For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House

Chapter 40 - First Date with the Social Goddess pt.4 (リア神と初デート④)

“It’s getting dark…”

When I looked up at the sky, the searchlights from the attractions were shining bright, cutting through the darkness of ultramarine night sky.

The visitors' stratum changed at night. Only a few families who came during the day stayed until now. Instead, the number of lovey-dovey couples had increased.

As a proof of that, I could hear the amorous voices of couples in places with little to no passerbys...

Our previous spot was probably where couples usually flirt in this amusement park.

I would like to tell them to think about where they were, but it’s difficult to stop the excitement of young couples.

Most of them didn’t even care if anyone were watching them. Some of the bad guys would even blame the passerby, saying, “What? This is a good spot, so don’t disturb us.”

I wonder if they had completely disregarded the awkwardness they gave to their surroundings…

Love sure was blind…

But then, I could also think that bothering their private time was tactless.

Unfortunately, I had no right to blame them now. I couldn’t deny that it might end up becoming a boomerang. If I saw any couples doing stuff, I should pretend not to see it…

“Are you feeling better?”


“Um, you shouldn’t force yourself, okay? I’ll lend you my lap again if you want.”

Rin tapped her thighs, telling me that I could borrow it anytime.

“It’s fine… My mind can’t take any more than that.”

“Mind… I see. So it’s hard to sleep on my lap. I’m sorry…”

“No, it’s not! Rather, sleeping on your lap is the be… anyway, you don’t have to worry about that. Thank you, really.”

“Then it’s fine…” Rin said, her expression puzzled.

It’s true that her knee pillow was the best. I had no complaints. Rather, I felt guilty that I didn’t pay her.

However, the problem was that she did it to me in that place. Although there was almost no one there, it didn’t mean no one went there.

Naturally, some people passed by us… And when they turned their gaze toward us, they seemed like they wanted to say, “Uwahhh…”

Especially when a mother told her children not to look at us. Those words pierced straight through me.

Well, Rin didn’t seem to care, though…

“By the way, the night parade is going to start soon, so we can’t rest now. I’ve recovered more than enough.”

“But you really shouldn’t push yourself. Even if we can’t see it this time, we can come again here next time.”

“Well, let’s do that if we can’t see the parade.”

Rin smiled at me and clung to my arm. I knew that it couldn’t be helped since there were a lot of people, but… isn’t she a little too sticky?

Music rang in the park, and a vehicle decorated with illuminations appeared in the distance, which we could faintly see from our current position.

“Towa-kun, look! It’s starting!”

Rin pointed her finger at the light and jumped like a child trying to see the parade. It seemed like she couldn’t wait for the parade that gradually approached us.

Fascinated by that unusual gap, I stared at Rin… However, I lightly pinched my cheek and immediately turned my gaze toward the parade.

This amusement park parade was called ‘Light Parade’, very popular with men and women of all ages.

Rumor had it that fans with an annual passport would come to the park every day just for the parade.

As if proving the rumor, the parade that came nearby was so beautiful and fantastic that I wanted to see it again and again.

Dancers and characters lit up with lights of various colors. Each of their movements were polished. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“...It’s beautiful,” Rin muttered with an entranced expression. The Light Parade as the background matched her so much that a picture of this moment would certainly sell.

Since I was staring dazedly at her, I was completely off guard.

People who wanted to see the parade up close forced their way between Rin and me. I almost lost sight of Rin for a moment due to the sudden push.


I reached for Rin, who was about to get swallowed in the crowd. I managed to grab her eyes, but Rin widened her eyes.

“Towa… kun?”

“Ah! Sorry, I reflexively grabbed you…”

I hurriedly released her hand.

I did it now… Even though I did it out of panic, any women would be surprised if a man suddenly grabbed them.

Maybe she didn’t like it.

Since I wasn’t her lover, she should be hating it.

“...Right. It’s getting even more crowded, so let’s go home. Um, I’m really sorry for surprising you just now…”

I turned my back and told Rin so.

I knew I had to look into her eyes when apologizing, but I couldn’t do it.

She had been kind to me in lots of different ways, even if I was basically no one. I didn’t know the reason, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to understand a perfect person’s mind.

That’s why, if I turned around and looked at her… I would notice that she didn’t like me. And that our fun time was finally over.

And I couldn’t bear to see that.

I took a step forward. However, I couldn’t take another step.

A slight weight I felt on my back kept me from going forward.

“Please wait a moment.”

Rin’s clear voice entered my ears, despite the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

I turned my body a bit, and when I looked behind, Rin was holding the hem of my shirt.


“It seems like you are misunderstanding something, so I’ll say this. I don’t hate it. I’m just surprised. Um… I never had a man holding my hands tightly like that…”

“Is that so…”

I quietly stroked my chest, relieved that I wasn’t disliked for the time being.

“Towa-kun, can I ask for something…?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Your hand… It’ll be bad if we lose sight of each other… Can I hold your hand?”

Her voice in the last sentence was so quiet that I almost couldn’t catch it. But she was looking up at me with upturned eyes.

“Well, you’re right… Then, if you’re fine with me…”

“Thank you very much…”

I gently held her outstretched hand. Rin’s hand in mine was more slender and smaller than I had imagined.

“I… I want to come again. To this place.”

“Yeah. That’ll be nice…”

I only stared at the light passing in front of me. Every time it passed one by one, loneliness began to rise. I wished this moment would last forever, but I wouldn’t tell it to anyone.

This is… my only secret.

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