End of World Businessman

Chapter 41.5: Escape Attempt [5]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 41.5: Escape Attempt [5]

Everyone tried their best to clear the zombies on the top floor with tacit understanding, then sprayed the last bit of zombie repellent all over the floor.

At this time Yang Li Na and the other had used the last security door to decorate the house with three rooms and one hall with intact windows facing Cao Nan Street into a secret room. And any place that might leak air was blocked with molten iron.

Everyone stood in front of the french window in the living room and they could clearly see the corpses’ tide surging on the street outside. However, the area within a radius of more than ten meters from the apartment was like a forbidden zone for the zombies. They couldn’t even see a zombie’s shadow around the apartment.

This was simply an incredible miracle.

As such, they looked at Wu Ye with burning eyes, wishing they could question him about this. At this time, Wu Ye took a deep breath and took out two exquisite metal safes with password locks from his canvas bag and put them on the coffee table. There were originally only 6 vaccines in the two boxes, but Wu Ye had just exchanged for another 4 more vaccines, rounding up the number to 10.

He then opened one of the passworded boxes and let everyone see the five syringes that were filled with injections lying quietly on the flannelette. The flannelette was made of unknown material that emitted visible white cold air, looking exceptionally mysterious.

“Have you guys guessed what these are?” Wu Ye’s voice was not loud. However, it was very clear and seemed to have the power to alert even the deafs. Except for Qin Wuhua and Qian Xin, everyone who stood directly across him held their breath. An answer that they dared not even think about crossed their minds.

Qin Wuhua frowned. He had no interest in the vaccines. He just wanted to know what ‘solution’ Wu Ye said he had that would ensure Wu Ye’s safety. His eyes quickly passed over everyone’s expectant face and finally fell on Wu Ye.

At this time, Wu Ye looked calm, calmer beyond Qin Wuhua’s expectations. The tranquil eyes on his bloodstained face seemed to have a kind of soothing magic power that could calm people’s hearts. Qin Wuhua’s own restless heart was no exception to this as it calmed down under Wu Ye’s serene gaze.

At this moment, Qin Wuhua finally realized that something on Wu Ye had changed quietly.

He seemed to have grown up.

Wu Ye opened the other passworded box and gently pushed the two boxes in front of the zombie hunters. “I think you should have all guessed that all of these are D-Virus vaccines.”

Hearing those words, a huge wave surged from the bottom of everyone’s heart. The guess they had from the depth of their heart was confirmed. However, the zombie hunter’s first reaction was not surprise, but doubt.

Weren’t all scientific research institutions all over the world at a loss facing this extraterrestrial D-Virus that came out of nowhere? How could there be a vaccine? Where on earth did he get the vaccine? Were these vaccines really effective? Who was this Wu Ye really?

Wu Ye seemed to know their doubts as he crossed his legs and clasped his arms against the sofa with devil might care attitude and said. “Don’t ask me where these vaccines come from or ask me from where I got my zombie repellent. Anyway, you’ve all seen the effects of my zombie repellent.

And I can tell you right now that these vaccines are also equally effective. Both Wuhua and Qian Xin can attest to this. Both of them were once wounded by zombies more seriously than you guys, and now both of them are still standing here in good condition.”

At this point, Wu Ye’s voice changed when he spoke. “As long as you’re willing to follow me and not betray me, I can let each of you use the vaccine.”

Throughout the apocalypse, no offer was more attractive than this. After all, no matter how much money, power, and wealth you had, none of them were more important than staying alive.

If Wu Ye released the news of the vaccine, I was afraid the whole world would be crazy about it.

The eight infected people, including Peng Zijun and Gao Jing Shu, were the first to react. They swore allegiance almost at the same time. “I swear I’ll be loyal to (follow) the boss until the day I die!”

The others soon reacted and followed suit, swearing their allegiance to Wu Ye without fail.

However, Wu Ye shook his head and frankly said, “I don’t trust any of you, except for Wuhua.”

Everyone was shocked at Wu Ye’s words, including Qin Wuhua. He didn’t expect Wu Ye would speak so bluntly in front of so many people. So, despite knowing that Wu Ye didn’t mean it that way, Qin Wuhua couldn’t help but feel a warm and fuzzy feeling overtake his heart; with his ears flushed red in happiness.

Ji Yun had misunderstood Qin Wuhua and Wu Ye’s relationship before, but now he was sure. So, he looked at Qin Wuhua with an ambiguous look in his eyes, silently telling him that ‘everyone knows’. Yang Qi and Yang Li Na also saw Qin Wuhua’s affections for Wu Ye, so they only had an ‘I knew it’ expression.

And as dull as Qian Xin was, even he noticed his perpetually frosty chief’s ears were bright red. Furthermore, he also remembered that his chief had never shared his room and bed with others before. Thus, he realized that the chief and the boss had been sleeping in the same room all this time.

Honestly, in apocalypse, men shouldn’t spend too much time with other men if they didn’t want to be suspected of leaning that way. If so, the result would be like the current situation, with everyone having an ‘Ah, I just realized’ expression. Thus, because of Ji Yun’s and the other’s ambiguous expressions, everyone else who hadn’t caught on immediately (mistakenly) realized the two’s relationship!

Though it had to be said that these two people really match each other. Both in appearance and in strength.

Only the ‘straight (stupid)’ Second Young Master Wu didn’t catch on to the implication of his words and just felt that everyone’s expression was a little strange. However, due to lack of time, he didn’t investigate the reason behind the strange look and just went on straight to the point with a clear voice.

“I don’t believe you, but if you really want to follow me, I will plant a Loyalty Rune on you. As long as you don’t betray me, reveal my secrets to anyone in any way, or reveal the secrets of our entire team, the Loyalty Rune won’t affect you at all. As long as you accept the Loyalty Rune, I will provide you with zombie repellents, vaccines, and enough crystals nuclei for you to lead a comfortable life. I may even give you something you can’t even imagine.

And you don’t need to worry about me asking you to do anything bad or send you to your death. I just need you to be my followers and listen to me.

In short, follow me and I won’t let you suffer.

But if you betray me… Haha, in fact, even I am curious about what will happen to those who had Loyalty Rune yet still betray me.”

Death wasn’t terrible. What was terrible was the unknown.

So, the eyes of the zombie hunters looking at Wu Ye changed. Their eyes were filled with inquisitiveness, fanatical light, hesitation, and urgency...

Who on earth was Wu Ye? Zombie repellent, virus vaccine, Loyalty Rune… How many means did he have in his hands?

However, no matter who Wu Ye was, no matter how many means he had in his hands, they knew that Wu Ye had told them everything that should be said and everything that shouldn’t be said. And whether they liked it or not, the situation involving the so-called ‘Loyalty Rune’ was fixed. Otherwise, there was only a dead end waiting for them.

It was either allegiance or death.

Wu Ye didn’t act in a self-righteous fashion. He gave the zombie hunters the right to choose directly and generously without hiding any information that was important for them to make their decision.

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