Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 41: The Record of Raising A Baby (2) Part 2

In the afternoon, Ah Jin and Grandpa Fang took turns plowing the ground and sowing seeds, increasing efficiency.

When the work was settled, they were both given five points.

Whereas before, they were both given three points.

In the evening, Ah Jin came home and let the fourth child go out to play.

She asked San Qi to bring out a share of the food.

Then three bags appeared in front of Ah Jin, a bag of rice, a millet, and some cabbage leaves.

Ah Jin put the grain into the cupboard and hid it.

She then took out a small portion of the sorghum rice, crushed it into rice crumbs, grabbed a handful of millet, and mixed it in.

It was still a porridge but much better than the previous two meals.

At least the porridge became thicker.

After the porridge was cooked, Ah Jin chopped the cabbage leaves and threw them into the pot.

She added a little pinch of salt to enhance the flavor, creating a rich rice aroma with a bit of cabbage fragrance.

Although there was no oil, it was good.

Without oil, there was no way to make other dishes.

It seemed to be necessary to go buy some lard.

As she was thinking about it, the children came back from school.

Ah Jin gave the three of them a bowl of porridge.

The third child smelled the porridge and said, "Eldest sister, today's porridge smells good! There are vegetables in it!"

He took a mouthful with a spoon, "Oh, it's so good. How did you make it, eldest sister?"

"Hurry up and have it. Why so many questions? You can't even stop eating."

The third child hurriedly closed his mouth and finished the porridge.

Each of them had two bowls of porridge.

There was one bowl left at the end, and Ah Jin shared it.

The three children finished it to their heart's content.

It was probably the fullest night of eating since that period.

At present, the education system could not keep up, not to mention the rural areas.

The tuition fees were also very cheap compared to food, and there was even less homework at night.

Ah Jin asked the two of them to take out what they learned in school that day.

She could teach a lesson if they didn't know how.

It was called a school, but it was just a room where the youth taught the classes who had gone to the countryside.

Not many children attended school.

Some of them dropped out halfway through the school year and went home to work.

The women also went home to do needlework and find a good family to get married to.

When it was late, Ah Jin took advantage of the dawn to teach them to study during summer.

Ah Jin thought if he could graduate from high school and be sent to the army.

He would be 16 or 17 years old at that time.

But this Ah Jin did not say to him.

He could learn a little bit to count a little bit.

It would be good to know more words.

The four of them packed up and prepared for bed after it got dark.

Ah Jin lit a small oil lamp, opened the closet, and turned out all the four people's belongings.

A total of twenty-two yuan, a meat ticket, two food stamps, and two cloth tickets.

These were the inheritance left by the original character's parents.

For two years after the original character's mother's death, they were just maintaining the basic sustenance.

Even if the original character ate less, she couldn't save anything at all.

Ah Jin looked at the calendar.

There were still ten days before the next month.

Only at the beginning of each month, the food stores were opened to purchase food with tickets.

For the next month, she should buy food and meat.

Although there was food in the space, she still had to calculate carefully.

After all, the source of food in the space could not be explained once brought out.

Ah Jin also looked at the hole in the roof of their room.

The roof also needed to be repaired, but there was no hay.

How to repair ah!

For the first time, Ah Jin felt a little powerless.

In the era of extreme scarcity of materials, she was useless even if her skills were outstanding, else she would have starved herself to death.

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