Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 408 - Cultivation Examination(26)

Tianyun Sect.

Two centuries passed by in the blink of an eye to cultivators. Heavenly Zi had been in seclusion lately and rarely went outside. Seeing that the day was about to come, he finally walked out of his seclusion room.

The moment he walked out, he saw Dugu Qingjiu’s figure.

He was the last disciple he had accepted from thirty years ago. He was the smartest amongst his disciples.


Dugu Qingjiu quickly walked over and said, “Master, are you coming out of seclusion for that event?”


Heavenly Zi sighed hearing his favorite disciple’s question. He had been trying to cultivate peacefully all these years so that he could break through to another level of the heavenly realm. Maybe he could change destiny then. Unfortunately, he lacked a bit of opportunity and was unable to break through.

“Master, I know what you’re worried about. I have a thought in mind but I’m not sure if I should bring it up.”

Dugu Qingjiu looked at Heavenly Zi, his tone respectful yet careful.


Heavenly Zi turned to look at Dugu Qingjiu’s refreshing and harmless face. He knew that although his disciple appeared gentle and harmless, he was more ruthless than anyone else.

“Master, we can actually…” Dugu Qingjiu murmured in Heavenly Zi’s ears. His expression changed after listening to the suggestion. This…

Although it was a bit risky, if the dangerous moment really came, he had no choice but to do so!

“Let this master consider it.”

Heavenly Zi gradually left.

Dugu Qingjiu stood still as he watched Heavenly Zi walk off. He couldn’t help but smile.


He knew very well that Heavenly Zi made up his mind already. He just wanted to make himself seem more dignified by saying that he’d consider it.



Dugu Qing jiu smiled and turned around, summoning his aerial magic weapon which teleported him back to the underground cave. Before he arrived, he already saw Yun Xian’er.

“Brother Qingjiu.”

Yun Xian’er smiled and looked at Dugu Qingjiu, her voice crisp and clear.

“Xian’er, why are you here?”

He was a bit surprised with her presence.

Speaking of, he hadn’t seen Xian’er in a long time. Only Heavenly Zi knew about her whereabouts within the entire sect.

There were many disciples that were guessing Yun Xian’er’s relationship with Heavenly Zi. Everyone thought that she must be his relative or family but Dugu Qingjiu knew there was more to it than meets the eyes.

Yun Xian’er was the typical female lead. She was beautiful and talented, with a mysterious identity. Plus, she wasn’t that stupid.

Cough. Of course, the last point was the most important to Dugu Qingjiu.

He hated stupid women who thought they were beautiful.

“Brother Qingjiu, I heard that world is about to be released to the public again. I want to go but I’m afraid my master won’t allow me.”

Saying this, Yun Xian’er pursed her lips, feeling wronged.

Only Heavenly Zi knew her true identity within the sect. Although he let her do anything, he refused to let her be implicated in anything dangerous.

However, Yun Xian’er has become intelligent since the past two years. She realized that her master pampered and treated his newly accepted disciple kindly the most. Dugu Qingjiu was a really smart man too. Therefore, she started to get close to him. She’d discuss everything with him.

“Senior brother, you have to help me.”

Yun Xian’er mysteriously took out a jade box from her storage bag and gave it to Dugu Qingjiu. “I brought this from my family. Senior brother Qingjiu, this is for you!”


Dugu Qingjiu hadn’t opened the jade box but he sensed the faint and relaxing special fragrance within the air.

This scent was...Nine Leaves Bodhi Fruit!

Legend has it that it was an immortal fruit that could ascend a person to immortality after taking a bite.

In reality, the actual Nine Leaves Bodhi Fruit wasn’t that magical. But it could increase one’s cultivation. The precious part was that it was also goldly in treating wounds. No matter your cultivation and how heavy your injuries were, as long as you had a breath left, you can definitely get out of life danger even if you can’t recover instantly.

However, this type of fruit didn’t belong to Cangyue Mainland.

Therefore, Yun Xian’er wasn’t from Cangyue Mainland? Could she be from a foreign place?


A robotic voice rang inside Dugu Qingjiu’s head. “Congratulations to mission enforcer, Qin Yu. You guessed the female lead’s true identity in this mission world. You have a chance to pose a question now. I will give you an answer according to the current situation. Remember that you only have one chance. Gentle reminder: for fairness, you’re not allowed to ask about other mission enforcers’ identities and locations. Thank you for your cooperation.”

This again.

It wasn’t Qin Yu’s first time hearing the voice. When he realized that Yun Xian’er was the female lead, this same notification had rang inside his mind then.

Because he wasn’t allowed to ask about the mission enforcers’ identities and locations, Qin Yu asked about the male lead last time.

Then he realized that Han Yu’s news didn’t benefit him. Therefore, he stayed silent when he heard the notification noise again.

“Since I can’t ask about other people’s identities and locations, can I know what departments do the remaining people belong to?”

Qin Yu wanted to know this most right now. He wanted to know who his opponents were and whether his companions were still alive.


Then a familiar robotic voice rang again. “There are eight remaining mission enforcers left in the world. There are three from the restoration department, two from the rebirth department, and one from the transmigration department.”

As expected, all the members in Xu Ce’s department were still alive.

Qin Yu had guessed this already. He and Xu Ce had been nemesis for a while. Now that Su Rui was also under Xu Ce’s wing, he had guessed that Su Rui must have some unknown abilities as he had observed him for a while. Otherwise, there would be no way Xu Ce would value him that highly. Plus, Ye Xin and Xu Ce both requested the headquarters to seal Su Wan and Su Rui’s memories. Could this have to do with Su Rui’s abilities?

Because the mission enforcers were separated around the world, there were some people who would never encounter each other. Therefore, why did they have to seal the two people’s memories?

Unless Su Rui had a way to find Su Wan immediately.

Then could he use that same method to find others?

This was really likely too. Qin Yu, who usually got everything, furrowed his brow right now. There were two more people within the destruction department— Su Wan and Ye Xin most likely. Qin Yu was familiar with Su Wan and was an old friend of Ye Xin.

He knew Ye Xin too well. Though she looked like she was easy to manipulate, people mustn’t neglect her as an opponent. If Xu Ce was the king of the mission enforcers, then Ye Xin was considered the uncrowned queen.

There was a type of mission enforcers who seemed like they were harmless and weren’t that attention-catching either but it was because of this type of normalcy that made it easier for them to blend into the mission world and become one, catching people off guard!

Ye Xin was clearly one of them.

“Senior brother Qingjiu?”

He had been in a daze since he received the jade box. Yun Xian’er pushed him nervously and asked, “Senior brother Qingjiu, take care of this thing. This is my gift.”

Although she entered the sect before him, she was still lower in status than him so she had to address herself as junior sister.

Qin Yu obviously accepted the female lead’s good intentions. This was a great thing that could be used to protect herself. Plus, Qin Yu became confident after finding out he also had a teammate. Lin Ruo, I believe we will meet soon.

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