards. But he had been paying close attention to Su Wan’s movements. Even more, because of his relationship with Xu Lang, Xu Ce was able to look through all the files containing Su Wan’s mission from the logistics department.

He had been quietly looking after her, watching as she transformed from a newbie into a cold-blooded mission enforcer.

He watched her kill someone for the first time, watched her deceive someone for the first time, watched her feel more and more disappointed and in despair after she succeeded each time.

Humans had a lot of feelings. But when Xu Ce looked at Su Wan and felt her emotions, he felt more and more lost…

What was love? What was hatred?

Xu Ce thought he was heartless. But how could a heartless person feel anything?


Why did he feel lost?

Why did he feel anxious?

How come he would feel uncomfortable seeing Su Wan and Su Rui slowly getting together?

When Su Wan encountered danger, he would rush into the mission world to save her, disregarding everything.

Even more, after Su Rui got into trouble, Xu Ce was the first to rush in, wanting to save the mission. But his main motive was naturally keeping Su Wan safe.

Why...did he feel so many emotions? And do these random things?

Xu Ce started doubting everything. At this time, the day before the examination, Xu Lang found him…

Cangyue Mainland.

All of Xu Ce’s memories regarding this mainland came from the two bracelets he had worn as a child.

He gave one of them to Su Wan already.

After finding out that Xu Lang had changed the examination world without permission, Xu Ce felt calm. His memory regarding his parents was vague and blurred. But Xu Ce looked forward to this mainland.

Even though he had no idea why…

Xu Ce suddenly understood something when he heard Su Rui’s request.

Though Su Wan and Su Rui’s memories were sealed, they would still encounter each other, naturally attracted.

This might be love?

No matter what happened to you, no matter whether you remember me or not, I will still love you.

Cross over time, cross over time-space.

Because of love, we could make it to one another.

Xu Ce looked down and saw the pair of clear eyes reflecting on his wine cup.

Su Wan, I brought you to lost time-space. That was my fault. I owe you this so I’ll let you go this time.

But now, we don’t owe anyone anything. Therefore, I won’t be nice to you.

Won’t be nice…

The calm lounge was calm before the storm.

Su Rui also felt restless after receiving Xu Ce’s response.

He knew that he should listen to Xu Ce. Plus, everyone was a mission enforcer. They needed to be fair. Even if the little snake died here, she only lost her right as a winner. She could still return to the headquarters.


He still felt uncomfortable, extremely uncomfortable.

Su Rui watched Su Wan enter the room after she finished breakfast and returned back to her room. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “Xiao Qing!”

“Master, do you need something?”

Su Wan looked at Su Rui, confused.

Su Rui took a few steps forward and leaned in, saying softly in her ears, “Stay away from Ye Cheng. He is really dangerous!”

Ye Cheng…

Su Wan froze before smiling. “Master, thank you for the reminder. I was in Ziyang Sect with him in the past and he is indeed a dangerous person!”

The king of the lost time-space, Xu Ce. How could he not be dangerous?

Su Wan looked down and entered the room, closing the door tightly. She leaned against the door.

When she first saw Master Mo, she subconsciously thought he was Xu Ce. After they interacted, she knew she was wrong.

Up until she participated in the examination to enter Ziyang Sect and the moment she came out of the illusion...Ye Cheng held her hands.

Su Wan knew right then.

That man was most likely Xu Ce.

The moment his fingertips touched her hands...the pain from her soul couldn’t hide his identity.

What a person could never forget was the person who you loved so deeply but hurt you the most.

Su Wan could never forget Xu Ce. Never forget the voice from her illusion either…

The stars were sparkling in the sky at night.

Su Wan set up a diversion in her room and then silently left her room.

These years, she was used to Master Mo’s every habit. Therefore, she chose to leave when he was going to cultivate so that she didn’t startle him.

She was going to kill someone tonight. Her first target was naturally the tavern where the Daqi Sect’s disciples rested at…

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