His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 4 - Retaliating

Shen Ziqiao thought that she definitely wouldn’t be able to sleep well in this new environment. Who knew that she naturally woke up today? She had an incredibly great sleep. After that night, she hadn’t thought of what to do next.

What she needed to do first was to get rid of the spies by her side first. She felt like she was sitting on needles when being watched. It made her feel extremely uncomfortable. However, she was helpless right now as she knew nothing. She didn’t know who to trust and who not to trust either. How would she know?…

She was speechless and choked on her tears. She glanced at the rhombus-shaped carved window frame and refused to get up, lying there like a zombie.

The sunshine was bright outside. The cicadas chirping made Shen Ziqiao feel annoyed. “Servant, chase the cicadas away!”

A maid guarding outside answered, “Third Miss, someone is chasing them away right now.”

They’ve been working hard for a while, but to no avail. These maids didn’t genuinely listen to her orders. Shen Family didn’t have a proper female head. Old Madam Shen was still the head of the family. Because she wasn’t loved by the Old Madam, the servants acted flexible according to the situation. They naturally didn’t set their hearts to her orders.

After all, she was a strict and ruthless master in the start. She called the maids in and scolded them. She shouldn’t let them think that she was really easily bullied. Cannon fodders should act like cannon fodders, right?

She was about to say something when a maid walked in. She seemed to be looking at her in disdain. In an indifferent tone, “Third Miss, the Old Madam invites you to De’an Courtyard.”

Shen Ziqiao was stunned for a moment. Didn’t she ground her? She wanted to ask the maid why the Old Madam was looking for her when the maid swung her hips and lifted the curtains, walking out.

She didn’t get a response, so Shen Ziqiao went to Old Madam Shen’s De’an Courtyard while afraid of what was going to happen.

The room was quiet. Old Madam Shen sat on the kang stove bed properly while leaning against the back satin pillow. She was holding silver chopsticks in her hands, eating the snow pears. Seeing Shen Ziqiao walking in, she didn’t bother to conceal the disgust in her eyes. She tossed the silver chopsticks on the table and glanced coldly at the granddaughter that she never took a favor to.

“Grandmother.” Shen Ziqiao’s gaze swept over Old Madam Shen’s expression. Her face was as dark as ink. Her heart trembled, wondering if the original body had done something bad, and got discovered.

Old Madam Shen badly wanted to slap Shen Ziqiao’s face, who was pretending to act like she was wronged. The Shen Family was an influential family. Who knew what it had done for them to land themselves with such a troublesome member.

“What did you do at the Thousand Buddha Temple yesterday?” Old Madam Shen asked. Her cheeks were slightly trembling, revealing her anger.

She knew it! Shen Ziqiao was shocked in her heart. As expected, Sheng Peiyin spread news of her and Qi Zheng spending time alone in a room? This was how the plot should’ve developed. She thought that after stirring up trouble yesterday that she would change Sheng Peiyin’s thoughts.

“I went to the Thousand Buddha Temple to pray yesterday.” Shen Ziqiao shrugged her shoulders, acting casual.

If she wanted to live good days in the Shen Family, she needed to please the Old Madam. However, Old Madam Shen already thought of her as a jinx. No matter what she did, the Old Madam wouldn’t appreciate it. Therefore, why should she waste effort in pleasing her?

Old Madam Shen burst into anger. “Pray? You ended up praying in Young Master Qi’s room? You’re Shen Family’s legal Third Miss. You dare to do such a thing… offending public morals! Are you purposely trying to disgust me or do you want your father to become the laughing stock in the capital?”

“Would it make father’s reputation better if I just do nothing?” Shen Ziqiao knitted her brows and retorted. She knew that men and women should keep their distance, but the problem was that the novel didn’t paint strict rules regarding the two genders. Sheng Peiyin still had a bunch of affairs with different men. It wasn’t like she and Qi Zheng had done something shameful. How come in other people’s eyes, it seemed like she had done something atrocious?

“You dare to talk back!” Old Madam Shen patted the table firmly, a part of her golden bracelet almost chipped off.

Shen Ziqiao pursed her lips and responded, “I was saying the truth anyway. Sister Sheng frequently went out with guys, so is that considered offending public morals?”

“Can you compare to Third Miss Sheng? Look at yourself!” Old Madam Shen mocked her, not thinking about protecting her granddaughter’s face at all.

The old woman really hated her… Shen Ziqiao really pitied the original body. Her mother passed away early on, and her grandmother hated her. Her elders didn’t put in effort to raise her at all. Despite having a father that loved her, there was no way a man could intervene in the internal affairs of the household. Even more, he was frequently outside, so it wasn’t strange for the original body to be raised the wrong way.

Shen Ziqiao wasn’t in the mood to please Old Madam Shen at all. After all, there was no use. “I didn’t kill anyone nor did I set a fire. What exactly did I do wrong then?”

“Everyone knows that you want to get close to the Ninth Prince, but ended up enterting Young Master Qi’s room mistakenly. You hooked your shoulders around a fool’s, not acting like a proper lady in the least bit. Do you know that the public is saying your father doesn’t know how to raise you?” Old Madam Shen cursed her.

“The abbot at the Thousand Buddha Temple had seen what happened. You can go and ask him to confirm.” Shen Ziqiao replied. She didn’t know how to explain. Gossip spreads like wildfire. Even more, the original body’s reputation wasn’t that good from the start anyway.

Old Madam Shen didn’t think that not only didn’t Shen Ziqiao repent her mistakes, but she also confidently retorted. Her whole body shook in fury. She pointed at her and cursed, “You can act like a slut for all you want, but don’t drag down the other sisters in the family. Strangers would think our Shen Family’s daughters are like you. I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Old Madam Shen was only worried that she’d drag down Shen Ziqen and the others. Who knew that the old woman paid more attention to the two illegitimate daughters than the legal daughter.

“I don’t feel ashamed at all.” Shen Ziqiao said. However, she believed that it definitely wouldn’t be as simple as that. Sheng Peiyin probably has a backup plan.

Old Madam Shen almost wanted to tell her to scram. She took in a few deep breaths. “Don’t blame me for not thinking about you when you’re being so shameless. Although you’re still young, in order to not influence your two sisters, I have no choice but for you to get married first.”

What? Shen Ziqiao was stunned, shockingly saying, “Grandmother, I’m only thirteen!”

A thirteen years old girl getting married? Damn!

“Humph, you already know to find yourself a man when you’re only thirteen. What else couldn’t you do?” Old Madam Shen mocked, losing self-control.

She was being too excessive! A grandmother shouldn’t say this to her granddaughter. Shen Ziqiao was disappointed in the Old Madam once again. She said, “Even if I were to get married, we should wait for father to come back and for him to make the decision. Although my mother has passed away, I still have my father.”

Old Madam Shen parted her lips, not knowing what to say however. She was interrupted by the maid outside. “Old Madam, Third Miss Sheng is outside.”

Why did Sheng Peiyin come here at this time? Shen Ziqiao felt chills.

“Third Miss Sheng is only here for you. Go and see her. As for your marriage, I can still make the final decision.” Old Madam Shen stared at her with a dark expression.

Shen Ziqiao knitted her brows and turned around, walking out. Let her go and listen to what Sheng Peiyin has to say.

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