Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 40: The Record of Raising A Baby (1) Part 1

Ah Jin opened her eyes, and what she saw made her a little dumbfounded.

The walls were made of mud, the roof was in shambles, the windows were old and leaky, the windowsill was shiny, the bed was uneven, and the quilt was covered with patches.

There was a human-height broken closet with its doors that could not be closed.

It was closing one after another with the wind coming in from the roof, producing the sound of "creak."

There was a small square table with missing legs, with stones replacing the broken portions.

A small oil lamp was placed on the table.

There was a shelf at the door, on which the only intact object of the family, a washbasin, was placed.

The entire house could not be characterized as a family home.

Ah Jin closed her eyes again and let San Qi show her the basic plot.

The client was a sixteen-year-old girl named Fang Zhaodi.

The little girl had a bad life.

At the age of ten, she lost her father.

At the age of fourteen, she lost her mother, and at the age of sixteen, she lost her own life.

She left behind three brothers who had no one to depend on to live by themselves.

It was tough for the adults to live in that very dark age, not to mention the children.

Not long after, Zhaodi's three younger brothers came to her for their reunion.

The client's wish was simple: she wanted to raise her three brothers to adulthood and watch them start a family.

It could be said that this was an example of a good sister.

Ah Jin held her forehead.

It seemed that this was an extremely time-consuming mission.

The original character's body was too weak, and Ah Jin reluctantly propped herself up to sit.

As soon as the original character's physique was strengthened by her energy, she felt stronger.

So she got down to make breakfast for her three children.

In the kitchen, she opened the cupboard.

Inside there was only half a bag of sorghum rice, a few pieces of potatoes, and a small bowl of corn crumbs.

This food was not enough to feed herself, let alone take care of the three children, especially until the autumn harvest of food distribution.

In such an era, everyone earned work points.

The work points were awarded food.

Just one could imagine seeing the original character's small arms and legs.

The three younger brothers were still in school, with Zhaodi's own workforce at home. It was awe-inspiring to last for two years.

Ah Jin added hot water to the pot, boiled it, and then poured the small half bowl of corn crumbs into the pot.

The corn crumbs were too little to make porridge.

Ah Jin picked the smallest potato, chopped it into three pieces, and threw them in.

The meal was barely done, and the grass for the fire was used up.

That morning, Ah Jin already knew that this was the time when there was nothing.

No food, no cloth, no electricity, and even no grass for the fire!

Fortunately, it was already the very end of the 60s, and it would be much better to enter the 70s.

"Eldest sister, I'll go out and collect some grass and come back!"

It was the second child, Fang Jianfu.

He was already twelve years old and in his first year of high school that year.

Fang's parents firmly believed that the only way for children to get ahead was to study.

So the family sent their four children to school even though they were poor.

Unfortunately, both died early, and Zhaodi had to drop out of school to support her three brothers.

The second child saw no grass and was going out to get some, but Ah Jin dragged him back.

"Go to school after eating, and pick up some on the way back from school."

The second child frowned and said, "If I don't go now, what will you cook for lunch?"

Ah Jin pressed him to sit down in front of the small table.

A bowl of corn crumb soup was given to him, plus a piece of potato.

"Hurry up and eat. Why do you talk so much? I'll pick them up myself."

After saying that, she went into the room and called up the third and fourth child to eat.

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