End of World Businessman

Chapter 40.4: Desperate Situation in Qingmin County [4]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 40.4: Desperate Situation in Qingmin County [4]

“Zhou Sheng’s team has been wiped out! Everyone, stay vigilant!” Qin Wuhua spoke, voice cold. However, this time, his cold tone was unable to hide his anxiety. It was obvious to everyone there that this new zombie was higher than the third-level zombies they had hunted before. This one was far more powerful! And what was more frightening was the fact that it seemed to only be interested in eating ability users.

Currently, it has already caught up with Zhou Sheng’s last pick-up truck. From what they had seen so far, Qin Wuhua estimated the people there would at most only be able to hold on for five minutes. No more than that. Once it was done with it, then their group would become its next target!

However, at this time, the nameless alley was already swarmed by the zombies. Thus, it was unpassable. Knowing this, Xu Yan decisively made up his mind and chose to take a detour. His group decided to leave the county from Xia Nan Road that was located at the end of Cao Nan Street.

Unfortunately, while this road was much wider than the nameless alley, there were also too many zombies on the street. Not only that, there were also countless obstacles on this section of the road, making it impossible to move forward at all.

Meanwhile, Chen Baoguan’s truck fleet was right in front of Wu Ye. And once Wu Ye was overtaken, he would be the next one to suffer.

Thus, after thinking for a moment, Chen Baoguan picked up his walkie-talkie and ordered one of his men nearest to Wu Ye’s group: “Luo Yang, blow up their tires. Now!”

Luo Yang happened to be in the last pick-up truck of Chen Baoguan’s fleet. Seeing the giant zombie was about to catch up with his group, he felt very anxious. Hearing Chen Baoguan’s order, many thoughts crossed his mind in that instant.

He hadn’t forgotten that Wu Ye had taunted Zhang Ling at that time. Nor did he forget his hatred. Because of Wu Ye’s ridicule along with Yang Li Na and Yang Qi’s departure from his team, their incomes were not as good as before. So, because of that, they had to join up with other forces.

And in this force, he had no allies. Zhao Jiang Guo had long died during the mission while Zhang Ling had abandoned him, choosing to hug Chen Baoguan’s thigh and become one of his women. She also drew a clear line with him, severing their ties completely.

Although he was a magnificent intermediate level second-order wind ability user, his life was no better than a dog’s life under Chen Baoguan’s rule. And whenever he saw Zhang Ling fawning over Chen Baoguan, he hated to the point his teeth itched.

He hated Zhang Ling who left him. He hated Zhao Jiang Guo who had almost dragged him to death with him. He hated Yang Li Na, his former fiancee, and Yang Qi, that heartless man. However, the people he hated the most were Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua.

Not for the first time, he wondered to himself. If it wasn’t for that mission, would everything be different? All five of them were ability users. If they wanted to, a large number of zombie hunters who would be willing to form a team with them. Then, maybe they could win one of the tax-free stores and not live like this.

However, this imagination was all for naught because at the end of that mission, his group had split into two.

How many times have I woken up in the middle of the night, dreaming of that?! Luo Yang hated Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua so much that he felt his heart was immersed in poisonous water.

As such, with heart filled with twisted pleasure, he eagerly complied with Chen Baoguan’s order. He crawled to the back of the truck with his sniper rifle in his hand. Without hesitation, he aimed at Wu Ye’s truck and shot. The moment the bullet exited its chamber, a formidable ability attached itself to the bullet. And then, the bronze warhead flexibly flitted through the zombies’ wave to reach its target.

With a ‘BANG’, the truck behind him lost control and drifted uncontrollably as it was nearly overturned. Seeing this sight, Luo Yang finally laughed, satisfaction practically radiating from the bottom of his heart.

It feels good to kill four enemies with one shot.

At this time, the sound of Chen Baoguan’s clammy laughter came from Wu Ye’s earplug that was connected to the walkie-talkie. “Wu Ye, if you want to live, you should try to kill that giant zombie. Hahaha, I doubt you can, though. What a pity… originally, I was looking for a chance to taste you, but now…”

“Chen Baoguan, scr*w your mom! You son of a b*tch! You just wait for lao zi, see how lao zi will settle this grudge!” Wu Ye flew into a rage as he hurled insults and threats. However, the fury within his heart didn’t dissipate at all. And right now, all he wanted to do was to go up their truck and tear Chen Baoguan and Luo Yang, who had coldly fired the rifle, into pieces

Luo Yang stood at the back of the pick-up truck, smiling complacently as he savoured the feeling of revenge. But suddenly, a thick steel needle condensed out of thin air and flew at him, directly piercing his throat. And before he completely lost his consciousness, the last thing he saw was Yang Li Na’s cold face staring at him with bone-chilling coldness.

Unlike Wu Ye, Qin Wuhua had calmed himself in the shortest possible time. He then looked around in an attempt to find a way out. When he saw an office building with more than 20 floors high not far away from their current location, his eyes brightened.

He called out to Qian Xin and gestured to him. Qian Xin saw the two gestures and nodded his head, understanding his chief’s intention. Qian Xin took out more than ten grenades and threw it out at the fastest speed he could, blowing up a bloody road in the middle of zombies’ tide.

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