End of World Businessman

Chapter 40.5: Desperate Situation in Qingmin County [5]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 40.5: Desperate Situation in Qingmin County [5]

“Everyone get out of the truck. Immediately. Go to the elevator in the apartment to your one o’clock direction and get to the rooftop at all cost!” Qin Wuhua barked out orders, brooking no argument. He held a gun and a canvas bag filled with ammunition and followed after Wu Ye, who was the first to jump off the truck, to protect him.

Everyone else didn’t question the order as they picked up their guns and ammunition from the truck and followed after the two. This group spontaneously formed a compact team in the form of a sharp spear head. Without caring for the cost or energy, every ability user used their ability while the ordinary members shot their guns and threw out the ammunitions for free; all of them desperately contained the zombies’ tide and struggled to move forward to their target.

The high-storied apartment they targeted was just behind a row of shops. It was less than 50 meters away from them. It was such a short distance, but when they had just reached the stairs at the apartment’s entrance, more than 10 people had been reduced to become zombie’s rations.

Aside from them, some people were scratched and bitten by the zombies to a varying degree. Even Wu Ye was not spared from this fate as he was also scratched by the zombies several times. Fortunately, he had protective clothing on him. Thus, he wasn’t hurt at all. However, if the other injured weren’t vaccinated on time, all of them would have to die.

No one wanted to die. Not if there was a glimmer of hope for their survival. So, they fought on.

After they had entered the high-storied apartment, they didn’t immediately head to the rooftop. Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua decided to restrain the zombies pouring out of the corridor first. Meanwhile, Zhao Qianyu threw some black-colored light balls into the cracks of the security doors, causing the hinges to corrode instantly. Then, Peng Jizun pulled them with bare hands and easily removed the thick iron door, handing them towards the gold team.

The three gold ability users headed by Yang Li Na absorbed the crystal nuclei’s energy while squeezing their own ability out. Withstanding the pain that came from feeling that their meridians were about to burst open, Yang Li Na and the other three gold ability users directed their ability towards several security doors Peng Jizun sent to them. They then synthesized the doors to become a huge iron gate and nailed it to the wall, completely blocking the entrance of the corridor, securing it.

They didn’t stop at that. Every time they would clear up the zombies on every floor. And every two floors, they would block the entrance using a big security door synthesized by the gold team. Through this, Wu Ye didn’t forget to ask everyone to lift the extra security doors upstairs to be used there.

Currently, the only thing to be thankful for was the fact that there were not many zombies in the high-storied apartment Qin Wuhua chose in this crisis.

While Wu Ye and his team were struggling to find a chance of survival in the high-storied apartment; the fourth-level zombie had finished eating up the last of the ability users from Zhou Sheng’s team. Its blind eyes then ‘glanced’ at the direction where Wu Ye and the others disappeared to and hesitated for a moment. Ultimately, it chose to ignore Wu Ye’s side and continued to run after Chen Baoguan’s fleet.

Unfortunately, there were too many zombies in the street, which seriously hampered the fourth-level zombie’s speed and movement. So, it cried out impatiently. Hearing the strange cry coming from the fourth-level zombie, all other zombies immediately parted into two, spontaneously making a road for it to tread. Like Moses giving way to the Red Sea. Thus, the fourth-level zombie that looked like a mountain of flesh strode forward and ran again.

This absolutely horrific sight was something the zombie hunters had never seen before. The giant zombie could command other zombies!

It was the end. This was the real end of mankind!

Once more, the screams echoed down the street as another truck filled with people fell into an endless hell. To buy them more time, they threw Luo Yang’s body away from the car. Alas, the giant zombie only took a bite off his lukewarm body before throwing the rest to the zombies’ tide. And in a fraction of a second, Luo Yang was completely eaten and turned into a pile of headless bones without burial ground.

“Young Master Wu, be careful!” Peng Zijun warned as he tugged Wu Ye hard, allowing him to avoid a third-level zombie that suddenly leapt out of the vents. However, in exchange of saving Wu Ye, Peng Zijun’s hand was scratched by that third-level zombie, leaving a long wound on his hand. At this time, Qin Wuhua had directly shot the third-level zombie in its head, instantly killing it with one hit.

“Are you alright?” Qin Wuhua asked with an anxious expression.

Wu Ye shook his head, indicating he was fine and turned to Peng Zijun to check his condition. However, without waiting for him to speak, Peng Zijun smiled miserably and said, “Young Master Wu doesn’t need to worry about me. That third-level zombie scratched me just now, so I’m most assuredly going to die soon. All I asked of Young Master Wu now is just one thing... If you can get out of this alive, please take care of my sister for me.”

Several other zombie hunters, who got scratched by the zombies and were still trying to clean up the zombies in this corridor, also looked at Wu Ye. Their eyes contained the same pleas as Peng Jizun’s eyes.

Yes, it was pure begging. It was the most helpless and sorrowful plea in the face of death that Wu Ye had ever witnessed.

Seeing this sight, Wu Ye felt a mixed feeling bubbling forth from the bottom of his heart. To be honest, he had been in this apocalyptic world for more than two months, and he should have been used to seeing death. However, the number of people who died in front of him in battle in the past two months wasn’t as many as that of the number of deaths today.

These were all living people, with their own dreams, goals, and wishes. All fighting for their survival.

Just yesterday, Zhou Sheng had called him ‘brother’ and stood together with him as one united front against the other two groups. But today he died without being able to resist for more than a dozen breaths. His group that consisted of 100 zombie hunters and more than dozen zombie hunters that was at the same level as Wu Ye was also annihilated alongside him.

The endless amount of blood that was spilled converged and formed a heavy hammer that pounded on Wu Ye’s conscience and heart.

Wu Ye could no longer deceive himself. What he was experiencing right now was not a thrilling holographic zombie game, but a real apocalypse. The people who had died or would die in the future were not an insignificant NPC, but people with real flesh-and-blood. They had their own life and their own family. And once they died, there was no resurrection stone or resurrection button to save them.

Death is death. There is no going back from it.

People were really a strange animal. If the dead person had nothing to do with them, they could be indifferent to their death. They could even talk about the life of the dead person as if nothing had happened. But once they had a relationship with the dead person in question, even if it was just a nodding acquaintance, they would be affected by their death; whether it was good or not.

And right now, to Wu Ye, the people who were about to die or were already dead were all his comrades-in-arms who fought side-by-side with him. Although they had gathered because they had a common interest and had died because of wealth like birds died for food, they were still his comrades-in-arms.

Purely from the perspective of employee and employer, this was an unexpected incident. In no way was this Wu Ye’s fault or responsibility. After all, he had done his best to escape with everyone, trying his best not to let them die. Thus, he thought he didn’t owe them anything.

However, when he saw them dying while he was standing by despite clearly having the vaccines to save them, his mood became more complicated than ever.
Behind these complicated thoughts, Wu Ye was vaguely aware of something that caused his current mood. Responsibility and the weight of it.

But Wu Ye didn’t have much time to contemplate or clear his mind. So, he spoke with a deep voice. “It’s entirely too f*cking early to speak of such demoralizing stuff. Who says you will die? Hurry up and toughen your face up for lao zi. Let’s go to the rooftop and arrange everything before the giant zombie comes after us.”

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