Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 4 Luoyang Ancient Village (NPC)

The old man looked anxious as if talking to himself, but everyone present knew that this is for them. He Yong raised his head and looked at the sky, beckoning everyone to come over, "Everyone heard that? Go and find radish flower, at the field."

The information given is clear, but difficult to find. This village is surrounded by fields, and there are also fields inside. It is not easy to find a flower that is not well known to everyone. Everyone is about to act when He Yong added, "The clue has been triggered. Everyone should be careful. If you found the flower, you should notify everyone immediately. Don't act rashly and be careful."

Everyone nodded and looked cautious.

Lou Fan is currently deep in the field, parting through the grass bit by bit. The sky is already a little dark, but he could still see clearly. He looked up and looked around. The other 3 team members looked like they wanted to get a magnifying glass and lie on the ground to look for the flower. All of a sudden, a red flare appeared in the air. Lou Fan breathed a sigh of relief - someone found the radish flower!

From a distance, they can see a field dotted with small flowers in it, looking small and fresh. Before Lou Fan could quicken his pace, Qin Tan who is in front of him stopped him. "Something is wrong."

Lou Fan glanced around and saw that the flower field has several footprints on it, and some of their team members have fallen in the field. For a while, everyone arriving from all directions stopped and looked at He Yong for instructions.

"What's the matter?" He Yong is also feeling puzzled. He repeatedly warned them not to act rashly and his team members would never be disobedient like this.

"Boss, what to do now?" Li Xin asked anxiously.

He Yong frowned, "Wait first, in case it’s something that is attacking them in the field."

"I probably know what's going on." A boy wearing glasses walked out of the group of newcomers, holding a thick book in his hand. He adjusted his glasses, and said solemnly, "Radish flower is also called 'the flower of twilight'. It doesn’t have any fragrance during the day but will emit a unique scent in the evening. Therefore, its flower language stands for 'twilight’. Maybe the scent is the reason why they fell in the field."

This person had no sense of existence before this. Lou Fan only had an impression of his book, because Li Xin said that the things they brought in are their own life-saving weapons. A book can be used as a weapon? This person must have liked reading very much before. It now appears that his knowledge is also very broad. This kind of unusual knowledge is generally not known to people.

Seeing that it is getting dark, He Yong couldn't care too much about the others. He immediately instructed his team members to cover their noses and mouths to investigate the field. Upon finding that the people in the field are not under attack, he let other people carry the fainted people away.

"Quickly, let's go back first, it's getting dark soon." He Yong waved, and 8 people came forward to carry them away. They walked quickly towards their resting site.

The rest of the people are on guard, and they didn't dare to take this matter lightly. Lou Fan and Qin Tan followed the group from behind. The surroundings are so quiet that they only could hear the breathing sound of their companions. The whole village seemed to be in silent mode. A sudden cool breeze made Lou Fan feel goosebumps standing up on his arms. The filming site of a ghost film should probably look like this.

Qin Tan frowned and held his Tang sword in his hand. A cold glow flashed on the blade, which looked like an extremely sharp sword. Seeing his action, Lou Fan didn't dare to be careless. He took off his bow and held it in his hand, ready to draw the bow and shoot arrows at any time. Fortunately, until they returned to the resting site, everything went smoothly. At this moment, the sky has turned completely dark. As if the change is mechanical, after total darkness, a round and big moon suddenly appeared in the sky.

Lou Fan turned around to close the door. The distant scenery is completely shrouded in darkness, and several shadows seemed to appear in the darkness. He swiftly closed the door with a bang, as if he wanted to isolate himself from the darkness and stand under the light again. Leaning on the door, Lou Fan wanted to soothe the heart that is about to jump out of his chest. Then, at the next moment, he immediately gets away from the door, like he is afraid to step away a moment too late.

"What's the matter?" Qin Tan heard the sound of the closing door and turned back to look at Lou Fan. He perceptively asked, "What did you see?"

Lou Fan shook his head. Then, looked at Qin Tan, he asked, "Qin Tan, are you afraid of ghosts?"

Qin Tan smiled, "I didn't expect you to be afraid of ghosts. I’m not afraid of humans, let alone ghosts. Human is scarier than a ghost."

Lou Fan gave Qin Tan a thumbs up. Then he explained, "I'm not afraid of ghosts."

Soon after, Lou Fan discovered that... the hell with ‘humans are scarier than ghosts’?! Ghosts are super scary, a’ight?!


The 4 people who fainted woke up in the middle of the night. Everyone is relieved and they asked what was going on. The members of the Level 1 team looked dazed and didn't know what happened.

"I don’t know what happened after I sent the signal flare. I just remember smelling a strange scent."

Lou Fan suddenly spoke and said a wild idea, "That old man can’t be purposely asking us to pick only flowers with scents, right?"

Lou Fan’s wild guess made He Yong frown, and the folds on his forehead could squeeze a mosquito to death. "The task this time shouldn’t be that difficult." Although he said that, He Yong is not confident with his statement at all. So far, 2 days have passed, and they have just got a clue. But they still haven't managed to see Yu Erniang yet. If it is really according to Lou Fan's guess, it will be the 4th day already after they could pick the flower for the old man. Then, after finding Yu Erniang, they don't know what else they would encounter. Their task is to finish off Yu Erniang after all. Thinking that this matter is getting bigger, He Yong sighed and waved to let everyone rest. He hoped that it won't be like what Lou Fan thought.

In the end, it’s actually Lou Fan who thought too much. The next day they picked the radish flower and went straight to the old man. After giving the flower to the old man, he is obviously satisfied. When He Yong asked if he knew Yu Erniang again, the old man touched his non-existent beard and looked at the sky for a minute.

"Yu Erniang huh? Let me think about it, didn't she died long ago?" After the old man said, he took the radish flower into the room.

He Yong's eyes widened, "That’s it?!" That's the clue? Is the NPC playing him?!

"This is the spiritual-type mission world, we should have thought of this a long time ago. The target can't be a living person," someone said.

"Then we’ll go to the cemetery, it must be around." He Yong yelled. The mission this time is almost suffocating him. "Time waits for no one, scatter to look for it."

It's a pity that He Yong is leading the team for the first time, and his experience is still a bit lacking. In the past, there are senior teams with them and he just have to obey orders. He didn't need to rack his brain for clues.

Lou Fan feels that things are not that simple. This old man is definitely the key, isn't all the key characters in the game like that? When everyone is gone, only he and Qin Tan stood where they were. Qin Tan looked at him, and he looked at Qin Tan, staring at each other.

"What do you think?" Qin Tan asked.

Lou Fan: "I think we should ask him again, I'll pick the radish flower."

"How do you know he will answer you again?"

Lou Fan: "How do you know if you don't try? Is the task really meant for us to go searching aimlessly for the grave? If they found the grave, what’s then? The task is to find Yu Erniang, not Yu Erniang's grave."

Qin Tan: "Go, let’s pick the flowers."

Lou Fan smiled, showing a small canine tooth, "Sensible."

Lou Fan was afraid that Qin Tan would not agree with his thought. Of course, he did not intend to convince Qin Tan that he must follow him to pick the flowers. Qin Tan could choose to search the grave as he like. Unexpectedly, Qin Tan immediately agreed. He originally planned to say a few more words, but the two hit it off. With a clear goal, the two rushed to the flower field to pick a handful of flowers, and then returned to the old man. Sure enough, the old man is standing outside and waiting again.

"Uncle, do you know where Yu Erniang is?" Lou Fan asked.

"Let me think about it. It's getting dark soon, alas, my radish flowers are still not picked in the field, what to do?" The old man repeated the words he previously said.

Lou Fan: Old man, aren’t you a dramatist? You simply talk nonsense with your eyes open. It's obviously noon right now.

Qin Tan looked at Lou Fan's speechless expression and slightly curved his mouth. Then he handed a flower to the old man. The old man took the flowers and replied, "Isn't Yu Erniang buried in the back mountain?"

The old man went into the house again after speaking. When he came out, Lou Fan asked another question, "Where did Yu Erniang live when she is alive?"

"Let me think about it. It's getting dark soon, alas, my radish flowers are still not picked in the field, what to do?

Qin Tan passed another flower to the old man.

"Yu Erniang used to live in the house at the end of the village. It’s the house where there is a tree growing by the door." After saying that, the old man went into his house but he did not come out anymore after the two waited for a long time.

Lou Fan stared in confusion, "Why isn't he coming out?"

Qin Tan thought for a while. Rubbing the flower in his hand, he speculated, "Maybe there are only 3 opportunities to ask questions a day."

Lou Fan thought about it, and sighed, "It's all because I asked a useless question without thinking too much about it. I should think carefully about asking."

Qin Tan comforted, "It's okay. There are still chances tomorrow. Besides, it’s you who thought to ask a few more times. Otherwise, these 2 times will be wasted."

With Qin Tan's comfort, Lou Fan could only tell himself in his heart that he must think carefully next time. If it turned out that there is only a chance to ask and he asked something so casually, they will be finished.

"Where do you want to go now?" Qin Tan changed the subject.

Lou Fan thought for a while and said, "I want to check where she lives first." He asked Qin Tan in return, "What about you?"

Qin Tan: "Just go according to what you said."

Lou Fan didn't think much about it, only thinking that his companion is so willing to accommodate him. "Okay, go to her house first. And, next time we will follow your idea, that’s fair."

The two didn't immediately tell the others where Yu Erniang’s cemetery is. They planned to go to her house to check it out before talking about it. If they found clues, they will notify other people. If they don't find anything, they will go to her cemetery to search.

Luoyang Ancient Village is not too big, and it takes only 20 minutes to walk from the beginning of the village to the end of the village. As they walked, they saw some food on the way and took some. Soon, they reached the end of the village. At the end of the village, there isn’t a house with a tree at the door, only a scorched and dead tree. Behind the tree is flat ground, and only some traces of scorching can be seen. Qin Tan crouched down to check, then looked at Lou Fan, "This house has also been burned (aside from the tree)."

"That proves that Yu Erniang did live here. So, was the house burned after she died, or was she burned to death?" Lou Fan touched his chin and suddenly felt that he had become a detective.

"The task is to find Yu Erniang, I don't think it will be the end just by finding the cemetery."

Lou Fan is still thinking and then, Qin Tan sighed helplessly, "We’ll come tonight."

Lou Fan stiffened and looked at Qin Tan incredulously, "You mean to find Yu Erniang's ghost?" He is still feeling a bit repulsive towards this kind of spiritual world, but Qin Tan's expression has said everything - yes, what they are looking for is Yu Erniang's ghost.

Qin Tan: "Let’s go back and discuss with them. You are a newcomer so all you need to do is get on the train on time. You don't need to follow us to find ghosts."

Raw word count: 3096


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