Somehow, The Villainess Who Regressed in Time Lost Her Magic Power, so She Turned into a Secluded Maiden

Chapter 4

The prince heard the news when he was heading to the student council room with his foster brother, Cyril, after the entrance ceremony was over.

It was his fiancée’s cousin, Ernest, who told him about the situation. Ernest was also a candidate to become the prince’s aide in the future.

“I see. She has woken up, huh?”


“Then I guess I have to visit her.”

“We’re sorry to have troubled you.”

“It’s fine. She’s my fiancée too. She won’t complain as long as I show my face, right?”

It was the news that his fiancée, who had fallen ill and collapsed three days ago, had finally woken up.

Thinking about his fiancée made the prince erased his usual bright smile. He frowned.

Prince Louis’s fiancée, Rachel, was someone he found troublesome to even meet. Which was rare, considering how the prince always handled everything with ease.

Her black hair that reached the middle of her back was lustrous and slightly curly. Her large, slightly slanted cat’s-eyes, expressed her strong will.

From her bright red lips, the way she spoke was usually exaggerated, brimming with confidence.

Among the nobles in the high rank, her magic power was especially abundant. With her excellent grades and superior ability, she became Louis’ fiancée.

However, it’s clear that she had the haughtiness of a noble lady. To make things worse, she would clearly threaten and attack the women who approached Louis.

Moreover, the way she looked down at people with low magic power, including the commoners supporting the country, astounded the prince.

But Louis knew that he had to work hard as a prince. He had never done anything to alienate her.

Louis had golden hair, blue eyes, and a very good-looking sweet look while showing the dignity of the royal family at the same time. With his unforgettable smile, he charmed people of all ages and both genders.

Yes. The previous Rachel had an arrogant belief that no one but her was worth of Louis, the so-called perfect prince.

Louis couldn’t hide his weariness when he threw away his usual facade smile.

Louis sighed once. Then he turned his destination from the student council room to the entrance.

“Cyril, we’re heading to the Marquis Marcel’s residence. Send someone to inform them first.”

“I understand.”

At Louis’ order, Rachel’s cousin, Ernest, also said, “I’ll accompany you.” Then he began to walk behind Louis.

Simultaneously as three young men ride in a carriage to the Marquis’ residence, a freshman-looking girl with fluffy pink hair was standing still in front of the student council room.

“Why the event after the entrance ceremony didn’t happen!? It’s an important compulsory event too! Just what does this mean!!!”

The girl screamed while stomping on the floor, making an extremely pathetic image. The students passing by in front of the student council room turned a blind eye on her, walking past her with quick steps.

No one in that place knew that the girl would later be addressed as the Saint in the future.

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