Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 4.2 - Bone Marrow Match (2)

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Everyone in the Wu family expectantly waited for the results of the organ matching test. Finally, the laboratory door opened, and the attending physician came out with a smile on his face as he exclaimed, “Congratulations! There was one successful bone marrow match out of the three samples. The successful bone marrow match is Wu Kai.”

After hearing the physician’s words, tears began to stream down Wu Tong’s face. She was overcome with emotion as she grabbed Xiao Yuan’s hand and incoherently exclaimed, “Xiao Yuan! Xiao Yuan! Did you hear that? The bone marrow match was successful!!!”

“Yes, I heard.” No patient wouldn’t be happy after hearing that they were getting a second chance at life.

Wu Tong’s second aunt and uncle glanced at each other. A calculating glint flashed in their eyes.

Xiao[1] Kai, thank you so much! Really…” Wu Tong cried as she turned around and grabbed Wu Kai’s hand, still overcome with emotion.

[1] Because Wu Kai is younger than Wu Tong, she affectionately refers to him as "Xiao" or "Little" Kai.

“No problem. Xiao Yuan and I played together when we were younger. I’m so glad I could help.” Wu Kai beamed.  

“I know all of you are very happy, but with Xiao Yuan’s condition, we can’t wait any longer.” The physician turned to Wu Kai and said, “If you’re certain you want to donate your bone marrow, we will need to conduct further tests, so you may need to stay in the hospital for a few days.”

“Doctor, when will the surgical operation take place?” Wu Tong’s second aunt asked.

“If everything goes well, we can conduct the surgical operation this weekend,” the physician responded.

“That fast?!” Wu Tong’s second aunt blurted.

“It’s not fast at all since the patient’s current condition isn’t promising.” The attending physician gave them a few more instructions before he left to take care of other work.

Wu Tong sent her younger brother back to his ward. Before her second uncle’s family left, they invited Wu Tong to visit their home in the evening. Wu Tong didn’t think too much about it before nodding in acceptance of the invitation.

It was 8:00 at night. They were inside the living room of Wu Tong’s second uncle’s villa.

Wu Tong was in disbelief as she stared at her second aunt and uncle, who were sitting across from her. “Second uncle, w-what did you guys just say?”

“I’ll take it from here.” Wu Tong’s second aunt bluntly told her, “Your second uncle’s company encountered a few problems, so we need to cooperate with the Qin Enterprise to get through this crisis. However, they have one condition, which is a marriage alliance with the Qin family’s eldest son. Last time at the Imperial Hotel, we were actually at a blind date.”

“But what does that have to do with me?” Wu Tong asked in bewilderment.

“How does it not have anything to do with you? If you hadn’t suddenly barged in that day, the Qin family’s eldest son wouldn’t have taken a fancy to you. He made it very clear that he wanted to marry you.”

“Second uncle, I didn’t do it on purpose. I can go to the Qin family to apologize and clarify the situation. Besides, I’m only your niece. The marriage alliance between the Wu Enterprise and Qin Enterprise doesn’t exactly have anything to do with me,” Wu Tong responded.

“No, don’t!” Wu Tong’s second aunt immediately refused. If Wu Tong actually went and explained the situation, would there still be a marriage of convenience?

“But how can I steal the person cousin likes away from her?” Wu Tong asked.

“It’s only a marriage of convenience. Zhizhi doesn’t like the Qin family’s eldest son at all,” said Wu Tong’s second aunt. “So don’t feel burdened and just marry him. The Qin family is quite wealthy. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance!”

“But I don’t want to get married yet.”

“Then…” Don’t even think about asking us to donate our bone marrow! Wu Tong’s second uncle realized what his wife was about to say and raised his hand to interrupt her.

“Tongtong, my company has really fallen on hard times. Without this cooperation, my company will likely go bankrupt,” Wu Tong’s second uncle explained in a meaningful tone. “Originally, this issue had nothing to do with you, since we intended for Zhizhi to marry into the Qin family. You were also there that day. If you hadn’t barged in all of a sudden, things wouldn’t have gotten so complicated. But now that the situation has developed to this point, I hope that you will help me out, just like how we helped Xiao Yuan.”


Just like how we helped Xiao Yuan.

Just like how we helped Xiao Yuan.

After hearing this sentence, it was as if a bomb had exploded inside Wu Tong’s mind over and over again. Wu Tong’s hands trembled and her voice quivered as she spoke. “What you’re saying is… If I don’t help you guys, you won’t help Xiao Yuan?”

“I don’t want things to come to that point.” Wu Tong’s second uncle’s tone was full of sincerity.

“What kind of expression is that on your face? The Qin family isn’t some fiery pit.[2] Besides, your second uncle isn’t trying to harm you.” Wu Tong’s second aunt couldn’t stand the sight of Wu Tong’s sullen expression, despite her gaining such a huge advantage. “If the Qin family’s eldest son hadn’t taken a fancy to you, you wouldn’t have been able to marry into that family even if you wanted to!”

[2] The word for "fire pit" (火坑/ huo3 keng1) can also be translated to "living hell," "pit of hell," or "abyss of suffering."

“If the Qin family’s eldest son hadn’t taken a fancy to me, then would he have taken a fancy to cousin?” Wu Tong laughed derisively.

Wu Tong was a smart girl and could connect the dots. She thought about their change in attitude toward her. From being rejected every time she went to look for them to their coming to the hospital and conducting an organ matching test of their own accord. She also thought about her second aunt and uncle’s current attitude toward her. If she really did snatch her cousin’s chance to marry into a rich family, would they have been so courteous toward her?

Although she didn’t understand why the Qin family insisted that she marry into their family, what she did know for certain was that her cousin did not catch the Qin family’s eye.

“Tongtong, I know that all of this is very sudden, but Xiao Yuan’s surgical operation needs to be conducted as soon as possible. My company also can’t hold on any longer,” Wu Tong’s second uncle pleaded.

Wu Tong wasn’t really close with her second uncle’s family. Her parents were both university professors and she had a decent family background, but at most, they were moderately well-off. Her family couldn’t hold a candle to her second uncle, who was a businessman. Her second aunt also loved to compare her and Zhizhi, so from a young age, they often quarreled with each other. If it were not for Xiao Yuan’s condition, the two families would’ve lost contact with each other long ago.

That’s right, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

“Even if this didn’t happen, we would’ve still helped Xiao Yuan, it’s just that…” Wu Tong’s second uncle wanted to say a few more things to make it seem less like a transaction.

“Second uncle, you don’t need to say anything more. I will consent to this marriage,” Wu Tong suddenly said.

“What?” Wu Tong’s second uncle and his wife were stunned. They didn’t think that Wu Tong would consent to the marriage so easily.

“What you said was right. You’re my second uncle, and we’re a family. I’m very grateful that you were willing to help me save Xiao Yuan. Since your company has run into some trouble, I will naturally help you out,” Wu Tong said.

“That’s great, then!” Wu Tong’s second uncle was ecstatic.

“But before Xiao Yuan’s surgical operation is conducted, I am in no mood to get married,” Wu Tong added.

“Of course. However, Mrs. Qin invited us over for dinner on Wednesday,” Wu Tong’s second uncle said.

“Oh.” No wonder they were so impatient. “I’ll come over that day.”

After Wu Tong left, her second aunt told her husband, “I told you she would consent! What kind of family is the Qin family? Would she have been able to find such a good husband on her own?”

“If the Qin family’s eldest son was so good, why would he need a marriage of convenience?” asked Wu Tong’s second uncle.

“Doesn’t he have some kind of mental illness?” asked Wu Tong’s second aunt. “Fortunately, he didn’t take a fancy to Zhizhi. I asked around a few days ago and found out that he reportedly hits women whenever he goes crazy.”  

“Shut up!” Wu Tong’s second uncle slammed his tea cup down on the table.

After walking past the entrance of her second uncle’s villa, she raised her head and looked up at the night sky with barely any stars.

She already shed enough tears for Xiao Yuan in the past few years, so she didn’t want to waste any tears on such relatives. Actually, what was so wrong about a transaction? After all, now they didn’t owe each other anything.

If she thought about it from a different angle, to a certain extent, her future husband could be considered her benefactor. If he hadn’t taken a fancy to her, how would she have gotten her second uncle to help Xiao Yuan?

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