After Rebirth, the Scum All Cry for Forgiveness

Chapter 4 - She wants to go to Tsinghua University!

Why does the original owner not get along well with her classmates in Class 19? Actually, it wasn’t just because of her accent when speaking in English.

Class 19 was a very low-standard class. The people in it were either from wealthy families that donated money to the school to buy their way in, or students who specialized in sports, literature and arts, and did not do well in the general knowledge courses. All in all, they were all wealthy people who aimlessly drifted along, and only a few did well. What would such students compare in the class? Of course, it was whoever flew to more countries, whoever was going to inherit more family properties, and who wore the most fashionable brands!

How could Zhong Youyou, who came from the countryside, appeared unsophiscated, and had a thick accent, not be out of place in such a class?

There was another very important reason: almost no one in the school knew that Zhong Youyou was also the biological child of the Zhong family. They only knew that the city's wealthy Zhong family had a pair of siblings; Zhong Shixuan and Zhong Xiyou.

After the Zhong family picked up Zhong Youyou three years ago, they didn't even hold a banquet and introduce this Second Young Miss to the people in the circle. Why? Naturally, it was because they were afraid that it would affect the status of their darling daughter, Meng Shixuan. Everyone knows that Mother Zhong was only pregnant with two children, only two. If Zhong Youyou was actually her legitimate blood-related daughter, then what would Meng Shixuan be? Could she be a pheasant that has no blood relationship with the Zhong family?

How could Mother Zhong want Meng Shixuan to even be the least bit aggrieved? Therefore, for the past three years, Zhong Youyou had been introduced as a distant relative of the Zhong family.

What ‘distant relative’, if she really was a distant relative, how could she look so much like Zhong Xiyou? Because of this, there were many rumors circulating in the public that Zhong Youyou was the illegitimate daughter of Father Zhong. From the moment this rumor started, the servants in the villa who heard about it gave Zhong Youyou more scornful glances.

Actually, this situation was also pretty funny. The biological daughter of the family was discovered and brought home, but was refused her rightful status...…

Zhong Youyou felt aggrieved for the original owner when she thought of this. The enthusiasm to study that popped up earlier suddenly diminished a little. She sluggishly dragged her feet and stood outside the classroom. After the class was over, she opened the back door and went in.

At this time, the classroom was noisy and a group of weak students were running rampant, just like the scene of a car accident, there was chaos everywhere. The last two rows of decks were surrounded by seven to eight Shamate who were playing games. They didn't seem to be much taller than the group of gangsters from the vocational high school who played with Zhong Youyou.

The sight that she saw gave Zhong Youyou some eye pain when she walked in. She carried her school bag and strode towards her seat.

The back was cramped with seven to eight crooked seats, and her school bag accidentally scraped off the jacket that hung on the seat of a tall boy. The boy got angry and threw his phone: "Fck, I died again! Who was it that didn’t look where they were going?! Why’d you have to pass behind me?" He turned his head in a rage, but was immediately taken aback.

"Who are you? Did you come to the wrong class?"

"No." Zhong Youyou glanced at him. This boy had long legs and was handsome. The key was his impressive aura. In the original text, this Supporting Female character didn’t have many scenes, let alone a classmate of hers. She couldn't remember what he was called, so she apologized, picked up his jacket, returned to her seat and put down her school bag.

Shi Yimeng was stunned and speechless for a long time.

Because of his exclaims, some classmates looked towards Zhong Youyou one after another, and even a few game-playing group members looked over. They all felt as if they were suddenly struck by lightning as a silence befell the classroom, with the only sound being the shocked crowd drawing their breaths all at the same time. The noise quickly disappeared like a tide in the sunrise.

"Brother Shi, beauty? Since when is there such a person in the class? Transfer student?" The person next to Shi Yimeng was completely bewildered and elbowed him frantically. Only then did he slowly come back to his senses. He still couldn’t hide his shocked expression: "Fck, what ‘transfer student’, it’s Zhong Youyou."

This extraordinary beauty walked to Zhong Youyou's place. The people in Class 19 would’ve almost thought she was Zhong Youyou's relative or something. But then, if you looked closely at the contours of the eyebrows, they were exactly the same as those of Zhong Youyou’s. The same Zhong Youyou who previously had thick makeup and colourful hair.

They finally reacted.

"Fck, is that fcking Zhong Youyou?"

"Zhong Youyou? Why are you suddenly, suddenly......" Each one of them was simply rendered speechless. This was almost the same as the shock and surprise upon seeing the face of a fairy after a ghost removed her makeup.

The classroom became noisy again, but the cause for it has changed.

Previously, Zhong Youyou was only by her lonesome in the class. She didn't care much about other people and associated herself with the delinquents from the local vocational high school all day long. In addition, she wore thick makeup, so few people in the class were acquainted with her. But they never expected that after removing the makeup and changing her hair, Zhong Youyou would look like this!

A pair of peach blossom shaped eyes that were clear and cold, her delicate features were bright and moving, but the short straight black hair framing her face sharply added a bit of an indescribably and profound heroic aura to her.

The attractiveness index was through the roof! Why didn't you reveal this earlier?

"Where did you get your haircut? Which stylist did you look for? Were they Japanese?" Finally, a girl couldn't help but began asking questions.

Zhong Youyou seemed like she had changed so much, which showed how impressive the stylist’s skills were.

Zhong Youyou leaned against the wall, took out two oranges, and slowly peeled them. She gave a half smile, and she thought to herself that this really was a society that looked at outward appearances. The truth was so cruel.

Although the original owner didn’t suffer to the point of being ostracised by the class, she wasn’t treated well either. There was a small clique in the class headed by the prettiest girl in the class, Class Flower Xu Xiaoyue. Within this group of beautiful girls, someone deliberately said that she had a kind of odor on her behind her back —— where did this strange odor come from? Do you just call the people you hate smelly?

Then, what about now?

She stuffed a small piece of orange into her mouth, pulled a piece of paper, and flashily wrote down the address of the little barber shop, and handed it over: "Here you go."

The girl happily took it, but she was instantly stunned.

What the hell? I thought it was a frighteningly expensive hair salon, but it turned out to be just a small shop next to the school that cut hair for 15 yuan? Zhong Youyou was deceiving her, right?

She returned to her seat feeling a bit peeved.

Not far away, one can see that Class Flower Xu Xiaoyue's face was a little dark, but she also felt a little haughty.

She had to admit that after Zhong Youyou changed her face, her appearance was indeed more than a hundred times better than Xu Xiaoyue’s. Xu Xiaoyue was used to being arrogant and willful in the class. Now she was afraid that she had encountered an opponent.


Zhong Youyou and the original owner had similar personalities, but there were still a lot of differences.

The original owner was paranoid and stubborn. No matter how arrogant she showed herself as, she still felt inferior and sensitive deep in her bones. She will ruin what she couldn’t get and would even hurt herself for it.

But Zhong Youyou was different from her. Zhong Youyou had been an orphan since she was a child. Although she was not as miserable as her, she also grew up with all kinds of hardships. She was optimistic, positive, but also short-tempered and not to be trifled with. She knew how to protect herself from harm and she knew that it took hard work to have a better life.

Since she has come to this world, she should just adapt to her circumstances. This was Zhong Youyou's philosophy of life.

With a smile, she took out the textbook from her school bag, touched the cover of the familiar senior year textbook and got excited. Dmn it, I only obtained a 985 in my previous life. This life, I must go to Tsinghua University no matter what!

The classes in the afternoon were all combined into math exams. When the math teacher came in, he didn’t care much seeing that the classroom was noisy as always. He lowered his head and gave out the papers on the podium, and nagged in passing. Let everyone take the exam and focus on more serious things. No matter how much money they have at home, they definitely can’t stand seeing them so ignorant and incompetent…...

But the classroom was bustling far more than usual today. He couldn't help but raise his head and glance around. His gaze fell on the few boys in the back row and then on Zhong Youyou who was sitting against the wall.

He was astonished.

He was not the only one who was stunned. The wealthy children of Class 19 all looked at Zhong Youyou with the same expressions as if they were looking at UFOs, and their eyes were bugged out to the point of falling off from their sockets.

They were seeing Zhong Youyou, who had always been the lowest ranked of the class, smiling excitedly after she took the paper, she pulled out the pen cap and swiftly bent over her desk, then started writing quickly and happily! Seeming as if she possesses the knowledge of a deep sea of mock exam questions, and appearing as if she had the whole world at her fingertips. She wrote as if the King of Studying herself had returned!

Fck, what happened to their class’s Zhong Youyou?!

Was she just blindly writing?! As far as her usual grades were concerned, it was already good enough for her to finish a few of the questions on the paper! Look at how seriously she’s acting, pretending that she could do all of them!

Xu Xiaoyue took out the pen from the pencil case, looked back and let out a cold snort. After not seeing her for a few days, Zhong Youyou even learned to pretend.


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