Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 40 - 2: Spirit Refining Array

The array drawn on the wall glowed red again, the absorption speed was even faster than the previous time.

“Come on, you should calm down, the Soul Refining Array has been activated again.” Chen Yu reminded.

Xiang Nan was startled, he glanced at Chen Yu as the aura around him slowly receded. Chen Yu walked to the alley past the two ghosts, right up to the wall where the array was drawn, and slowly squatted down.

Chen Yu raised her hand and touched the cinnabar drawn pattern lines, there were traces of faint aura around it and it was clear that it had indeed been activated just now. When Chen Yu first discovered this Soul Refining Array, she thought that there’s a celestial master who had deep hatred towards the female ghost and spent such great effort to clean her up, but now, it seemed the ghost the other party wanted to refine was obviously this young man with an exceedingly formidable cultivation.

“What the heck are you looking at?” Xiang Nan hated all Celestial Masters.

“How long have you been dead?” Chen Yu asked out of nowhere.

“It has nothing to do with you!” Xiang Nan roared with an unkind expression.

It was the first time for Chen Yu to be spoken fiercely by a ghost that her temper suddenly flared up, “Forget it, then!”

Chen Yu patted her hands a few times and stood up, turned around and walked out of the alley. When passing by the female ghost, she said, “I opened the Spirit Gate for you, you’re the one who messed it up yourself, so it’s even between us.”

“Celestial Master Chen.” The female ghost wanted to say something, but she didn’t know what to say.

“Ah, that’s right.” Chen Yu thought a bit and reminded her, “You and that kid, move farther away from that alley, be careful of being affected.”

“Celestial Master, can you help us erase the Soul Refining Array?” Seeing that Chen Yu was about to leave, the female ghost became anxious and floated to Chen Yu to beg.

“Erase it? Are you treating it as a chalk drawing that you can wipe whenever you want, ah?” Chen Yu was almost speechless.

Soul Refining Array was a medium for a Celestial Master to subdue ghosts. When a Celestial Master encounters a ghost with a high cultivation level that’s unwilling to reincarnate, they can make a contract with the ghost to restrict it from harming others while at the same time serving under them. The ghosts who work for a Celestial Master won’t be chased or killed by other Celestial Masters.

This kind of contract was relatively equal with both the Celestial Master and evil ghost receiving mutual benefits, but a Soul Refining Array was different as it was one-sided. Once the Soul Refining Array was drawn successfully, no matter whether the evil spirit was willing or not, they must obey the Celestial Master, and once their soul was completely refined, the evil spirit would forever lose the qualification to reincarnate.

When the Celestial Master who subdued him returned to the Underworld [dead], if no one took over the Celestial Master’s role within 49 days, the ghost’s soul would scatter and perish from existence.

Chen Yu nor the old man ever made any contract with an evil spirit. According to the old man’s words, most evil spirits are surrounded by resentment, regardless of their character during their lifetime, after death, the evil spirit’s temperament would be affected by resentment and become perverse and cruel. It’s much better just to properly cultivate oneself through austerities than making any contract with an evil spirit.

Although ghosts refined by Soul Refining Arrays had no such problems, Chen Yu never thought of doing that even once. Even when she came to Imperial Capital and found that exorcising ghosts could make a lot of money, this thought never passed her mind.

Whether it’s a person or a ghost, they’re both individuals with their own thinking and feeling. Growing up as a student from a famous university in the new society, Chen Yu really couldn’t do such an evil act as if she was signing a slave contract. Moreover, once she did soul refining, she had to find a ritual instrument to house the ghost. As long as Chen Yu thought she would be accompanied by a ghost who truly hated her to death every day and every second of her life, Chen Yu felt her stomach churn in revolt.

“Celestial Master Chen, you’re also a Celestial Master, you must have a way, right?” The female ghost begged.

Chen Yu showed signs of hesitation. In the spiritual world, Spirit Refining Array was something that everyone tacitly approved of, after all, the objects to be refined were extremely hostile spirits. Most of these ghosts have killed people, so they didn’t warrant sympathy even if they’re refined to nothingness. Furthermore, to be able to refine a soul is the Celestial Master’s own capability.

“I can’t destroy the array, it’s tantamount to provoking the Celestial Master who drew it.” Chen Yu said.

“But… but that Celestial Master is a bad person, ah.” The female ghost hastily said.

“From the perspective of living human beings, the Celestial Master is exorcising an evil spirit, thus doing a good deed.” Chen Yu continued.


“Don’t beg her!” The female ghost wanted to say something more, but Xiang Nan suddenly walked over and pulled her back. He looked at Chen Yu and said with a cold expression, “You can go.”

“Xiang Nan, don’t do this.” The female ghost tried to break away from Xiang Nan’s restraint, but she couldn’t do it no matter what. She tried to call Chen Yu again, but Chen Yu had walked out of the alley without looking back.

Because Chen Yu had left, the female ghost almost cried, “Xiang Nan, what are you going to do then?”

“No need for you to worry about it!” Xiang Nan’s expression was still cold.

“I don’t need to worry? All right, I won’t care about you, but what about Xiaokang?” The female ghost asked.

Xiang Nan’s eyes flashed and the condensed coldness on his face loosened. He looked at the little boy standing by obediently, gritted his teeth and said, “You’ll leave here with Xiaokang tomorrow.”

“Brother, I won’t go!” When Xiaokang heard that Xiang Nan was going to let him leave again, he immediately rushed over and hugged Xiang Nan’s long legs.

“Where can we go?” The female ghost said desperately, “Sending Xiaokang to reincarnate is the only way, but now Xiaokang can’t even go to the Underworld, even if he leaves this alley, that person will still chase after him.”

“I won’t let him chase you.” Xiang Nan gritted his teeth determinedly.

“You won’t let him chase us? Although you’re great, you can’t leave this alley.” The female ghost said, “That person will threaten you with Xiaokang because you can’t leave. You can’t kill him; you can only let him refine your soul!”

“At any rate, I have waited in this alley long enough, even if I’m being refined by him, at worst I’ll perish along with him.” Xiang Nan said coldly.

“Are you willing? If you’re okay with your soul being scattered, then why did you cultivate so hard for so many years?” the female ghost asked.

“Anyway, I don’t need you to worry about it!” Xiang Nan shouted impatiently.

“Then I won’t care whether you die or not, this old lady sees you’re good looking, that’s all.” The female ghost was also furious at Xiang Nan, she turned around and ran out of the alley.

“Brother Xiang Nan, Sister Weiwei is angry.” Xiaokang raised his head and said in a small voice.

“It’s okay, she will be back soon.” Xiang Nan knelt down and said to the little boy, “When she comes back, you will leave with her.”

“I don’t want to go; I want to stay with Brother.” Xiaokang shook his head desperately.

“Listen to me!” Xiang Nan suddenly loudly berated so Xiaokang lowered his head, not daring to speak anymore.

The compass used up a lot of spiritual energy when it opened the Spirit Gate. Maybe because there’s a place with ample spiritual energy like the Lou family’s small courtyard, the compass became so delicate that once its spiritual energy was low, it would buzz and make noises demanding to go to the Lou family’s small courtyard and replenish its energy. Chen Yu was preparing for finals and she became very irritable when she was studying. She originally planned on not going home before the finals were over, but she was so annoyed by the compass’ crying that she was forced to gather all of her textbooks and take over Lou Ming’s study room.

Lou Ming looked at the textbooks Chen Yu brought over, English, math, computer science, philosophy… Lou Min seriously suspected she had moved all the freshman subjects to his place.

“Why do you have to review so much?” Lou Ming couldn’t help asking.

“I was busy making money in the second half of the semester so I didn’t have any time to study.” In order to upgrade her account as soon as possible, Chen Yu kept going out at night to exorcise ghosts, it’s no wonder she slept in class during the day.

Making money? Lou Ming couldn’t help frowning and reminding her, “Imperial University has a drop-out system if you fail.”

“I know, Third Brother, don’t worry, I will definitely not drop out.” Chen Yu said as she took a slice of orange from the fruit place next to her and complained, “Third Brother, how come your heat is set so high? I’m sweating like crazy.”

“You’re feeling hot? Let’s turn on the air conditioning.” Lou Ming said, his hand was about to get remote control.

“Why should we turn on the air conditioner? Just open the window, ah.” Chen Yu said.

Lou Ming chuckled, he turned around, walked to the window and opened it. A gust of cold wind blew in as soon as the window was open. Lou Ming’s body shivered uncontrollably and he quickly supported himself on the windowsill so he could stabilize himself. Isn’t there a few days left before winter solstice? Why is it so cold today? Lou Ming took two deep breaths, and after adapting to the cold, he turned around and walked away, pretending to be nonchalant, “I’m going out, review your lessons properly.”

“En, thanks Third Brother. Ah, right, Third Brother, I want to eat boiled fish tonight.” Chen Yu said to Lou Ming who was at the door.

“Okay.” Without looking back, Lou Ming reached out and closed the study’s door.

Cheng Peng had brought up the tea when he saw Lou Ming leaning against the door with his head lowered. He was shocked to see this so he put the tea cups on the floor and quickly ran towards Lou Ming, “Third Young Master.”

Lou Ming raised his head slightly, a layer of white frost formed on his eyebrows.

Cheng Peng knew what was going on as soon as he saw the frost, so he dared not delay and immediately supported the almost frozen Lou Ming back to his room. He covered Lou Ming with a thick quilt, turned on three high-powered electric heaters in front of the bed, and poured out several cups of hot water for Lou Ming to drink before Lou Ming’s complexion eased somewhat.

“Did you open the window?” Although Cheng Peng asked a question, he’s already sure of the answer.

“I’m fine.” Lou Ming said nonchalantly.

“You clearly know that you can’t have cold air blowing on you in winter.” Cheng Peng said anxiously.

“I thought there’d be no problem today.” Lou Ming said.

“You obviously know the winter solstice is coming soon, was it Miss Chen Yu?” Actually, he didn’t need Third Young Master to answer because he knew the answer himself.

“She doesn’t know.” Lou Ming defended her.

“Then I’ll go tell her that she can’t open the window here in the winter.” Cheng Peng was about to leave after he said this.

“Come back here!” Lou Ming’s face suddenly became heavy.

Cheng Peng gritted his teeth, but he still stopped in the end.

“I’ll tell her myself; you’re not allowed to go.” If you tell her now, then she will surely guess his condition.

The evil spirit in Lou Ming’s body was most active in spring and quietest in winter, but there’s a hidden danger in the winter. If the evil energy was affected by the cold winter air, his whole body would freeze from within. Master Mao still couldn’t figure out the reason after studying it for a long time, the only conclusion he could come up with was the evil spirit inside him would sleep if Lou Ming was exposed to cold winter air, and it would return to normal once the winter solstice ended.

“Then, please rest well, I’ll leave first.” Cheng Peng couldn’t keep on insisting after he heard Lou Ming say this.

“By the way, prepare boiled fish for dinner.” Lou Ming suddenly said.

Cheng Peng’s facial expression that just calmed down began twitching, Third Young Master never ordered any food, this boiled fish must have been prepared for the fish in the study room. [T/N: lol, Chen Yu’s Yu means ‘fish’]

On the other side, the seriously studying Chen Yu suddenly received news from the old man.

I’m Big Account: ‘You’re right, if the Expelling Talisman burned a yellow flame, it proves the ghost is being refined. Refining spirits is quite rare these days, where did you see it?’

A few days ago, Chen Yu saw when the advanced Expelling Talisman met Xiang Nan’s hostile aura, it turned into a yellow flame and she guessed that Xiang Nan was a ghost that’s being refined, so she couldn’t help asking the old man to verify this.

I Want to Fix Road: ‘So it’s indeed Soul Refining, but it’s clearly only one evil spirit ah.’

I’m Big Account: ‘Baka, can’t an evil spirit cultivate anymore? If an evil spirit with a high cultivation base succeeds in cultivating, then they may even become ghost kings. If they do good deeds several times, then maybe they can pass off as Underworld’s messenger, oh.’ [T/N: not sure with this translation]

Chen Yu was half dead with anger, she wanted to verbally attack the old man but didn’t know how to do it. She was so angry she wanted to smash things, ah, when she was looking for something to smash, she saw Lou Ming’s picture on the desk. She returned to her senses in the twinkling of an eye and quickly asked, ‘Old man, how long will you be on? I have something to ask you.’

I’m Big Account: ‘I saw your message, what’s the matter? Say it here, I haven’t bought a mobile phone yet, oh.’

I Want to Fix Road: ‘Go lie to dead people!’

I’m Big Account: ‘Ask now if you want to ask, if you don’t ask then I’ll hang up.’

Chen Yu saw the old man was so blunt and rude that she had to repeatedly rap the table and take a deep breath several times before she asked, ‘I met a man, the evil spirit in his body is even worse than a zombie, old man, do you know what’s going on?’

I’m Big Account: ‘The evil spirit in a person’s body is even worse than a zombie?’

I Want to Fix Road: ‘Yes.’

I’m Big Account: ‘Quick, be buddy-buddy with him, let him provide you with energy to draw talismans.’

Chen Yu was stifled: ‘Old man!!!!!’

I’m Big Account: ‘Although I’ve seen my share of people with evil spirits, but I have never seen such a heavy one, ah. Actually, I’m quite curious about how he survived until now, a murder weapon like him, those old codgers in the spiritual world would have disposed of him before he grows up, ah.’

Dispose !!

Chen Yu thought this word was simply too harsh: ‘Can you do something about it?’

I’m Big Account: ‘No!’

I Want to Fix Road: ‘Aren’t you amazingly good?’

I’m Big Account: ‘Although Grandpa is glad you adore me so much, but this grandpa is also a mortal, ah.’

Chen Yu was so angry she wanted to smash her phone: ‘Then, come to Imperial City, come see this person yourself and make a judgement.’

I’m Big Account: ‘Neither relative nor friend, why should I run so far for nothing, ah?’

Chen Yu pressed her fingers quickly: ‘He’s my friend.’

I’m Big Account: ‘Still not a boyfriend!’

I’m Big Account: ‘I’m off!’

Chen Yu saw the profile picture had turned gray, then her angry shouts could be heard from the study, “Dead old man! If you have the ability, better not let me see you for the rest of your life!”

Author’s NOTE:

After talking with Xi Shi, Old Wu continued his game and strolled to an instance door with his shiny, glittering, splendid gold equipment.

Mao Mao: Brother, take me pleaseee~<3

Old Wu: Call me grandpa!

Young girls nowadays are so unrestrained, they wouldn’t even let an old man off.


I’m wheezing~ (≧▽≦)

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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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