Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 40: The Record of Raising A Baby (1) Part 2

The third child was named Fang Jianyun, who was 9 years old and just started second grade.

The fourth was called Fang Jianman, who was 7 years old and had not yet started school.

The children of poor families were early risers.

Although the two children were very young, they already dressed themselves and came out.

Ah Jin gave them a bowl of corn crumbs in turn.

The second child looked at Ah Jin and said, "Why don't you have any potatoes! Eat mine!"

With that, he gave the potatoes in his bowl to Ah Jin, and the other two responded.

"Eldest sister, eat mine!"

Ah Jin also transferred the potatoes back.

"You guys are so nosy. You can eat yours. I was hungry earlier, so I ate first."

The second child looked at her suspiciously, "Really?"

Ah Jin shot him a look.

"Really, eat."

The meal was not much, and it was finished in a few bites, after which the second child put down his bowl and said to Ah Jin.

"Eldest sister, I don't want to study anymore! I will work with you to earn work points, or we will die of hunger."

Ah Jin said, "Yes, but you have to finish high school."

The second child reacted fiercely, "I'm not good at studying, so it's useless to study at all. So I might as well help you and earn work points!"

"No! Father and mother said, it is necessary to finish high school!"

In a few years, the college entrance exams will be resumed.

It was possible that they could continue high school and get admitted to a university.

The second child said, "Then, eldest sister, you should go to school. You are better at studying than me!"

Ah Jin looked at him with contempt.

"How much strength do you have? On your own, this family will really starve to death. The summer holidays are coming up, and the autumn harvest will be ready after the holidays. There is plenty of work for you to do."

The second child had mentioned this matter several times.

He was always rejected each time, and now he was also dismissed.

After eating, Ah Jin cleaned up the pots and pans.

The three brothers took the quilts out of the house to dry in the courtyard.

It would smell after a long time.

There were only two quilts in the house, one for Ah Jin and one for the three brothers.

There were no pillows.

All of them were pillowed with their own clothes.

When the winter season came, their clothes were not taken off, and they slept in a huddle for warmth.

After packing up, Ah Jin sent the two older ones to school and brought the little one with her to the workplace to earn points.

The original character was young and not very strong.

She was given the easy work.

Naturally, the points were minimal.

To not owe points, the original character took a tiny portion of the food, and the remaining points were saved in exchange for some money to pay tuition.

It would be good even if you could exchange it for a penny.

A mosquito's leg was also a slice of meat.

Ah Jin went to the field and worked as the original character.

She worked behind others to sow seeds and remove weeds.

The fourth child had already gone to collect dry branches for cooking at home.

After five minutes of work, Ah Jin became familiar with the process and accelerated sowing seeds.

After a while, she caught up with the people in front of her who dug the pits.

The person who was digging the hole was the village elder, Grandpa Fang.

"Aigoo, Zhaodi is quite fast today. Is she feeling better?"

"Much better, grandpa. Work hard so that when the food is distributed, we can have more."

"Hey, let's keep working. You can keep up."

"Yes, I'm sure I can keep up with you."

The original character was weak and was naturally matched with the elderly.

Grandpa Fang was a bit tired and wanted to stop and wait for Zhaodi, but she was behind him.

Ah Jin looked at him when he turned around.

"Grandpa, you are tired. Let's switch. I will dig the ground, and you sow the seeds for a break."

Grandpa Fang looked at her suspiciously.

"Are you okay? Aren't you tired?"

Ah Jin smiled and said, "No, I'll do it."

She took over the tools in his hand and started to dig the ground.

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