Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 404 - Cultivation Examination(22)

After leaving Taiyi Sect’s territory, Master Mo led everyone to a clean underground cave. This was the place he and Qian’er had stayed at recently. This used to be a solo cultivator’s underground cave. They failed their tribulation and they turned into ashes. The underground cave then became unused.

After they entered the cave, Master Mo threw the group a few bottles of pills and tossed little plum blossom to Qian’er too. Then he turned and walked into the cultivation room.

After he entered, he carefully released Su Wan in his arms.

Right now, she curled her body up, her body unusually cold.

“Little snake?”

Master Mo was shocked. He carefully touched her. She was unable to maintain her human form anymore. Although he was from a Medicinal Valley, he didn’t know much about devils. He really didn’t know what he should do right now.

At this time, Su Wan’s consciousness was also muddled. She suffered from different injuries than Jiu. Su Wan was about to advance into a golden core realm cultivator. Humans called them golden cores while devils call them devil cores.

If they failed, they’d turn into ashes.

Su Wan’s mind was hazy and she couldn’t use her spiritual qi right now. The spiritual qi inside her body was scuttling around and the Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit was taking into effect.

Yun Xian’er’s Devil Containing Bag’s golden light had hurt Su Wan but at the same time, also activated the remaining Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit’s medicinal effect. She was injured right now but also unintentionally obtained the chance to advance.

She was at the edge between life and death. If she advanced successfully, she’d obtain her devil core.

Her spiritual qi was all bunched up. Su Wan curled her body, trembling nonstop.

“Little snake, are you okay?”

Seeing Su Wan’s lack of reaction, Master Mo wanted to transfer his spiritual qi to her when he was hit back by a golden light when he touched her.

This was…

The golden tattoo!

Master Mo watched quietly as Su Wan’s body was covered by the golden light.

Right now, Su Wan felt her spiritual qi calming down. She wanted to use the spiritual qi in her meridian but the spiritual qi seemed to be out of her control and it started moving along its courses on its own.

Su Wan slowly recovered her consciousness too. She felt like she was in another world. Here, she was surrounded by plenty of spiritual qi. There were treasures all around her.

This was like a paradise!

Su Wan looked shockingly at the strange scene inside her mind. Then she realized that the mountain in front of her looked quite familiar. Wasn’t this...the Flaming Mountain within Ziyang Sect?

The lofty Ziyang Sect wasn’t high up in the mountain. She only saw a man and woman.

These two people…

Su Wan subconsciously walked over and then she finally saw a person’s appearance.


Su Wan shockingly covered her mouth!

Wasn’t the man wearing red with a gentle and elegant temperament, Xu Ce?

Xu Ce.

No, it wasn’t him.

Su Wan walked closer. Right now, the man was shamelessly holding onto the woman’s hands. “A-Qin, A-Qin, look at how beautiful the sunrise is. Haven’t you always wanted to take a look?”

“Get lost. Who said that? You’re the one that dragged me here, okay?”

The woman wearing white immediately turned to glare at him.

Su Wan also saw the woman wearing white’s appearance now. She had smooth skin and beautiful features, her gaze sparkling and beautiful like a fairy.

The two seemed like the perfect match.

“Lieyan! You bastard. I know you’re here. Come out!”

This time, they heard a woman’s sharp voice under the mountain. The two’s expressions changed.

“Heh. You got another girl coming.”

The beautiful lady wearing white pursed her lips. Though she was angry, she was still beautiful.

The man wearing red smiled faintly. He snapped his fingers softly and then a white and black figure apepared.

“A-Shi, A-Ye, chase that insane woman away!”

“Yes, My Lord!”

The two figures darted off. Su Wan didn’t even get to see their appearances. But she knew that the black figure was a man and the white figure was a woman.


Flaming Mountain.

Could the man that looked exactly like Xu Ce be the legendary Flaming Immortal? And then the lady wearing white was the legendary Jinghong Fairy that little plum blossom mentioned?

Su Wan was shocked at her guesses but in the blink of an eye, everything changed.

There were endless flames surrounding the area as well as claps of thunder.

Heaven was angry and descended punishment.

She glanced at the mess around the world. The Flaming Immortal lost his elegance and his black hair was scattered on his shoulders as he held the woman wearing red painfully.

“A-Qin, A-Qing! Don’t leave, don’t leave.”


Jinghong Fairy tried to open her eyes, lifting her hands to try to touch the Flaming Immortal’s face. Su Wan stood by the side and saw the golden bracelet on her hands. It was the same one that she had!

Did that bracelet really belong to Jinghong Fairy?

Then how did she get her item? And why couldn’t she take it off?

Su wan took a few steps back and subconsciously touched her bracelet. Though it was in her subconsciousness, the bracelet on her wrist was still there.

It wasn’t a tattoo anymore. It had become a real bracelet.

“This is a pseudo immortal item. It has no attack power but it can conceal the devil aura on you and let you safely travel within the human world.”

A young man’s voice rang in Su Wan’s ears.

She remembered now. A certain old man gave her this from a mission world.

But she didn’t remember anything else from this mission world.

It seemed like there was more to the bracelet than meets the eyes. Su Wan lifted the bracelet and looked carefully at the golden bracelet. The bracelet started glowing and a “Qin” faintly appeared.


Jinghong Fairy. As expected, this was hers. Su Wan couldn’t help but be more confused…

Su Wan’s consciousness became muddled again. She slowly lost her consciousness too. Master Mo watched as the golden light dissipated within the cultivation room. Su Wan was originally curled up in bed but now, her scales started falling. By the time the scales fell completely, there was a green glow flickering non stop inside her. That was her devil core!

Synthesis successful!

Master Mo’s gaze flickered. Before he could be happy, he saw Su Wan slowly turning into a human and right now, she was naked.


Master Mo blinked and then took out a robe from his storage ring, covering her. Seeing the girl who was deep asleep, Master Mo’s gaze turned gradually conflicted.

Su Wan.

Why do I feel like you’re really familiar?

Although “Su Wan” was an unfamiliar name in his memory and this was the first time he saw the little snake despite feeling her scent, he didn’t have the heart to hurt her.

She was different from others. She was really different.


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