The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 40 - Who is Biao Ge


Zhang Hongyu drank with them but the things that happened afterwards had nothing to do with him. Uncle Chen had already responded saying he would help. Afterwards was the time for Jiang Zihan to flatter him.

Zhang Hongyu, bored, played around with his phone when an advertisement got his attention from his Moments (wechat news feed).

Zhang Hongyu opened it and couldn't help but yell out, “Crap! Isn’t this Biao Ge?”

Jiang Zihan immediately turned his head. “What happened?”

“”Brother Zihan you take a look, another moth came out.” Zhang Hongyu directly passed it over to him, but Jiang Zihan didn't receive it yet when Chen Yuze snatched it over.

“What happened? What's wrong with Biao Ge again? Let us take a look?” Everyone else one after another stood up and spoke. There was fresh news about Biao Ge everyday.

“I heard that he started a company? What's going on now?”

“Filmed an advertisement, actually became the spokesperson for his own company?”

“Where? I also want to watch.”

Everyone inside the private room were Chen Yuze’s friends, they all knew Cheng Jinyu. Recently Cheng Jinyu turned over a new leaf and the change was big. It caused a lot of people to pay attention to him.

Zhang Hongyu, “Don’t struggle anymore. I'll display it on the screen in the private room, we can all watch together.”

Zhang Hongyu turned on the big TV screen and prepared to broadcast his phone to it.

Chen Xiuyuan saw that his business was already finished. Currently it was just these small children playing around, he also didn’t have much of an interest.

Chen Xiuyuan stood up. “Yuze, you continue to eat with your friends, I’m leaving first.”

Chen Yuze stopped him. “Dad, are you coming home today? Mom prepared a lot of good food. She's waiting at home for you.”

“I still have work.”

“Is it very important? You can’t make a trip home? Our family of three hasn’t eaten together for a very long time. Dad,please?” Chen Yuze said this, his tone carried a hint of begging.

Chen Xiuyuan, “My apologies, I really am busy.”

Chen Yuze lowered his head. “Dad, I don’t want your money, I also don’t need your money. Mom and I don’t need you to provide us with such a lavish lifestyle. What we need is you.”

Chen Xiuyuan stood in front of Chen Yuze. The little baby had already grown up. But that family… Chen Xiuyuan sighed.

“Yuze, take good care of your mother.” Chen Xiuyuan finished speaking, lightly patted his shoulder, then started to leave.

Chen Yuze chased him to the entrance. “Dad, I’ll open the door for you.”

Jiang Zihan also hurried over. “Uncle take care. I won’t keep you here anymore. I owe you a visit one day. Thank you uncle for giving me this opportunity.”

“The youth have boundless prospects, work hard.” Chen Xiuyuan was looking after him, Jiang Zihan was also extremely humble.

Chen Yuze lowered his head. Looking at him he seemed extremely gloomy. Chen Xiuyuan turned his head around and didn’t look at him, only spoke to Jiang Zihan telling him to properly look after Chen Yuze.

Behind Zhang Hongyu’s back was the private room’s TV screen. As Chen Xiuyuan and Jiang Zihan were talking, his gaze naturally saw what was on the TV screen.

But this one glance caused Chen Xiuyuans’ legs to be nailed to the floor, unable to move at all.

On the TV screen was a man wearing a dark black suit. With big steps he walked forward. With a graceful temperament and beautiful appearance similar to the Greek gods, he slowly walked over like he was bringing over bright lighting and the unsullied moonlight. This graceful person was like a prince. Leisurely, he walked inside a ball. Inside all the men and women, young and old, all their gazes simultaneously turned towards him.

The man, carrying everyone's envy, walked into the middle of the floor. A masked woman slowly walked over.

The two people held onto each other and danced together. All the gazes were on the man’s body, his body was luminous. It awed everyone’s heart. The camera zoomed in on the man’s pure black suit. A refined make, glistening button, tailored well, it showcased all of it’s stylish and profoundness.

The man turned his head back around. Opened his mouth and said, “Yiqing Menswear, Fresh elegant and refined (1).”

The advertisement ended with applause as the curtain fell. The gentleman bowed to all his surroundings. Like a prince he bore the gazes from all around who praised and admired.

“Is this really Biao Ge?” Zhang Hongyu unconvinced shouted. “Is he that handsome? How come I’ve never discovered it, is it fake? Is it a stand in?”

But no one said anything. Don’t know if they were also shocked by the Cheng Jinyu in the commercial or didn’t believe the person in the TV screen was really the Biao Ge they usually saw.

Chen Xiuyuan faintly trembled. “Do you guys recognize the person on the TV screen? Who is he?”

Chen Yuze finding it a bit odd said, “Dad,what’s wrong? That is Biao Ge, did you forget? He worked at our house for a while, already ten years.”

“What? The one who was at our house, that Biao Ge?” Chen Xiuyuan tried hard to think about it. “Your mother’s relative, Biao Ge ?”

“Yes. Dad, what's wrong? Don’t tell me you know him?” Chen Yuze thought up to here, heart couldn’t help but feel a bit unwell. His dad would only come home several times in one year. Naturally he would not meet the servants at home. Thinking of this he couldn’t help but be more broken hearted.

Chen Xiuyuan’s face had already turned ashen. He took the clothes on the table, turned around and left to go outside, pulling the door shut behind him.

Zhang Hongyu baffled asked, “Yuze, what's wrong with your dad? Why is he angry? What did we do wrong? Or who said anything wrong?”

Chen Yuze’s mood also wasn't too good. He shook his head and said, “I don’t know.” He just felt that his family was not like others. Having a father and not having a father, what difference was there. Thinking of his mom waiting at home he became even more gloomy.

Jiang Zihan urged/advised him, “Do you want me to go over and take a look? Your dad’s mood doesn’t seem to be too good.”

Chen Yuze, “No need, just let him go.” Chen Yuze did not think of yet how to explain to his mother. His mother was still persistently waiting.

Car sped off quickly. The chauffeur looked at the chairman in the back. It was like the quiet before the storm.

Chen Xiuyuan thought hard about the person called Biao Ge. He thought hard about how he was at his home being a servant for ten years. His memory was very good. He remembered bits and pieces about that child, standing by the side of his wife and child.

No, not standing, kneeling. He was kneeling at the side of his wife and child, using his sleeve to wipe at his wife’s, Tan Liyun, shoes. At that time when he saw it, he saw that lonely child kneeling in front of him. But regarding Tan Liyun, he never paid attention to her no matter what she did. Although what happened made him feel it was very inappropriate, he simply didn't care.

He never cared about what Tan Liyun did nor did he want to care. Who would have thought that because of this ignorance, that the child had been a servant for ten years in front of his eyes.

Chen Xiuyuan’s hand tightly clenched into a fist and ruthlessly smashed it against the glass of the car. It frightened the chauffeur in the front and made him quiver.

How come his memory didn’t have the appearance of that child? It should be said that that child never once lifted his head. From the beginning his head was always lowered, he had never seen his face.

That time getting drunk, the one holding onto his own wailing person was not Yiqing, but it was him, it was him!

How come at the time he didn’t recognize him? Why didn’t he carefully look at his face at the time? Why didn’t he pay attention to why Tan Liyun kept targeting him?

Chen Xiuyuan merely felt remorse and wrath similar to a raging inferno. That repulsive woman who was as venous as snakes and scorpions, she actually treated him like this. She was unexpectedly this vicious!

Chen Xiuyuan remembered what Tan Liyun told him. That person was her family’s relative. Normally Yuze would call him Biao Ge. Cousin? So it was originally this kind of cousin. The more he thought about it the more he regretted, wishing he couldn’t just turn into a rocket and rush into his home.

Tan Liyun earlier had personally gone into the kitchen to cook a table full of food. Although Chen Xiuyuan wouldn’t definitely come home, but seeing Chen Yuze’s face, maybe he would come back. Even if this was only a possibility she still needed to prepare.

When was the last time Chen Xiuyuan came back, she already forgot.

Tan Liyun sat in front of the dining table and waited. She watched as time slowly passed, it was similar to watching her own age slowly fade away. She felt the wrinkles near her eyes. This many years had already passed. Ten years was like one day. 20 years was also like one day, in the future it will also feel like one day.

Sometimes Tan Liyun would think, was this the life she wanted? This was the life she at the time kept pursuing, but how come after achieving it she wasn’t happy? And she didn’t have this so-called feeling of being blessed?

Tan Liyun was in the middle of letting her imagination run wild when the entrance was heavily kicked open by someone. Tan Liyun turned her head around to look over. Her husband, Chen Xiuyuan, in a rage walked in.

Tan Liyun went to meet him. “What's going on? Who provoked you? Why are you unhappy?”

Tan Liyun extended her hand wanting to draw him in then tell him that she was his haven and would forever support him. It didn’t matter if outside he received any kind of bullying, in his house there would always be a person waiting for him. But she never said the words because Chen Xiuyuan ruthlessly pushed her to the ground.

“Who is Biao Ge? I'm asking you who is Biao Ge?” Chen Xiuyuan’s gaze was cruel as he stared at her, similar to a cheetah, hating that he was unable to just swallow the person.

Tan Liyun was startled. “What do you mean? What cousin? I don’t understand.”

“You don’t understand. Is it possible for you to not understand? Your nephew, you’re able to not understand?” Chen Xiuyuan angrily roared out.

  1. Yiqing/Fresh and elegant: 逸清 Yiqing is the name of his dad, but 清逸 Qingyi means fresh and elegant.
  2. Reminder that Biao Ge means cousin in Chinese.
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