End of World Businessman

Chapter 41.2: Escape Attempt [2]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 41.2: Escape Attempt [2]

Despite understanding Qin Wuhua’s concern, Wu Ye still chose to exchange for the zombie repellent with the system. “What else can I do? Let me watch you be torn to pieces by the zombies? I was the one who made the decision to go to Qingmin County. And I am the boss, so I am responsible for you.”

Although his heart moved when he heard Wu Ye’s explanation, Qin Wuhua’s heart felt equally worried about his decision. He was the person who understood Wu Ye’s trump card best. So, he knew that if Wu Ye wanted to, he could just turn around and go back to his own world. He didn’t have to struggle with them nor did he have to face death with them, let alone risked having his secret being exposed.

But Wu Ye stayed. Not only did he stay, he was also willing to reveal his secret to strive for a chance for everyone’s survival.

Wu Ye was too kind. He didn’t understand that the evil intention that people living in the apocalypse harbored. Thus, Qin Wuhua was even more worried. He was worried that if they were betrayed, their secret would be exposed. At that time, Wu Ye and their followers would end up worse than dead.

“Ah Ye, I understand your kindness, but have you not thought about the worst scenario? If these people have a chance to leave Qingmin County alive, will they still keep their mouths shut for you? Zombie repellent. Virus vaccine. These two things alone are enough to make everyone in this world crazy.”

Wu Ye didn’t understand this truth at all. After all, if something really went wrong, he could just pat his ass and return back to his home world. Then, he could just let the system transmit him to another world next time. And when he got what he wanted, he could just curl up in his home world and live his life as a young master.

But what about Qin Wuhua? What about Ji Yun? What about Professor Li, Qian Xin, Yang Qi, and all the people who were close to him now? He could go to another world, but these people couldn’t. So, what would happen to them if he chose this route?

It wasn’t like he didn’t understand Qin Wuhua’s words. How could he not know that people were unreliable? After all, he had experienced the fickleness of humans from his very own brother. For the sake of interest, the big brother that had lived together with him for twenty years could poison him and then arrange a car accident to kill him.

If even his own big brother could do that, don’t even mention a group of strangers who only came together due to a common interest. Furthermore, out of the eighteen people who were still alive, himself included, several had only started to cooperate together for the first time in this operation. And they had just met two days ago.

He could and was willing to save these people. However, he really couldn’t trust them.

While he was wavering and hesitant, the system suddenly spoke up.【You can just plant Loyalty Runes on those people. Then, they won’t be able to reveal your secrets.】

【Wait, what are you talking about?】Wu Ye asked as he lightly hit his head in realization.

That’s right, why did I forget to ask for the system’s help? It always has a lot of strange things that can help me.

Due to urgency and tight time, the system briefly introduced the origin and use of Loyalty Rune. From its explanation, it turned out that in the higher universe’s battle; the zergs were especially insidious and deceitful. They were especially good at attaching parasites on their enemies.

And that was why, some powerful people who specialized in spiritual research worked together to develop a special rune called ‘Loyalty Rune’. Once the rune was planted, it would without fail directly obliterate the betrayer’s spirit regardless of reason. And when the spirit was destroyed, the zerg’s parasite would be destroyed as well because they had no place to hide. It was an extremely overbearing rune.

Listening to the brief explanation, Second Young Master Wu felt anxious and asked:【It’s expensive, isn’t it?】

The system answered: 【Loyalty Rune is not within the scope of system exchange.】 Because this rune was too overbearing, it wasn’t permitted to be exchanged. After all, if it is abused, won’t the world be in chaos?

Second Young Master Wu almost flipped his shit at the system's words. He was angry. 【Then, what’s the use of saying so much?】

Was it amusing for you to get my hopes up for nothing?

The system’s ice-cold mechanical voice sounded somewhat grieved, yet it also sounded somewhat tender despite the cold tone.【After the mercenary system is activated, host can plant 10 Loyalty Runes for every gene-chain that host unlocked. But host doesn’t seem to want to use it.】

When he heard the system’s words, Second Young Master Wu’s brainwaves immediately zero in on how to best appease and flatter his system.【Use! Why won’t I use it? System, you’re indeed my most precious baby, ah!】

No sh*t, why didn’t the system tell him such an important piece of information before? Nevermind, I’ll get even with this little bastard later!

The system’s chip abruptly heated up at Wu Ye’s flattery, causing a large amount of data to run rampant. Hence, it became busy stabilizing its chip and was unable to perceive its stupid host’s unspoken criticism towards it.

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