I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 41 (Part 1)

Mingxi curled up in the blanket after taking a shower. She still couldn't figure him out after thinking about it, and she wasn't in the mood to review her school work either. She couldn't help but send a WeChat message to He Yang: "Could it be that boys also get upset once every month?"

He Yang: "What happened?"

"Fu Yangxi and I were planning to watch a movie, but he suddenly said that he was sleepy and that we’ll watch it another day."

Mingxi typed quickly, wanting nothing but to tell He Yang what happened in the afternoon.

"What's going on? Does he hate me? Or is it that when he heard me say those things about Shen Liyao and Dong Shen, he felt that it was very boring and didn’t want to listen anymore? But am I not trying to share my past group of friends with him after I got to understand his group of friends?!”

“Could it be that he regrets taking me as a follower? He has been emphasizing that I shouldn’t call him ‘boss’ recently..."

The more Mingxi typed, the more indignant she became: “How can he take back his words after accepting me as his follower?! If you don't carry out your promises, are you even a man?!”

He Yang replied with a voice message after a short delay: "This boy changes his mind in three minutes. This is not okay.”

Mingxi: “...”

He Yang: "By the way, I discovered something."

Mingxi: “What is it?”

He Yang was typing for a long time, then she suddenly said: "Zhao Mingxi, have you noticed that the topic you have been talking about these days is always Fu Yangxi? It stands to reason that you have had a lot of contact with Ke Chengwen and Jiang Xiuqiu after you changed classes, but you seem to have only mentioned Fu Yangxi to me the most."

"Look through the chat history yourself."

This line of text jumped out of the dialog box unexpectedly, and Mingxi was shocked for a moment.


She stared at this line of words blankly. Her heart was suddenly beating fast and her blood rushed to her scalp.

That kind of feeling was hard to describe. It was like the sky’s spirit cover was opened in an instant and lightning struck down, rendering consciousness and thinking completely blank for a moment.

It was only after receiving such a reminder by He Yang that she realized that her attention had been on Fu Yangxi a lot recently?!

The way she stared at him in class to the point where Mr Lu had to call her out on it.

...Today when she heard him say that even if it was Ke Chengwen's blanket that was soaked, he would also provide him with a place to live. There was still a flash of disappointment in her heart— but what was she disappointed for? How many years has he and Ke Chengwen known each other? How long has she known him? Isn't this normal?!

And that morning when she saw Fu Yangxi carrying breakfast to the ground floor of the dormitory. When she heard that he was just coming to fetch his coat which was worth tens of thousands of dollars, she was suddenly splashed with cold water— why did she have that emotional change?!

Mingxi sat up while being wrapped in a blanket. She stared at the phone dumbfoundedly, suddenly not knowing how to react.

She just felt her mouth go dry.

As to what He Yang sent her next, Mingxi didn't even have the mind to listen. She was in a daze with her mobile phone in her hands.

At the same time, Fu Yangxi was lying in bed, feeling like a child who did not receive any love. He stared up at the ceiling, having lost sleep again.

He couldn't sleep, and he didn't dare to sleep.

In the past, he tried to fall asleep with the mood of ‘Little Mask likes me’ and survived many nightmare filled nights.

And now, Zhao Mingxi didn’t like him.

The nightmares were back.

Ke Chengwen created a group on WeChat and pulled Jiang Xiuqiu in. The two sent condolences to him.

Ke Chengwen: “Xi ge, what are you doing? Did you use the candlelight dinner we taught you?”

Jiang Xiuqiu: "...Remove the word ‘we’. Candlelight dinner? What kind of corny idea is this? Using this trick will only make Zhao Mingxi question Fu Yangxi’s eye for aesthetics."

Ke Chengwen: “Xi ge, actually, just because Zhao Mingxi doesn't like you now, it doesn't necessarily mean that she won't like you in the future! Life is so long, who can tell?! Jiang Xiuqiu, instead of dashing his hopes, you might as well find a way to make Zhao Mingxi like Xi ge!”

Jiang Xiuqiu said: "Do you want to listen to my opinion? My opinion is that Zhao Mingxi likes Shen Liyao, and Fu Yangxi and Shen Liyao are completely different beings. The failure rate is very high."

"It's useless even if you dye your hair black. The difference in personality is too big."

Fu Yangxi was lying on the bed with two rows of cold tears. From the bottom of his heart, he didn't believe that Zhao Mingxi would like him. But seeing Jiang Xiuqiu's words, he felt a sting in his heart.

He stood up and scolded a paragraph of words.

“You, the one with the surname Jiang, is such a pessimist. I always knew that a dog can’t spit out ivory from its mouth. You just have to force me to break my relationship with you! Today Zhao Mingxi took the initiative to ask me to watch a movie. :D"

Jiang Xiuqiu: "You don't listen to the words of the loyal. If you listened to my advice before to stabilize your mind and don't be passionate so quickly, you won't end up in such a situation right now. She asked you to watch a movie because she felt awkward when she went to your house. She probably wanted to relieve that awkward atmosphere. Why can't you understand that experience is the mother of wisdom?”

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Jiang Xiuqiu is actually so f*cking accurate.

Little Mask seemed to have only invited me to watch a movie to ease the awkwardness.

Also, she and Shen Liyao saw the random movie I chose.

Fu Yangxi's heart was shattered into pieces. He lay back on the bed in the winter breeze.

Later, Ke Chengwen and Jiang Xiuqiu discussed some tricks, but Fu Yangxi didn't look at it anymore. He turned his face sideways and looked out the window sleeplessly.

Gradually, the dim light penetrated halfway through the curtains.

Dawn had arrived.

Fu Yangxi's eyes became panda eyes.

The hour hand pointed to five o'clock in the morning. The consequence of not falling asleep for even a moment was a throbbing head.

Fu Yangxi got up, washed his face with cold water and went out to buy breakfast.

When Mingxi got up at around 7am, she found several different breakfasts in the microwave.

Fu Yangxi seemed to have gotten up and then went back to his room.

Fu Yangxi was always in a bad mood in the morning. Even when he used to be in a good mood, all arrogant and triumphant, he would still sleep through the first two classes of school with a long face. This made people suspect that he was chased by a dog in a dream for a million meters.

Mingxi thought that he should still be asleep at the moment, so she moved gently so as to not disturb him.

She packed up her things, put on a black down jacket and planned to go out, but when she walked to the hallway, she glanced at the gray and black on her body. She figured that since she was going to see Aunt Dong today, it would be better to change to a brighter color— Aunt Dong noted last time that she was always dressed in gray albeit her young age.

Mingxi didn't want the Dong family to feel that she wasn’t doing well.

After hesitating, she returned to the room and put on the other pink jacket that she had brought yesterday.

Fu Yangxi absent-mindedly struggled up from the sofa in the room. Hearing the movement outside, he quickly raised his eyes and took a glance.

Because the room’s door was not closed, he could see Zhao Mingxi walking outside. Little Mask went out and came back. She changed into better-looking clothes, closed the door and went out.

Fu Yangxi hesitated about how to go out to say hello, and then what reason would he use to ask her to come home early in the evening and have dinner together.

Fu Yangxi thought bitterly, although the candle light dinner is a little corny, what if it's useful?

As a result, while he was thinking, he heard Zhao Mingxi's gentle footsteps walking towards the door of his room.

Some of the tangled problems in Fu Yangxi's mind were immediately emptied and disconnected. He nervously pulled off the blanket and jumped onto the bed, before closing his eyes and pretending to sleep.

Mingxi walked over cautiously when she saw that Fu Yangxi's door was not completely closed.

“Young Master Fu?” She whispered and knocked gently on the door.

No one responded.

Mingxi noticed from the corner of the door that most of the dark green and white striped blanket on Fu Yangxi's bed had fallen on the ground. She couldn't help but walk in gently.

Fu Yangxi was falling asleep with his back facing her. There was only a small piece of blanket on his body. He looked like he had gotten into his bed in a hurry. With a white short-sleeved T-shirt on his upper body, the boy's sharp and firm arms were exposed.

If he falls asleep without a blanket, his cold will recur tomorrow.

Mingxi picked up the blanket on the ground and put in all her effort to pull it on him. Because she was afraid of waking him up, Mingxi moved extremely slowly. She pulled up halfway, then went around to the window to continue pulling.

So her line of sight couldn't help but fall on his face.

Fu Yangxi closed his eyes tightly, his lips tightly pressed. She wondered if he was having a nightmare or something, for his eyelashes trembled violently. A bunch of short red hair curled up in front of his forehead.

Mingxi pulled the blanket on him and stood still while staring at him for a while.

She didn’t know if it was because he had not completely recovered from his cold, and did not drink a lot of water, but his tightly pressed lips showed some pale and cracked marks.

When he fell asleep, his eyes were not fierce, and the small mole at the end of his right eye diminished his irritability a little, making him look a little more youthful and delicate.

...I have to admit that this arrogant prince is quite handsome.

When she came back to her senses, Mingxi's sight had already lingered between Fu Yangxi's eyebrows and lips dozens of times!

She was tense, and He Yang's words last night burst into her mind.

WeChat chat search history—

The three characters ‘Fu Yangxi’ appeared 1,096 times.

There were more than a thousand! Mingxi was dumbfounded after searching a lot last night. She hadn't realized it before!

Mingxi swallowed. Her face started to heat up unconsciously.

She seemed to have a guilty conscience, so she didn't dare to look any more. She stepped back and left Fu Yangxi's room quietly.

Mingxi carried her school bag on her back, boiled water in the living room, left a post-it note saying "Remember to drink hot water", and hurried away.

The room went quiet quickly.

As Fu Yangxi was holding his breath, he was practically suffocating. He took a deep breath before slowly opening his eyes.

She didn't like him yet she still covered him with a blanket!

He didn't let her call him ‘Xi ge’ or ‘Boss’, but when she really called him ‘Young Master Fu’ in good faith, he panicked again.

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