Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 392 - Cultivation Examination(10)

Jiu and Su Wan were brought into a room by Ziyang Sect’s person in charge. Jiu sniffed out fresh blood, strong fresh blood.

She became excited and exclaimed, “You guys leave, all leave!”

After dismissing everyone else, Jiu walked to the bed before Su Wan. One person laid on each bed. The two were both young men. Although they were covered in injuries, they could tell that they were both young men with decent features. Jiu couldn’t help but swallow her saliva when she smelled his fresh blood.

Damn! I’ve sucked so much blood all these years and ate so many people before but they couldn’t compare to this particular person. He was the best delicious food!

“Little snake, that person’s blood is very strange.”

Plum blossom couldn’t help but exclaim. She had learned some magic spells with Jiu and formed the habit of sucking blood. Therefore, little plum blossom also smelled an unusual fragrance in the air.

“Jiu, don’t mess around.”

Su Wan sniffed hard and her expressions changed. She moved to the bed and stopped Jiu from sucking on the blood. “Don’t drink it. There’s something off with his blood.”

“Something off?”

Jiu froze as Su Wan carefully observed the young man on the bed. He looked like he was in his early twenties and he should be a disciple from a small sect. Su Wan lifted the man’s sleeves and took his pulse. His pulse was steady and so was his breath. But why was his unconscious this entire time?

While Su Wan looked down, she saw a tattoo-like thing on the man’s wrist.


Su Wan’s gaze widened. She lifted her wrist and found a golden tattoo by her wrist. It looked like a golden chain bracelet.

What was this tattoo? Why did it appear on her arm?

Su Wan was a bit confused. She closed her eyes and tried to think back only to vaguely remember that this gold tattoo should be a bracelet. A friend from a certain mission gave this to her and she couldn’t remember anything else.

The bracelet could turn into a tattoo?

Then was the tattoo by the man’s wrist actually a magic weapon?

Su Wan’s gaze turned conflicted. Could this man be a leading role? Or a male lead?

While Su Wan was deep in thought, Jiu kept on lickign her lips. I’m so hungry. I want to drink blood. I can’t tolerate this…

While Su Wan was in a daze, Jiu quickly bent over, her face almost next to the man’s.

Just one sip. Just one sip is enough.

She licked her lips and she was about to bring her lips down to find the man’s main artery when the man suddenly woke up.

Before the man could process what happened, he instinctively wanted to stand up but he bumped into Jiu.

Jiu: Sniffle, my first kiss is gone!

Su Wan: …


Han Yu stared at the girl clad in red, feeling wronged as well as the cold-looking girl clad in greenish-blue.  He scratched his head before asking, embarrassed, “Did you guys save me? this place? Where’s Brother Yu Wenxiao? Is he okay too?”

“Shut up! Where are all these questions coming from? You snatched my first kiss. I’m going to kill, no, eat you!”

Saying this, Jiu pounced on Han Yu.

“Okay, stop messing around.”

Su Wan tugged Jiu behind her and warned softly, “Do you not want to go back to the Medicinal Valley?”

Jiu: uh, fine. I’ll endure this for now. I’m going to get my revenge on this damned boy in the future.

At this time, Han Yu’s gaze slowly turned clear. He also remembered that he seemed to have kissed the girl when he looked up. Her lips were really soft.

Uh, thinking of this, he felt embarrassed. Besides holding hands with his Sister Ruoxue, he hadn’t been that close to any other women.

What should he do?

While Han Yu was conflicted, Su Wan said faintly, “We’re on Ziyang Sect’s boat. Their people saved you. Is Brother Yu Wenxiao the person over there?”

Saying this, Su Wan pointed at the man on the other bed who was still unconscious right now.

Han Yu immediately looked over to see the unconscious Yu Wenxiao. He sighed silently. Thank goodness, thank goodness he was still alive.

“Daoist friends, you guys are also Ziyang Sect’s disciples?”

With Han Yu’s cultivation, he had heard of Su Wan mentioning “Medicinal Valley” earlier already but he didn’t dare to ask about it directly. That’s why he beat around the bushes, asking about the two’s origin.

“We’re just passerbys. We’re not from the Ziyang Sect.”

Su Wan smiled and replied, “How about you two? How did the two of you guys get stuck at the Yellow Sea?”

Seeing that Su Wan refused to say anything about her origin, Han Yu smiled an awkward smile.”We’re from fourth-rank sect’s Lingbao Sect. This time, Brother Yu Wenxiao and I were planning to take our sect’s spiritual boat to the Yellow Sea in search of materials to create magic weapons. In the end, our boat got attacked by sea devils and we lost touch with our other brothers.”

Lingbao Sect?

The fourth-rank sect that specialized in refining weapons?

There weren’t many sects that refined weapons on Cangyue Mainland. Besides the well-known Daqi Sect, Lingbao Sect was considered a quite famous refinement sect. However, the elder of Lingbao Sect had a weird personality and many rules within the sect. Many alchemists were scooped by Daqi Sect or other sects. Lingbao Sect had fallen to a fourth-rank sect as a result.

Refinement, cauldron.

Su Wan narrowed her eyes. It seemed like she encountered an incredible figure.

At this time, Jiu, who had nothing to do, walked to the other person’s bed. Seeing the unconscious man, she poked his face out of boredom. In the next second, the man who should’ve been unconscious suddenly grabbed Jiu’s hand, a murderous spiritual qi aimed at her face.


Su Wan was about to make a move at the last second when Han Yu was already a step forward, throwing out a magic weapon like an umbrella. It automatically expanded and blocked the spiritual qi.

“Brother Yu Wenxiao, they’re not bad people!”

Han Yu anxiously explained and smiled at Yu Wenxiao.

Not bad people?

Yu Wenxiao, who just recovered his consciousness, smiled and then opened his eyes slowly. In reality, he didn’t know what was going on. He felt that there was someone nearby and due to his habit, he instinctively made a move at them.

His gaze flickered seeing the two beautiful women in front of him.

See, being with the male lead meant getting different treatment! Besides danger everywhere, they also get to see beautiful women, a pair at which. Cough. Was the male lead in this world going for the harem route?

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