Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 40 - 1: Spirit Refining Array

In fact, when the female ghost led the little boy out of the alley, Chen Yu already guessed the female ghost probably wanted to take this opportunity to get the little boy to reincarnate too. Although Chen Yu already guessed this, she didn’t stop them. After all, transcending one ghost or two ghosts was the same as she only had to open the Spirit Gate once, so she opened one eye and closed another about this matter.

But what she didn’t expect was that the Spirit Gate would reject the little boy.

Chen Yu felt the female ghost’s yin aura when she opened the Spirit Gate; this proved the gate recognized the female ghost, thus when the light rebounded, the only explanation could only be the little boy who was ‘smuggled in’ was the one who wasn’t recognized by Underworld.

“What did you do?!” Following a loud roar, Chen Yu felt a vicious hostility attacking from her side. Chen Yu drew sideways and raised her hand to send an advanced-level Expelling Talisman.

The advanced-level Expelling Talisman stopped in front of the teenager, and burned after shaking twice, its yellow flame was particularly eye-catching in the dark of the night.

“Yellow?” Chen Yu raised her head as she gazed at the teenager to probe deeper.

Xiang Nan gave Chen Yu a deathly stare, his dark and beautiful eyes glowed with scarlet light as they alternated between black and a bloody red color. This was the changing between a ghost’s reason and resentment, if he loses his mind completely, then his evil aura will take over.

For a few seconds, Chen Yu observed the teenager who was standing in the alley, and as if she discovered something, she suddenly turned and walked towards the female pervert and the little boy.

“What are you doing!!” Xiang Nan watched Chen Yu’s action; his eyes turned completely red while a huge hostile aura rose into the sky.

“Brother Xiangnan!” The little boy called out in worry.

“Xiangnan!” The female ghost also shouted anxiously.

With the sudden appearance of so much hostility, the array on the wall suddenly emitted a faint red light, and slowly absorbed the hostile aura.

Chen Yu walked up to the female pervert and little boy, the female ghost blocked the little boy behind her and stammered nervously, “Little… Celestial Master Chen, I’m… I’m sorry… I, I didn’t mean to deceive you.”

The female ghost didn’t dare call Chen Yu Little Celestial Master at this moment.

“If you dare touch them, I won’t let you go even if my soul disperses.” Xiangnan threatened harshly behind her, but he didn’t leave the alley.

Chen Yu turned around and looked at the teenager’s unmoving position, confirming her guess, “You can’t get out from there.”

As soon as Chen Yu’s voice fell, the three ghosts present were all startled.

“That’s right!” When Xiangnan saw that Chen Yu found out, he no longer concealed it, “But if you dare to hurt them, I will…”

“You won’t let me go even if your soul disperses, you said that already.” Chen Yu repeated.

“…” Xiangnan was choked by Chen Yu’s words, his expression turned ugly.

Afraid of inciting conflict between the two again, the female ghost quickly explained, “Celestial Master Chen, you promised to help me transcend once, transcending Xiaokang is just the same. I won’t reincarnate, can you give this chance to Xiaokang?”

Chen Yu’s gaze slid back and forth between the female ghost and little boy before resting on the female ghost, “Do you think I didn’t let him reincarnate?”

The female ghost didn’t speak, but her expression clearly said she thought so.

“Do you know how much spiritual power it takes to open the Spirit Gate?” Chen Yu asked.

“I don’t know.” The female ghost shook her head innocently, she’s not a celestial master, ah.

“…” Chen Yu became stiff as she felt she asked a silly question, she pondered a bit and took out her phone to explain, “Take this phone for example, if my spiritual power is 100% battery, then when I open Spirit Gate once, it will consume 50% of the power, furthermore I need to spend 5% more to purify your resentment.”

“I have used up 50% of my battery, do you think I’d close the Spirit Gate just because you bought an extra kid?” Chen Yu said speechlessly.

“Then… why was that…?” After the golden burst, the Spirit Gate suddenly closed shut, so the female ghost thought Chen Yu was the one who closed it.

“Because of this kid?” Chen Yu pointed to the little boy and said, “The Underworld won’t accept him.”

“The Underworld won’t accept him? What does it mean ‘won’t accept’?” the female ghost asked full of confusion.

“It means you can’t transcend, you can’t reincarnate.” Chen Yu explained in a simple way.

“Impossible!” The female ghost shouted in agitation as she pulled the little boy closer, “Celestial Master, ah, look at Xiaokang, he has no resentment, he has not harmed anyone, has not done anything wrong, why can’t he reincarnate? Why won't the Underworld receive him? Isn’t it just evil spirits that have harmed people that are unable to reincarnate? Why Xiaokang?”

Chen Yu naturally can see the problem pointed out by the female ghost, the little boy’s aura was very clean, a clean soul without a thread of injustice would be given preferential treatment when they reincarnate in Underworld. It’s precisely for this reason that Chen Yu was willing to push the boat along the river and send the little boy off along with the female ghost, but she hadn’t expected this situation to occur.

“Sister Celestial Master, did Xiaokang do something wrong?” The little boy raised his head, looking at Chen Yu with watery eyes and asked faintly.

“I also don’t know.” Chen Yu felt uncomfortable as she was dazzled by the boy’s clean eyes, she shook her head and said, “But the Spirit Gate closed automatically, it really means that it won’t accept you.”

“Oh.” Xiaokang nodded, he let go of the female ghost’s hand, ran towards the alley and grabbed the teenager’s hand and said, “Brother Xiangnan, since the Underworld doesn’t want Xiaokang, then Xiaokang will stay here to accompany you.”

“No!” Xiangnan felt that Chen Yu wouldn’t harm them, so his violent aura calmed down. However, this time when he heard Xiaokang’s words, the violent aura started to go awry again.

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