Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 403 - Cultivation Examination(21)

Yun Xian’er froze hearing Han Yu’s words.

How come this person didn’t know what’s good for him?

While she was in a daze, Elder Duan immediately waved his hands and had Taiyi Sect’s people retreat.

He had enmities with Han Yu already. Elder Duan naturally didn’t want him to be protected by the Tianyun Sect. Now that he rejected Yun Xian’er, he offended the Tianyun Sect which he was willing and happy to see.

Yun Xian’er’s face also flushed as she stared angrily at Han Yu. “Do you know what you’ve rejected?”

Everyone knew of the Tianyun Sect in Cangyue Mainland. Who dared to reject Heavenly Zi’s invitation?

Was there something wrong with Han Yu’s brain?

Han Yu smiled when he heard Yun Xian’er’s question. “I’m not deaf or blind. I know what I rejected. As for Daoist Yun, you can’t understand my words?”

“You...don’t know what’s good for you!”

Yun Xian’er waved her sleeves angrily. She grew up under Tianyun Sect’s protection and was pampered by countless male cultivators and pursued after them. She had never encountered such an embarrassing situation.

A Master Mo wasn’t enough and even a small golden core realm cultivator dared to disdain herself?

“Hmph, let’s go.”

Yun Xian’er left with her attendant angrily.

“Take care!”

Elder Duan happily sent off this young miss before smiling at Han Yu.

“Hmph. Damned boy. Who’s here to save you now?”


Seeing that Elder Duan was going to hurt Han Yu again, the weak Jiu immediately looked up pitifully at Master Mo, “Master, save him!”

Master Mo: …

What do I do? I don’t feel like it.

Sniffle, Sister Jiu is so pitiful. Brother Han is also really pitiful.

Little plum blossom had transformed into her original form and was now hiding inside Master Mo’s arms with Su Wan too. She started weeping lowly at the situation.

“Little snake, little snake, come up with a way to save Sister Jiu. You always have ideas!”

Su Wan was speechless.

I can’t even save myself. What else can I do? Do you want me to...beg Master Mo?

No. He’d look at me in disdain for sure.


Su Wan felt really conflicted.

Seeing the half-dead male lead, Su Wan actually wanted to give Han Yu’s performance a high score. Plus, if he died, who should she seek out for the magic weapon he owed her?

Su Wan had never made a losing deal.

Right, the male lead couldn’t die.


Su Wan weakly said, “Master, save them. They’re so pitiful.”

“Are you begging me?”

Master Mo smiled and looked down at the little green bamboo snake curled up in his arms. “If you’re begging me, then I’ll consider it.”

Su Wan was speechless.

Master, there’s something wrong with your persona! Were you taken over by someone else during the days we didn’t see each other?

Su Wan looked at Master Mo confused. In the end, she still spat her tongue out and blinked her red eyes, acting cute. “Master, you’re a divine physician within the Medicinal Valley. You’re the kindest. You’ll step in for Jiu right?”


Master Mo kept that smile which was asking for a beating. “Although I’m from the Medicinal Valley, I’m a poison cultivator. I only kill, not save. If you don’t beg me, I won’t intervene.”

How could you be so childish?

This familiar feeling…

“I’m begging you. I’m begging you. Please, please!”

Su Wan blinked her eyes and kept begging.

Master Mo felt incomparably satisfied.

This was a really magical feeling. In short, Master Mo was happy which meant Elder Duan was out of luck.

“Little bastard, die!”

Elder Duan aimed his attack harshly at Han Yu and the latter was ready for death. But in the next second, a white silhouette stepped in and the black smoke emitted into the air. Not only did it stop Elder Duan’s attack, it also caused him to take a few staggering steps back.

“Master Mo, you want to become enemies with Taiyi Sect?”


Master Mo wore a calming smile on his gentle face when he heard Elder Duan yell. “I don’t even care about Tianyun Sect so why do you think I would care about Taiyi Sect?”

Elder Duan didn’t represent the entire Taiyi Sect.

But Master Mo represented the entire Medicinal Valley!

That’s right. He was that unruly because of his status.

Who dared to offend the Medicinal Valley within Cangyue Mainland? You’re meeting your doom by offending the physician within the cultivation world.

Although the Medicinal Valley wasn’t the first-rank sect within Cangyue Mainland, it was the strongest and had the most connections. No one dared to offend the place.

“Let’s go.”

Master Mo waved his hands and Jiu helped support Han Yu, slowly following him.

Qian’er was left at a safe place by Master Mo. Seeing everyone coming back, she happily welcomed them.

Right now, the most flabbergasted people were obviously Ziyang Sect’s disciples.

Can someone tell them what happened?

From stealing the bride to fairies, and then the god of poison.

Plus, how did their dean turn into a little snake, huh?

“Dean Qing, no, Master Mo, wait, wait for me.”

While others were still flabbergasted, the flexible Dong Xiaoyang quickly followed the master’s footsteps.


As a solo cultivator, the three most important essences were: shamelessness, shameless, and definitely shamelessness!

Dong Xiaoyang understood now. Master Mo was a cool existence to him. He’d only be able to become a dean within Ziyang Sect his entire life but if he followed Master Mo, he'd have a promising future.

Seeing Dong Xiaoyang’s action, the rest all chased over.

There was no way they’d be able to stay at Taiyi Sect now and they’d be punished if they returned to Ziyang Sect. Therefore, everyone decided to rely on Master Mo.

Master Mo: …

Seeing the group of people chasing over, his face coldened.


Dong Xiaoyang looked around and then smiled at Su Wan in Master Mo’s arms. “Dean Qing, we’re going wherever you’re going. Seeing that us brothers have been loyal to you, let the young master take us along.”

Su Wan: …

Loyalty? You guys have decided to betray Ziyang Sect already.

Su Wan looked speechlessly at Dong Xiaoyang and then at Master Mo above her head. “Master, look…”

“You guys can return to Ziyang Sect. I’ll talk to Ziyang true immortal about this. He won’t punish you guys.”

Saying this, Master Mo waved his hands, summoning his aerial magic weapon. He took Qian’er, Jiu, and Han Yu, flying them into the fog.

If little snake hadn’t begged him this time, he didn’t even want to save the male lead. Don’t mention all these strangers. They were fortunate that he didn’t just kill them.

Dong Xiaoyang: …

As expected, they didn’t like them. Damn. Why was it so hard to make something out of himself?

Thinking of this, Dong Xiaoyang suddenly thought of someone: Ye Cheng.

They were both deans of Ziyang Sect but Ye Cheng lived a better life than him and he had obtained a lot of power.

Let’s go rely on Dean Ye after we return. This was the only solution...


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