The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 41 - Everything is a Secret

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“That is your nephew. That is someone blood related to you, and you actually had him come to our house to be a slave for ten years. You actually had him kneel on the ground and wipe your shoes? Tan Liyun, you repulsive woman, do you even have a heart? Do you have a conscience?”

“If it wasn’t him, would you have your current life? But you treat his child like this, you humiliate his son, and you still try and act humble in front of me?”

Chen Xiuyuan spoke up to this point, and felt that his anger was like a volcano ready to erupt. He grasped firmly onto Tan Liyun’s clothes. “Say it, him? Where is he? Why is his son here? Why is his son looking for you? Say it, tell me!”

For many years, Chen Xiuyuan did not have a bad temper. No, it should be said that for many years, Chen Xiuyuan did not seriously look at her. But today he got angry. He looked at his own terrible rage and realized the cause of it was because that person’s son showed up.

Look, his heart only cared about that person. Now that he knew that person was still suffering hardships, he became furious. But in what way? He should have received the suffering, the guilt, but that person already bore it.

Tan Liyun laughed. However, her laughing sound carried a lot of bitterness. “Chen Xiuyuan, you’re still looking for him, aren’t you? Can you find him? He already died. He has been dead for many years. Where will you find him?”

Chen Xiuyuan felt like five thunder strikes had struck his head. His entire body felt dizzy.

That person disappeared from this world. Disappeared without a trace. Or perhaps the news of his death that he received years ago was really true. But he had refused to acknowledge it. He didn’t want to believe it. He always felt that the person must definitely be living happily in this world somewhere.

So originally he was just deceiving himself. He searched through heaven and earth but still couldn’t find that person. That kind of pain and helpless sorrow, all of it rushed to his head. Chen Xiuyuan directly sat on the floor as tears sloped down. Dead! Really dead! In this lifetime they would never meet again.

Tan Liyun stood up from the ground. She saw the man who was like a mountain, unexpectedly sit on the floor and cry in a manner similar to a child. And it was because that person died, because he couldn’t meet that person anymore.

This is her husband. This is her husband that she was married to for over 20 years. But this person’s heart never had her in it. It forever only had that one person.

Tan Liyun only felt sorrow. That moodiness pushed out from her heart little by little. It pushed on her so much that she couldn’t breathe.

“I know you keep remembering him, but he’s gone. He’s already dead.” Tan Liyun deliberately added the word ‘dead’. Chen Xiuyuan pointed at Tan Liyun, but felt that pain in his heart was tremendous. His eyes were dull. He didn’t say a single word and simply just fell onto the floor.

Chen Xiuyuan had a dream. This was a dream scenario he had many times. That person was wearing a clean school uniform and walking towards him. Jis face carried a warm smile.

He took the initiative to greet him, then turned towards him and smiled. Facing hi,m he said, “We will be together forever.”

Chen Xiuyuan suddenly sat up and felt that his chest was unable to breath. It hurt like a knife that didn’t stop agitating him.

“Dad, Dad, what’s wrong? Dad, breathe, deep breaths.”

“Chief Chen, relax, breathe, breathe, there’s no problem, slowly now, slowly.” 3 to 4 doctors were pressing on his chest, directing him.

Chen Xiuyuan, determined, breathed in a mouth of air and finally started to recover.

The doctor wiped away the sweat on their forehead. “It’ll be all right. Just, in the future you need to be a bit more careful. Chief Chen, your heart isn’t very good. You need to maintain your mood or else the consequences will be very serious.”

Chen Xiuyuan looked around. He was inside the hospital. Chen Yuze worriedly looked at him. All around him were doctors and nurses.

“What happened?” Chen Xiuyuan weakly asked.

“Dad, you have a heart disease. Dad, wasn’t your heart previously very good? How did you suddenly get a heart disease?”

Chen Xiuyuan covered his own chest and raised his head to stare at the ceiling. He didn’t say a single word, but two tears rolled down from his eyes.

“Dad, what’s wrong? What exactly happened?”

Chen Xiuyuan shook his head, “I’m very well, I want to rest. You go out.”

“Get out!” Chen Xiuyuan continued to yell.


The doctor urged, “Young Master Chen, it's better if you go out first. Chief Chen’s body currently is not well, he needs to rest. Wait for his body to get better. You guys can still talk then.”

Without a better option, Chen Yuze said, “Ok, Dad, rest well. I’ll be outside, if you need anything you must call for me.”

Chen Xiuyuan did not say anything, only waved his hand.

Chen Yuze walked to the doorway. “That’s right, Mom is also outside. Do you want her to come accompany you?”

“Tell her to get lost!” Chen Xiuyuan shouted out.

The doctor hurried to speak, “Chief Chen don’t get anxious, Chief Chen relax. Young Master Chen, it's better not to continue speaking with him.”

Chen Yuze walked out of the ward dejected. Tan Liyun skittishly walked over, “How is he? Did he wake up?”

“Mom, what did you say to Dad? You actually gave him a heart disease. Mom, you guys are already husband and wife, Why’d you have to make him so angry?”

Tan Liyun said, “I didn’t get angry at him, it's him that can’t figure things out.”

Chen Yuze knew his mother was not willing to say it. He sighed. “I really don’t understand. How exactly did you make him angry? He doesn’t come home that often in a year.”

Tan Liyun coldly snorted. “He brought it on himself.”

Chen Yuze saw that Tan Liyun’s face was a bit haggard looking. He knew that she was still worried about his dad.

“That’s enough, you go home and rest. Having me here is enough. Besides, Dad is currently in a fit of anger, he doesn't want to meet you.”

Tan Liyun responded, “I’m not leaving, there's no point in going home.”

These two continued to wait outside. Not long after, Chen Xiuyuan’s secretary brought over two people.

Secretary Liu greeted them. Chen Yuze said, “My dad already woke up, but his body currently is not good. It’s better not to bother him with company business at the moment.”

Secretary Liu said, “I know, but Chief Chen asked me to come. It seems it’s not for work related things. Chief Chen has already arranged things for work.”

“Then what is it?” Chen Yuzen asked.

Secretary Liu replied, “I also don’t know. I only that Chief Chen asked me to bring over the company's best two lawyers.”

Tan Liyun immediately stood up from where she was sitting. “Why did he ask lawyers to come?”

Secretary Liu responded, “This I don’t know. Chief Chen is still waiting for us. We will enter first then.” Secretary Liu finished speaking and brought the two lawyers inside.

Tan Liyun's face was flustered. “Not good. Problem... big problem.”

“What problem?” Chen Yuze asked.

Tan Liyun pulled on Chen Yuze’s hand, “It’s no good. We must hurry and also find a lawyer. We’re going to run into a problem. Something will definitely happen.”

Tan Liyun said this and wanted to drag Chen Yuze away. Chen Yuze was confused. “Mom, what are you saying? I don’t understand. Also, Dad is hospitalized. I won’t go anywhere.”

“Stupid son, our family is going to meet with a mishap.”

Chen Yuze asked, “What exactly is going on? Can you tell me?”

Tan Liyun flattened her lips. In the end she didn’t know what she should say.

“It's better if you stay here. I’m going to find a lawyer. Pay attention to what's going on inside. If something abnormal happens, tell me immediately.”

Son, you must remember. Mom will forever stand by your side. As for your dad, be a bit more careful.”

Tan Liyun finished saying this and hurried to leave while Chen Yuze was even more puzzled.

Bored, Chen Yuze waited outside. Secretary Liu and the two lawyers stayed inside until evening. Chen Yuze tried asking them, but the three were tight lipped.

Chen Yuze went inside his dad’s ward again but Chen Xiuyuan did not let him enter.

Chen Yuze felt like the entire world was abandoning him. Whether it was his mom or dad, both were keeping secrets from him.

Chen Yuze came out of the hospital and felt extremely lonely.

He took out his cellphone, and dialed Gu Bokai’s number.

“Hello? Do you need something?” Gu Bokai still had the same stable voice that carried a bit of coldness.

“Brother Bokai,” Chen Yuze shouted out.

“What's wrong?” Gu Bokai said, “I’m very busy at the moment, do you need something?”

“My dad is hospitalized.” Chen Yuze said.

“Oh, then your dad needs to rest well. You also need to take good care of him.”

“Brother Bokai, I think there's something wrong with my mom and dad. Apparently, they are keeping things from me.”

“Stop there, did I let you leave? Come back here!” Gu Bokai yelled from his phone.

“Brother Bokai? Are you talking to me?”

“I did not say it was you. White-eyed Wolf, stand there for me. Where do you think you’re going? It’s already the middle of the night and you’re trying to run off? Gu Bokai’s voice once again passed through the phone.

“I have something to do. You don’t need to worry about it….” The sound of another man emitted out from Gu Bokai’s side. But, the voice was extremely familiar.

“Don’t want me to care? Then who do you want to care? You white-eyed wolf, you want to try leaving this door and test me?”

“Brother Bokai? Are you talking to me? What is going on?”

“Little Wolf Cub, see how I fix you up.” Gu Bokai's phone suddenly hung up from his side. Only a series of telephone beeps remained.

Chen Yuze clenched onto his phone and felt that his entire body was ice cold. Who was the person who appeared in Gu Bokai’s phone? Who was the white-eyed wolf from Brother Bokai’s mouth?


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