Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 41 - Indecisive [OW]

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Gu Liheng's body trembled, he couldn’t control the urge and placed his hand on Su Ling's waist. The touch under his palm makes his movements slightly sluggish. And his thoughts were pulling at each other in his head. His instinct wants to hug the young man tightly, but his logic wants to push him away.

Before he could move, Su Ling's lips withdrew a bit, and he whispered. "Don't move," he frowned in disgust and continued, "This wine doesn't taste as good as you, it’s terrible."

Gu Liheng's heart was beating extremely fast when a soft touch came from his forehead. He didn't want to resist at all when he knows that this feeling came from the young man. Even though he was in a susceptible period, he still felt happy inside.

Everyone was stunned by what happened. Lin Meng stopped hiding, and leaned against the sofa, looking dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Xiào Rui glanced around and saw him.

On the other hand, Su Ling’s kisses moved down from Gu Liheng’s forehead to his eyes. His eyelids were extremely sensitive. Suddenly returning to his senses, Gu Liheng quickly turned away, so Su Ling's lips lightly rubbed the end of his eye like a feather’s caress. His breath hitched, and he removed his hands from Su Ling’s waist. With a slightly hoarse voice, he said, "Tissue paper."

A faint smell of mellow red wine emanated from Gu Liheng, and Su Ling noticed that his(GLH) shoulders were tight and trembling. He(SL) frowned and felt a little annoyed at himself. His male god is too sensitive during the susceptibility period, and his(GLH) reaction at the moment is obvious that he is forcibly enduring the effect. Su Ling just wanted to take the opportunity to express his feelings with actions and make Zhao Qi retreat, but he didn't mean to make his male god uncomfortable. He obediently placed the tissue paper on Gu Liheng's hand, and Gu Liheng quickly wiped his face clean.

Su Ling took away his hand from Gu Liheng’s shoulder, and moved back, preparing to put his feet on the ground. However, before he managed to back away, he was pulled by Gu Liheng, "Glass shards, be careful of your feet."

Ye Shao came back to his senses and said, "I'll call the waiter right away." He rang the bell, and soon a waiter came to clean the mess.

Zhao Qi clenched his fists, glaring at Su Ling's back. How could this be? How can Gu Liheng be so good to Su Ling?! Why can he like Su Ling? Gu Liheng in his previous life was indifferent and never liked anyone. How could he like this person who should have died? His face was very ugly, and it suddenly occurred to him that the Xiao family has won the auction for Redthorn Ball’s fluid to treat the Old master Xiao. In Zhao Qi’s previous life, that old man fell into madness due to pheromone rejection illness and die shortly afterwards, causing the Xiao family to be in turmoil. And here he was planning on getting married to Gu Liheng as soon as possible so that he can take advantage of this time to attack the Xiao family!

Everything has changed, and these changes are because of Su Ling!

The more he thinks about it, the more flustered he became. Madam Gu shouldn’t be completely healed in his previous life. But now she is indeed healed. Moreover, Gu Liheng likes Su Ling. Can he(ZQ) still marry into the Gu family?

The waiter quickly cleaned up the dregs of the wine glass and retreated.

Gu Liheng let go of Su Ling's hand. But Su Ling noticed that the smell of red wine has become richer, so he did not immediately back away. He asked, "Do you have inhibitor? Or wanna take a bite at me?"

Although there was no change in Gu Liheng’s expression, his stiffened body couldn't deceive him(SL). Su Ling could see that male god is uncomfortable.

Although briefly, Gu Liheng's gaze did slide across Su Ling’s neck for a moment. He injected himself with an inhibitor, and his body became less rigid.

Feeling assured, Su Ling tried to straighten his right knee from the sofa to step on the floor. However, a wave of dizziness washed over him. He paused and raised his eyebrows.

Can this body be any worse?

Gu Liheng: "Uncomfortable?"

Su Ling was a little helpless, "I have never touched alcohol before." Then he cleared his mind a bit and stood up.

Gu Liheng followed and glanced at Zhao Qi. That caused Zhao Qi to shrink his back, and he quickly retracted his glare at Su Ling.

Zhao Qing quickly apologized, "Sorry, Qi Qi didn't sit properly just now," he patted Zhao Qi's shoulder, "still not apologizing?"

Zhao Qi bit his lower lip, but finally opened his mouth when he saw Zhao Qing’s expression turned cold, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it."

Gu Liheng retracted his gaze and looked at Su Ling.

Su Ling glanced at Zhao Qi and said, "Oh." Whether it is intentional or not, no one in the scene is a fool, but he was too lazy to bicker with them.

Zhao Qi's expression became uglier. He wanted to say something, but Zhao Qing squeezed his shoulders heavily. Grimacing in pain, he turned to look at Zhao Qing, but upon seeing the rare icy expression on his face, Zhao Qi shrank his neck and fell silent.

Gu Liheng said to Su Ling, "I will send you back."

Su Ling shook his head, "No, aren't you still in the gathering? I'll go back by myself."

Gu Liheng turned to Xiào Rui, "I will join you again next time, so I will take my leave first."

Xiào Rui nodded, "Okay."

"Goodbye Big brother Gu." Ye Shao and the others politely greeted.

Su Ling smiled and said nothing, leaving Nightshade with Gu Liheng.

On the other side, Lin Meng immediately put on his hat and wanted to go out with them. But Xiào Rui put his hand on his shoulders, "Meng Meng."

Struggling to get away, Lin Meng pulled at the sides of his hat and said, "You got the wrong person."

Amused, Xiào Rui said, "I will never mistake you for anyone. You called Su Ling?"

Lin Meng stopped talking and was quiet for a while. But he still couldn't help turning his head back and gossiped in a whisper, "President Gu likes Ling Ling, right?"

Xiào Rui pinched his chin, "Didn’t you say I got the wrong person?"

Lin Meng wrinkled his nose, "Is it?" (referring to his own question)

Xiào Rui's tone was affirmative, "Yes." Anyone present tonight will answer yes even if they are blind.

Ye Shao looked at the rest of the group, and one of them asked, "Brother Gu is in the susceptible period?"

Ye Shao: "He is, can’t you smell the pheromone leaking out despite that he has his isolator attached?"

"So, what’s so important that he needs to join us tonight? Coming to Nightshade during the susceptible period?" One needs to know, a lot of Omegas patronize Nightshade every day.

Ye Shao spread his hands open, "I don't know."

When they reached outside, the air instantly felt clean, without mixture of smells, and the temperature was lower. Su Ling took a deep breath, the dizziness dissipated a lot. He turned his head to look at Gu Liheng, only then he noticed Gu Liheng's appearance and couldn't help but laugh, "President Gu, you are getting more and more fashionable now. You looked handsome."

Gu Liheng was a little uncomfortable, but his expression slightly stiffened when he thought of his real purpose of changing clothing style. He was completely caught off-guard by the young man’s intimacy tonight, and it made him realize deeply that he really likes him. Gu Liheng’s heart was bouncing between two responses; to accept or to continue rejecting him; extremely indecisive.

It was a rare thing for Gu Liheng to act like this over matters that he already decided. He originally decided that he would never agree to the young man unless his condition is cured so that he(SL) won’t regret being with him. Other than that, if the young man doesn't like him anymore, he will pursue the boy instead after he is cured. However, the young man's behaviour disturbed his heart, it was too difficult for him to refuse.

If he accepts the young man’s courting, can he make him(SL) happy? This is not a puppy love he is talking about, he will be dating with marriage in mind, it is a lifetime matter.

Seeing him staying silent, Su Ling smiled, "Aren't you feeling embarrassed? I'm telling you the truth, it’s not praise."

Gu Liheng looked at his smile and said, "You..." Halfway through the conversation, he paused,
"Drink something to sober up before sleeping tonight."

Su Ling raised his eyebrows, he had a feeling that those words are not what Gu Liheng originally wanted to say. Nevertheless, he smiled and nodded, "So do you," he hesitated but still said it, "The physiology textbook says that Alpha in the susceptible period is best staying in a non-O environment. Don't club during your susceptible period."

The concern and worry were very obvious on Su Ling’s face, and Gu Liheng's expression softened, "Okay."

At the door of Tian Ling Fragrance Bar, Gu Liheng bid farewell to Su Ling and turned around, but was called by Su Ling, "President Gu."

Gu Liheng turned to see Su Ling's eyes were slightly curved, and his eyes were bright, "You like me, right? When will I know the reason why you rejected me?"

Gu Liheng looked at him and replied after a while, "Soon."

That reply caused Su Ling's eyes to curve up; male god did not refute his claim! He laughed and said, "I am very patient," he added, "and if your reason is not sufficient, I will not give up."

Gu Liheng was very happy to hear that, and his expression softened. In his heart, he hoped that the young man would never give up on him. But he can't be selfish, at least he has to be sure that he still has hope (to be cured entirely).

The two said goodbye and Gu Liheng returned to his villa. He contacted Mill immediately, "Sorry, I hope I didn't interrupt your rest."

Mill: "No, it’s alright. Is there anything I can help?"

Gu Liheng was silent for a moment and asked straightforwardly, "Can my condition be completely cured?"

Mill did not answer directly, but asked, "How are you feeling lately? Have you been communicating with other people?"

Gu Liheng: "Yes, though I still have that conditioned panic and tinnitus when I smiled. However, there are many people present, so I was distracted. After my attention is shifted, the negative emotions dissipate faster than usual."

Mill: "This is a good sign, but your problem stayed too long, and you haven't received timely treatment. You must pay attention to proceed step by step, and don't rush." He softened his tone, "You have a positive attitude for treatment, and your mood is very stable. Your chances of healing are very high. You have to have confidence in yourself."

Gu Liheng: "En, thank you very much."

Mill: "You're welcome. But may I ask, how are you getting along with your mother?"

Gu Liheng: "Our communications are through calls temporarily, no face-to-face meeting."

Mill: "Your problem comes from her. She is the source of your trauma so you will choose to escape subconsciously. It is right to stay away appropriately before your situation improves."

Gu Liheng: "In other words, I am considered cured if I can behave normally in front of her?"

Mill: "In terms of your relationship, yes. If it is someone or something that can be ignored, you could just isolate that person/thing from you."

Gu Liheng was silent for a moment, "I understand."

After hanging up, Gu Liheng thought for a while before getting up to wash and sleep.

After eating breakfast the next day, Gu Liheng received a call from Mother Gu, "Mother."

Mother Gu's voice was gentle, "I haven't seen you in the past few days. I got someone to make soup for you, so let’s have dinner together at noon, and we can talk about my birthday party by the way."

Gu Liheng: "Alright."

"You are on holiday now, so come here early if you have nothing to do."

Gu Liheng glanced at the time, "En."

After hanging up the call, Gu Liheng changed into a suit. He paused when he was tying his tie, and his gaze flicked across the various trendy clothing on the hanger. A moment later, he continued to tie his tie and put on his clothes meticulously. But he did not leave immediately but sat on the sofa. Not long after, he heard the doorbell and stood up immediately. The young man outside the door was smiling brightly and was holding a handful of bright roses in his hands.

Su Ling handed the flowers to Gu Liheng, "This is for you." When he saw his appearance, he raised his eyebrows, "Going out?"

Gu Liheng: "Yes, soon. But come in and take a rest first."

Su Ling glanced at the flowers in his hand and smiled. He went into the living room and placed the flowers in the vase. However, he only sat for a while before proposing to leave, "Uncle Nalu made an appointment with a designer for me. I have to meet him later."

Gu Liheng: "Designer?"

Su Ling: "En, the fragrance bar will be going for a renovation 2 days later. The overall design of the bar will need to be changed."

Glancing at the young man, Gu Liheng pursed his thin lips. He wanted to ask Su Ling where he lived but felt that this question is too private.

Su Ling took the Gu family’s car back to the fragrance bar, and it didn't take long for the designer to arrive. He talked about the notes he took last night and his own thoughts. The designer listened and drew pictures, setting the design of each area, the materials for the walls and floors. The two talked about all matters the whole morning, but they were not finished yet. Su Ling invited the designer to eat some Chinese food, and they resumed the conversation after a break. The first draft is finally out by night, but the details have not been finalized yet. Su Ling and the designer had dinner together and decided to discuss it the next day.

After washing up, Su Ling looked through various construction materials on the Internet until he went to bed.

The next day he went to Xiao’s house to get the daily liquid, and then continued to send flowers to the Gu Villa. When Gu Liheng opened the door, he frowned when he saw his face, "Are you unwell?"

Gu Liheng shook his head, his voice was hoarse because he didn't sleep well, "It's fine."

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