Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 41: The Record of Raising A Baby (2) Part 1

At first, Ah Jin struggled a bit, but then she slowly got the hang of it as she followed the people around her.

She had to stabilize the weight of her legs, exert force with her waist and arms, and swing the hoe in her hand one after another.

By noon, Ah Jin's hands had blisters, and her arms were sore and weak.

When the fourth child looked at Ah Jin's hands, he was distressed and said.

"Eldest sister, please don't do it. Just plant the seeds. I'll eat less."

Ah Jin pinched his nose.

"It's okay. It is time to go home and cook. Let me see how much firewood you have collected."

There were not many.

There was only a tiny bundle of scattered branches.

It was not enough for cooking.

Ah Jin brought him on the way down the mountain, and the two of them were still picking up grass.

The leaves of the low branches on the trees had been picked by others.

Ah Jin found an apricot tree.

The bare tree had some scattered leaves left on the highest part.

"Little brother, you watch here. I will go up and pick some leaves back to eat."

As soon as the fourth child heard this, he immediately shook his head.

"No, eldest sister. If you fell, then how!"

"It's okay. Eldest Sister will take her time."

After saying that she was going up the tree, she found that her arms had no strength, exhausted from digging the ground.

Thus, a little more energy was transferred.

The pain disappeared after the energy traveled around her arms.

Ah Jin felt that the strength of her arms was much greater.

Ah Jin hugged the tree's trunk with both arms and climbed upward with her legs.

So she climbed to the place where there were branches.

She slowly climbed to the top with the branches and picked the few leaves left.

When she got off the tree, she broke some branches and took them home for cooking fire.

Although the nutritional value of apricot leaves was not high, at least it was edible.

In that period, it was enough to fill the stomach, and the rest was not important.

There were still several months before the autumn harvest, and the little food at home would not be enough.

They would starve.

Ah Jin returned home.

She took out a piece of potato and chopped it up, then mixed it with apricot leaves as she cooked a pot of "porridge."

The family was so poor that they didn't even have lard.

They had to cook something to eat.

When the two children came back from school at noon, the four of them ate together.

"Eldest sister, we have an afternoon work class. I am going to get some grass back. You do not have to pick them up this afternoon."

Ah Jin nodded.

"Okay, I have not burned the ones I picked up at noon. You can get some more back for use at night."

Ah Jin looked at the three yellow-faced and thin children in front of her.

She could not bear it.

Every day was like that.

The original character herself could not get enough, let alone the three boys.

Ah Jin asked San Qi whether the mall was selling food inside?

San Qi also did not play dead and immediately said, "Yes, there are. There are twenty catties of high-quality rice for 39.9 energy. Do you want it?"

Ah Jin did not answer.

San Qi saw that Ah Jin did not make a sound.

It tried to ask, "How about giving you another five catties of millet?"

Ah Jin still did not say anything.

San Qi was a bit anxious.

It did not want to let go of this opportunity.

"Then I will give you five cabbages! No more!"

Ah Jin finally nodded.

"On credit, put it in the space."

San Qi's eyes widened like green beans.

"On credit? You have to pay now!"

"I can't take credit, then forget it."

San Qi saw that the business would be in the dark again and hurriedly said, "I was wrong, boss. If you want to take it on credit, just take it on credit."

Ah Jin's heart was speechless.

It couldn't be persuaded by reason but be cowed by force.

What was wrong with that system?

San Qi hurriedly clicked a few times in the air, and the food Ah Jin asked for appeared in space.

Ah Jin also instructed San Qi to divide them into small and even portions.

The cabbages were also broken up and divided.

San Qi felt its sight turned dark.

It was not only spending money now but also working!

If San Qi didn't work, it was afraid that Ah Jin would be dissatisfied and not give it energy in the end.

It wasn't the first time she had screwed it.

In the end, San Qi could only work as hard as possible.

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