End of World Businessman

Chapter 40.1: Desperate Situation in Qingmin County [1]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 40.1: Desperate Situation in Qingmin County [1]

In the wake of bloody scent on the hunter teams’ bodies, the zombies on both sides of the old buildings continued to jump down like dumplings. And since the buildings there weren’t higher than five floors in the unnamed alley, the zombies’ movement were not impeded in the slightest. After all, unless they landed on their heads, jumping from that height wouldn’t affect their mobility at all. Therefore, they either landed directly on the vehicles or landed on the ground before frantically chasing after the convoy.

The nameless alley, which was originally deserted when they arrived, was suddenly filled with zombies in the blink of an eye.

The space was filled with sounds of zombies’ blood-curdling screech intertwined with sounds of gunshots.

And in that short alley, Wu Ye’s big vehicle drove on for three minutes.

Yang Li Na and the other two gold ability users reacted very quickly. When the first zombie landed on the ground like dumplings thrown to the pot, they turned the two tons of steel on the vehicle into two rows of staggered steel halberds attached. When they reached the end of the alley, half of the originally cold and pristine blade had zombies brandishing their fangs and claws stuck on it.

Most of the zombies had been blocked by the three-meter long steel halberds. Some of them fell outside the vehicle, and some of them were stuck between the gaps of the two steel halberds. In addition, there was a half-meter long sharp steel blade on the periphery of the truck. With both combined, zombies were unable to get close, allowing the zombie hunters the maximum time and space to fight back.

Diving through this nameless alley, only Wu Ye and Zhou Sheng, who prepared themselves and their group, had no casualties. However, the other two groups were different.

Xu Yanyu was an extremely strict leader. Thus, after the accident, he managed to control the situation on his end within a few seconds and reacted actively. So, only six people were injured on his side.

Meanwhile, there were many lunatics on Chen Baoguan’s side. And since he usually didn’t feel anything for them or anyone, he directly killed those who didn’t listen to his command. Therefore, in just a few minutes of time, more than 20 people in his group were either killed or injured.

“Fatty Zhou, when we get back, I’ll settle this account with you!” Chen Baoguan viciously said through the walkie-talkie, his bright red eyes overflowing with crazy and twisted killing intent.

Zhou Sheng didn’t fall for his trick as he confidently spoke. “Calculate account my *ss! It was your people who didn’t listen to order! It’s none of laozi’s business that they’re brainless! It’s already good that laozi hasn’t blamed you for your people’s mistake! All units listen up! Listen, we’ve entered Cao Nan Street. Please act swiftly and keep to your own respective area! I expect you guys to be ready to retreat in 15 minutes!”

After Zhou Sheng finished speaking, he immediately put down the walkie talkie, not caring to listen to what other people thought about his order. He then immediately sent his elite team members to Yu Xi Street, heading straight for the armored car he had been thinking about.

Wu Ye knew that Zhou Sheng’s purpose in arranging this trip wasn’t simple. However, he couldn’t figure out what Zhou Sheng was planning to ‘eat’ alone, so he just put the thought aside and ignored it. He couldn’t control people’s feet after all.

As such, Wu Ye’s group just drove on. When he saw a small supermarket in his area, he directly asked Yang Qi to reverse the truck. The truck easily broke the glass window on the supermarket’s side and stuck its rear into the supermarket.

Then, Wu Ye immediately ordered for the rear’s panel door to be opened. Then, he had ten ordinary zombie hunters to enter the supermarket. Five of them would be responsible for moving the goods and the other five would be responsible for killing zombies. Fortunately, the cooperation between the 10 people was quite tacit, so everything went smoothly.

Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua each had a heavy machine gun on their hand. Both of them had two purposes. The two of them tacitly understood that if it was needed, they would throw out their combined skill while shooting the threat wildly with the machine guns. With only the two of them alone, they were responsible for holding back the zombies on the left side of the truck.

Meanwhile, the right side of the truck was left to Qian Xin and Yang Li Na to guard. Qian Xin used a sniper rifle to complement his wind ability and managed to continuously hunt the third-level zombies hiding amongst the herd. Yang Li Na used a heavy machine gun to complement her gold ability and caused a terrible metal frenzy to hold down the lower-level zombies.

Seeing this sight, the other zombie hunters tacitly cooperated with each other and made use of the available spaces and started hunting as well. If one saw this sight, people would be stupefied. After all, who would believe that a new temporary team was no worse than the other three fixed teams that had cooperated for a long time!

While the others were busy with their respective tasks, Ji Yun was also busy with his task. He wholeheartedly manipulated the Craniotomy Robot in and out of the barrage of bullets to collect the crystals nuclei. Because of it, the speed of collecting the crystals nuclei was astonishingly fast.

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