The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner!

Chapter 40 – When you do? (成ったら?)

As for the wurms' remains, Marcus-san said that the skin and entrails could be useful, and undertook the task of collecting them.

Allis-chan and I wouldn't find any use for the wurms even if we brought them home, so we were grateful for the post-cleanup while we headed back to the lodge.


On the way up the mountain path, Allis-chan stopped in her tracks and turned to me with an uneasy expression.


"What's wrong, Allis-chan?"


"Bella-chan, did my level go up? Can you please confirm it before we arrive at the lodge?"


I had planned on checking and writing it, along with her skills, down on a notepad after we returned to the lodge and took a break, but...

It seems that Allis-chan wants to know before we returned.


"If my level is lower than His Highness', I won't be able to return to the lodge... so please check now, and if it's not enough, I'll go and catch something in the mountains until my level increases..."


You plan to go hunting by yourself?!

I really don't think that's necessary though?!

I would be surprised if you were still lower than the prince's Lv. 4 after annihilating so many wurms!! The level 4 wall would be way too high!!


But I guess if she doesn't get the actual results, she wouldn't be convinced....

And so, Allis-chan and I sat down on a large stump in a clearing near the road.


Allis-chan was sitting on the large stump while holding her giant fork.

As I thought, she looked like an adorable little fairy or pixie.


"Well then, are you prepared, Allis-chan?"


In response to my question, Allis-chan nodded with a serious expression on her face.

You don't have to be so nervous... It's fine... Look...



Human: Amaryllis Elli Brunst (6) Lv: 15  ← (12UP)

HP: 29/53  ← (47UP)

MP: 60/60  ← (7UP)


Social Position:

Rosereale Kingdom, Brunst Marquisate's second daughter

Rosereale Kingdom, Marquis Daughter


《Job Skills》 *Max Level: Ⅹ 

[Mage in the Making Ⅱ][Tailor Ⅰ][Spearman Ⅰ] ← (new)

[Bomber Ⅱ] ← (new)[Blast Engineer Ⅰ] ← (new)


《Special Skills》 *Max Level: Ⅹ

[Super Acceleration Ⅰ]


《Unique Skills》 *Max Level: Ⅹ

[Charm Ⅶ][Explosion Magic Ⅰ] ← (new)

[HP Consumption Mitigation Ⅳ] ← (new)[Enhanced HP Recovery Ⅲ] ← (new)


《Skills》 *Max Level: Ⅹ

[Physical Attack Resistance Ⅱ] ← (new)[Body Enhancement Ⅰ] ← (new)

[Fire Magic Ⅱ] ← (new)[Fire Resistance Ⅳ] ← (new)

[Water Magic Ⅰ][Wind Magic Ⅰ][Light Magic Ⅰ]

[Water Magic Resistance Ⅰ][Wind Magic Resistance Ⅰ][Poison Resistance Ⅰ]  ← (2UP)

[Charm Resistance Ⅶ][Dynamic Vision Ⅷ]← (2UP)[Embroidery Ⅴ]

[Endurance Ⅲ] ← (new)[Harvesting Ⅰ] ← (new)

[Throwing Ⅱ] ← (new)[Sniping Ⅱ] ← (new)



[Bombmaniac (Bomber)]



T, That's way too high───!!

Oh no!! With this HP, she can take care of the Second Prince in an instant!! In the violent sense, of course!!

And 『Explosion Magic』?! Not an XX-attribute magic, but a specialised bombing one?!

And what's this supposed to be?! This ridiculously disturbing title───?!


Oh!! I guess that one makes sense~

If you fired off 200 bombs in half an hour, earning that title would come off as no surpris--...... Wait! Don't be fooled, me!!

If a Marquis' daughter had some psychopathic title like『Bomber』, she would be a "Villainess" in a different sense than in the game!!


Not to mention, her level and HP were on par with a full-fledged adventurer's!!

Unfortunately, she's still not as good as Marcus-san!!

Wait no, it would be terrible if a 6-year-old noble lady was on the same level as a C Class Adventurer like Marcus-san, so I guess she's barely safe by being lower!!


Hmm~ Lastly, the [Spearman] appeared in her Job Skills, so it seems that the 『Giant Fork』is treated as a spear or halberd of sorts. Heeh~


After some time of playing the straight man and coming to terms with her Status, I told Allis-chan the results.


"Fueeeh... That's good~"


On one hand, you could say it's good. But on the other hand, you could also say it's bad, alright?

Just like me, this is in a sense lowering your femininity, okay?


Well, we accomplished our original goal so it's probably okay, right?

With this, the prince should find it hard to overtake her level!!

Unless the Second Prince decides to join the knights and become a hero fighting on the frontlines or something...

Huh?! There's no way right?!

I'm not raising a flag or anything, am I?


"Ehehe~ Bella-chan, now that I'm not worried anymore, I'm getting hungry!! Let's return to the lodge and eat something~!!"


Come to think of it, since our breakfast before sunrise, Allis-chan has only had potions.

Whereas I had two breakfasts, one at the lodge and one at the plains.


Allis-chan and I held hands for the rest of the way back.

Could Allis-chan possibly be my first friend?

It feels like we've been together for years, but now that I think about it, our first meeting was at yesterday's tea party~

I hope we can continue to be good friends.

And it would be nice if Allis-chan's destruction flag was broken, too.



"Ah, Isabella and Miss Amaryllis, welcome back!!"


When we arrived at the lodge, Ursch-kun greeted us with a smile.

...So you're already awake.


"We're back, Ursch-kun!! Allis-chan is all levelled up now─"


"We're back, Ursch-sama."


Ursch-kun made a face at Allis-chan's words.


"Miss Amaryllis, I'm not in the kind of position for you to add '-sama' to my name, so call me normally, okay?"


Ah, Allis-chan is the daughter of a marquis, and although the Schneiver Company was large, Ursch-kun was still a merchant's son.

Is he concerned about his status?


"Huh? Then, Ursch-san?"


Allis-chan tilted her head and corrected her speech.


"Hm~ Well, I guess that's fine? Oh, and the second prince is awake now~"




As the three of us entered the lodge, the second prince, who had taken a seat at the table and was nibbling on a sandwich, looked at us.

His eyes still didn't have light, and he looked sleepy with his half-lidded eyes, but he didn't have that thin smile.


"Fueh..... Prince Christopher."


The second prince looked at Allis-chan, who stiffened up, and lightly raised his hand, offering a lethargic weak-sounding greeting at one beat late.


"........Hell~o....... Welcome back?"



The Second prince-!! The second prince just-!!


"HE TALKED───!!"


"Isabella... Calm down please?"


After Ursch-kun calmed down the excited me and the stiff Allis-chan, we all sat at the same table as His Highness.

After we composedly finished our introductions with the Second Prince, Ursch-kun proceeded to speak.


"Well, I think I've explained to him most of the situation while waiting for your return. Like his skill, or the reasons for being here, and so on."


Ursch-kun, you're so wonderful.

You already finished the most troublesom-..... I mean, the most difficult part.

Thank you. You truly saved me.

My vocabulary power was nil, so I've been worrying about how to explain it, and dreading when the time comes. 


"Oh, right. I already gave one to His Highness, but you should have one too, Miss Amaryllis. It's a ring I made that lets you view your status~"


And with that, Ursch-kun easily handed Allis-chan a ring made out of magic stones.

Looking closely, the prince had a similar ring on his index finger.

Hmm? I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.


"Ursch-kun that's amazing!! You can make something like that?! You're so cool!!"


"Ehehe~ Thank you, Isabella. This one's for you~ You might not need it, but wear it just in case~"


"Wow, thank you, Ursch-kun!!"


He probably gave it to me to camouflage my 【Status】 checking.

This must have been really expensive to make, yet he still gave me one even though he knows I won't use it, I'm so happy.

But it's kind of wasted on me...

I should give him those magic stones I got earlier as a thank you gift.


"Now, about the second prince... He's decided to practice on his skill control, but..."


After that, Ursch-kun seemed to have a hard time continuing.


"Huh? What's the matter? Is there a problem?"


Ursch-kun lightly shook his head at Allis-chan's question and called out to the prince.


"Well... your highness... should you explain it yourself?"


"......Yes........ when I am able to..... properly control my skill........"


""When you do?""


".......I want to receive knight training........"


""Knight training....""


"........And become a knight of justice, protecting the royal capital....."


Ursch-kun gave Allis-chan a wry smile.


"And there you have it. Looks like he's planning to become a knight of justice, so...... Miss Amaryllis, I guess you're going to have to keep levelling up?"


A flag was raised──────!!

I'm sorry, Allis-chan!! This might be my fault!! I might have been the one who raised the flag!!

I didn't think a flag raised 10 minutes ago would take play already!!


I'm really sorry, Allis-chan!!

The Second Prince was really high-spec in the game, so his level is sure to shoot up super fast when he starts training as a knight!!

I know it sounds like I don't care enough, but do your best!! Don't let him catch up with you!!

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