Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 4.1 - Bone Marrow Match (1)

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Qin Ge drove the Jeep that he personally modified back to Jadeite Peak. By the time he returned, it was quite late.

Qin Huai heard the sound of his brother parking his car and waited for him to walk in before calling out to him. “Da-ge.”

“Qin Huai, why aren’t you asleep yet? Don’t you need to go to work tomorrow?” Qin Ge was startled when he checked his watch. It was already 1 AM. Normally, his younger brother, who had a biological clock that was so healthy it was almost abnormal, would be asleep by now.

“I’m the boss, so no one would dare to check up on me and see whether or not I’m at work.” Qin Huai tipped his glass of red wine as an invitation and asked, “Why don’t we have a drink together?”

Qin Ge raised an eyebrow. He tossed his car keys into his pocket before walking over and sitting across from Qin Huai.

Qin Huai poured Qin Ge a glass of red wine. Qin Ge took a sip and frowned. “Why does everyone who’s studied abroad like drinking red wine?”

“I personally like the taste. As for everyone else’s reasons, I wouldn’t know,” Qin Huai explained.

“What taste? It doesn’t taste pleasant at all,”  Qin Ge said, disapprovingly. “A real man drinks baijiu[1]. I’ll bring back a bottle of Sorghum liquor some other day.”

[1] Baijiu is a Chinese clear, colorless liquor usually distilled from fermented sorghum.

Da-ge.” Qin Huai wanted to say a few things he wasn’t sure how to explain. He could continue with the flow of the conversation, but he knew that his brother would merely be playing along.

“Uh… I’ve been with them for so long, so I’m used to speaking this way.” In fact, Qin Ge had already noticed how his crude way of speaking seemed to make his family feel uncomfortable. Although they never voiced their opinions, they couldn’t conceal the embarrassment in their eyes.

Qin Huai naturally knew who Qin Ge was referring to. Ever since his brother started serving in the military, they slowly became estranged from each other. They didn’t chat, play ball, or even so much as talk about women with each other like they always did when they were younger. Oftentimes, Qin Huai would think that his brother seemed to be closer to his military comrades than his own blood-related younger brother.

Da-ge, back then, why did you decide to become a soldier in the special forces?” Qin Huai asked.

Qin Ge gave his younger brother a strange look. “I went to a military academy, so  why wouldn't I serve in the special forces?”

“True.” Qin Huai smiled. “I just think that you’ve changed a lot since you came back. After all, we clearly so much in common before.”

“Do you think it was due to my serving in the military or my illness?” Qin Ge asked, while casually swirling his glass of wine.

Da-ge, you’re already better now.” Qin Huai disliked the way Qin Ge regarded himself, as if he wasn't a normal person but a sick patient.

“Do you guys think there’s a point to telling yourselves that?” Qin Huai laughed self-mockingly. “If I was really cured, would you guys still be so cautious around me? Would mom still be so busy rushing around trying to arrange blind dates for me?”

Da-ge!” Qin Huai didn’t want to hear his brother say that about himself.

“I know what you’re going to say. In fact, I’ve already noticed that I’ve been a little out of place in this family since I came home.”

“Da-ge, this is your home. This is the place where you grew up!” Qin Huai couldn’t help but raise his voice. He really disliked how his brother was treating himself as an outsider.

“What are you doing? Keep your voice down…” Startled, Qin Ge raised his hand and motioned for him to quiet down. “Don’t get so worked up.”

“I don’t want to hear you say those kinds of things. This is your home. What do you mean you’re out of place in this family? How exactly are you out of place in this family?”

Qin Ge hadn’t seen his younger brother get so worked up in a long time, especially after he took over the Qin Enterprise. Every day, he acted like he had everything under control, and that smug look would make his business rivals want to give him a good beating.

“Stop deceiving yourself. In the end, I’m different from all of you.” Qin Ge smiled bitterly and poured himself another glass of wine.

In fact, Qin Huai had always wanted to ask what kind of experience changed his resolute, courageous, and carefree older brother into his current state.

“The future of this family and the company will depend on you,” Qin Ge said.

“If you want to enter the company…”

“Stop…” Qin Ge raised his hand and stopped his younger brother from finishing what he was about to say. “I’m still counting on the company's dividends to live out the rest of my life. To think that you would even suggest allowing me to enter the company…”

Qin Huai racked his brain before asking, “Then let’s not talk about the company, let's talk about Feifei. Are you really not planning to send him to a special needs school?”

“I already told you that there’s nothing wrong with Feifei. He just doesn’t want to talk.” Qin Ge’s tone turned cold. “Why? Does my marriage prospect have a problem with Feifei?”

“No, she doesn’t,” Qin Huai replied. “Speaking of marriage, da-ge, do you really want to get married?”

“Didn’t you already draw up the contract?”

“I don’t care about whether the contract is drawn up or not. I won’t mind even if we throw away 500 million yuan[2]. I came up with the idea of a marriage of convenience because mom said you wanted to get married, but… I still want to ask about your thoughts on this matter,” Qin Huai said.

[2] China's official currency is Chinese Yuan.

“Mom’s right, I did agree to get married,” Qin Huai said with a smile. “The psychiatrist also suggested the idea of marriage and even encouraged me to try dating. It’s just that getting a girlfriend is quite unlikely for me, so a marriage of convenience is the fastest and most straightforward way. I’m not against it. I’ve even seen my marriage prospect and she’s quite easy on the eyes. I actually don’t have any requirements for what my marriage prospect should be like, but mom insisted on finding someone with a good family background. I was afraid that the marriage prospect would start making a fuss, demanding to get a divorce within two days of marrying into the family.”

“She won’t!” Qin Huai asserted with great certainty.  

“I hope so,” Qin Ge responded nonchalantly with a shrug.

“Mom invited Miss Wu over for dinner next Wednesday,” Qin Huai said.

“Got it. I’ll come home earlier next Wednesday,” Qin Ge said, with a smile. “After all, she’s my future wife.”


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