Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 40 - Nightshade [OW]

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Xiào Rui was very confused when he received Gu Liheng's call. They have many business dealings between the Xiao family and the Gu family, but he and Gu Liheng have no personal relationship at all. After all, their age is quite different, and Gu Liheng is taciturn. He has never attended any gathering organized by the second generation people from well-known families in Belle City. That’s why he did not expect that Gu Liheng would ask to attend his gathering, but naturally, he would not refuse, and he agreed to not bring an accompany with him. After he told the news to his friends in a chat group, the group was quiet for a long time. Someone even suspected that Gu Liheng's bracelet was hacked.

Speechless, Xiào Rui emphasized, "It was a call, and the voice is President Gu. So, are you guys coming?"

"Of course!" The group of second-generation expressed their agreement with much curiosity.

President Gu probably figures it out suddenly that he wants to make some friends. No one will miss such a good opportunity. Xiào Rui and other 4 rich second generations, a total of 5 people, arrived at Nightshade early. Ye Shao, the son of the owner of Nightshade, was among them. He was repeatedly reminded by his parents to provide the best service before coming out. When they met at Nightshade, Xiào Rui took a glance at his friends and couldn't help but laugh out, "Are you guys going to a bar or a meeting?"

Everyone was dressed up decently, a far cry from their usual casual appearance.

Ye Shao rolled his eyes, "It's President Gu we are talking about. Even my father had to be polite when he saw him. How can I dare to be wild?"

The rest expressed their support and agreement with the sentence.

Xiào Rui comforted, "Although President Gu is a serious person, he is very easy to get along with."

Ye Shao tsk-ed, obviously not convinced, and asked, "Are we going to wait here? Or we go to the private room?"

Xiào Rui, "Just wait outside, President Gu said no need to go to the private room."

Ye Shao’s expression looked strange, "Is he checking out how commoner lives?"

Xiào Rui shrugged, "I don't know."

And so, the group was seated on the n-shaped sofa on the left front. Xiào Rui sent Gu Liheng the location and then started chatting with his friends. As they were talking, a tall man approached, so Ye Shao raised his hand to stop the man, "This brother, I'm sorry, but we have booked this area."

Upon hearing that, Xiào Rui shifted his gaze and immediately stood up, "President Gu."

Ye Shao: "...?"

The man has black hair, and it covered half of his forehead. He was wearing a dark blue shirt, pairing it with jeans, and wearing Martin boots. His tall height and long legs made him looked very fashionable. This is President Gu, who is always looked serious in suits and leather shoes?

Gu Liheng nodded and greeted the others, "Sorry to keep you waiting."

Recovered from the surprise, Ye Shao quickly stood up and waved his hand, "No, no, we just came."

"Yes, yes, we came early."

Gu Liheng: "You don't need to be nervous, just hang out as you normally do."

He sat down on the edge of the sofa and scanned the hall. Young people of all genders walked around in the club, and many people danced on the dance floor with smiling faces. Some people were drowning themselves with alcohol at the bar, looking sad. And couples were sitting on the deck seat, feeding each other drink sweetly. Everyone seemed completely different from the people he meets at work, and they expressed their emotions on their faces. This makes Gu Liheng very satisfied; it suits his intention well.

Xiào Rui asked, "Want a drink?"

Gu Liheng nodded and ordered red wine for himself, "I will pay the bill tonight. All of you can order whatever you want." After that, he looked at the other 4 people with unnatural expressions, "You are not my employees, why are you being so nervous?"

The guys gave a silly laugh. Thinking about it, they realized that Gu Liheng is correct and started to relax. Ye Shao is a witty person, he said, "Then I won't call you President Gu anymore. I will call you Big Brother Gu. You might not know this, but I have admired you since I was young, and my parents make me learn from you every day."

Gu Liheng: "You are all excellent, you don't need to learn from anyone."

Gu Liheng’s expression did not change, and he still looked very serious. But it’s because of this, his words sounded real, and the guys laughed.

The topic quickly shifted to other things. Whether talking about various businesses and new products, they were just casually chatting about it, nothing serious. Every second generation has companies involved in many industries, so they could talk a bit about everything. Their wines and fragrances were delivered quickly, and they were utterly relaxed while drinking and talking.

As for Gu Liheng, he feels relaxed as well. He has never had such an experience. Their talk and actions have no practical meaning, but he felt comfortable. Ye Shao talked with the liveliness of a young person, and some words were fascinating that it makes people laugh. Gu Liheng would occasionally laugh with them. Then when the uncomfortable reaction hits, he will get swiftly distracted by the sound of the conversation.

Some time later, Ye Shao's gaze shifted, and he saw Zhao Qing. So, he walked over to say hello to Zhao Qing. When he came back, he brought Zhao Qing and Zhao Qi with him.

Zhao Qi's expression changed slightly when he saw Xiào Rui, and then he turned his gaze to Gu Liheng. As their group approached the sofa, Zhao Qi staggered and fell towards Gu Liheng, who was sitting on the edge.

As soon as Su Ling entered Nightshade, his surrounding become noisy, and various aromas rushed towards him; the scent of pheromone, spiritual plant products, and various alcohol were mixed together. Although mixed, he can still clearly recognize various smells, and it doesn’t make him feel uncomfortable. Just like looking at a rainbow, there are many colors, but it was not blinding.

"Little cutie, you come alone?"

A man was sitting in the deck seat against the wall. He kept his eyes on the people passing the doorway, looking for a partner for tonight. Hence, upon seeing Su Ling, his eyes lit up.

Su Ling: "No, I came with a company."

The lights in the Nightshade were not bright, and the colors keep changing, which makes the surroundings feel ambiguous. Therefore, one can’t see too clearly in the bar. Su Ling looked around, trying to spot Gu Liheng, but the man seemed to not want to give up, “How about a drink together?"

Su Ling glanced at him and said, "Change your target ba, don't waste time on me."

"Ling Ling," Lin Meng wore a black sweater and a hat, and he ran out from the seat on the left. He took Su Ling's arm and pointed to the front left, "There."

The man followed Lin Meng's finger and looked over, and his complexion slightly changed. That area over there was reserved by Ye Shao tonight. Then he looked at Su Ling and Lin Meng. Both of them looked very good. The clothes on Lin Meng looked simple, but they were not ordinary brands. One glance and he knew that his family background is not simple. The man didn't bother with Su Ling anymore and sat back in silence.

Lin Meng pulled Su Ling to the sofa where he was staying before, and keep reminding Su Ling to bend over, "Be careful, don't get found out."

Amused, Su Ling said, "I came here to let him find out."

Lin Meng: "I promised Ah Rui that I won’t come."

When Lin Meng reached the sofa, he placed his hand on Su Ling's shoulder and pressed down so that his head would not show from the back of the sofa.

Su Ling's shoulders lowered from the force, but he said, "You continue to hide. Don't worry, you won't be exposed."

"Wait," Su Ling was pulled down by Lin Meng before he could sit upright. Lin Meng gleefully added, "I just didn't have time to tell you what happened after Zhao Qi fell on President Gu."

Su Ling didn't move when he heard it, "What happened?"

Lin Meng laughed, "President Gu reacted quickly and shifted to the side. Zhao Qi ended up throwing himself on the sofa and died in embarrassment." He pulled Su Ling's sleeves, his eyes sparkled as he said, "I think President Gu might like you."

The corner of Su Ling's mouth curled up, "What a coincidence, I think so too, but he has rejected me several times."

"Huh?" Lin Meng blinked. "You're sure amazing. If I get rejected by someone, I won't keep chasing that person."

Su Ling did not continue talking, "You sit down first, I will go over and say hello."

Lin Meng: "Zhao Qi is still here. He came with his brother. His brother and Ye Shao are good friends. So I guess it would be embarrassing to ask him(ZQ) to go away."

"It's okay, it doesn't matter whether he is there or not." Su Ling stood up and saw the wine on the table. He pointed at one of it and said, "I take one ah."

Lin Meng: "En, I just ordered it for show. I haven't drunk any.”

Su Ling took a glass with light golden liquor, got up, and walked to the n-shaped sofa.

On that n-shaped sofa, 4 young Alphas were sitting in a row on the left, Xiào Rui and Gu Liheng in the middle, and Zhao Qi and Zhao Qing on the right. Gu Liheng was initially sitting on the right side, but in order to avoid Zhao Qi, he switched to the middle.

Su Ling was facing the middle when he approached, so Xiào Rui and Gu Liheng saw him right away.

Gu Liheng's expression moved slightly, and his brows frowned when he looked at the wine glass in Su Ling’s hand.

Su Ling raised his eyebrows at him. Then he raised his glass to Gu Liheng as a gesture for greeting, as he continued to approach the sofa.

Zhao Qi saw him too, and his face instantly became ugly.

Ignoring Zhao Qi, Su Ling walked directly towards Gu Liheng, intending to ask naturally, ‘Would you like to have a drink?’ Just like the most common hitch-up phrase. However, things couldn’t go as planned. When he passed Zhao Qi, Zhao Qi suddenly stretched out his foot. Su Ling’s foot was caught, and his body fell forward.


The sound of the wine glass falling to the ground was particularly prickling in this quiet corner.

The group of second-generation Alpha was all stunned, staring blankly at Gu Liheng, who was splashed with alcohol.

Zhao Qi raised his eyebrows triumphantly. Thinking of Gu Liheng's reaction when he fell before, he is happy to see how Su Ling would end up in an embarrassing situation. Zhao Qing glared at him and stood up to apologize, but was stunned by what happened next.

Face got wet by the alcohol, Gu Liheng subconsciously closed his eyes due to the irritation, but he still got up to hold Su Ling.

After Su Ling managed to steady himself, he moved his right ankle while raising his head. When he saw the liquor on Gu Liheng's face, he frowned. He placed his hands on Gu Liheng's shoulders; Gu Liheng still closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly. Su Ling pushed with some force, so Gu Liheng sat back to his original position, and Su Ling knelt on the sofa on one knee.

Xiào Rui pulled some tissue and handed it to Su Ling. Su Ling glanced at it and took it with his left hand, while his right hand is still resting on Gu Liheng's shoulder. Then he turned to look at Zhao Qi coldly. Regardless of how Zhao Qi reacts, he turned away and stared at Gu Liheng's stiff facial features. Without using the tissue, Su Ling bent to kiss Gu Liheng’s forehead. And he lightly licked away the liquor.

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