Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 391 - Cultivation Examination (9)

Ziyang Sect’s boat was naturally considered the highest quality magid weapon from the Daqi Sect. Not only was the defense on the boat really strong, it also had incredible power. Therefore, for the past few centuries, nothing ever happened while the boat was passing through the Yellow Sea.

Su Wan and Jiu were placed in two top-notch rooms next to each other. Su Wan had placed the loli she kidnapped on the bed.

The girl’s face was rosy and her eyelashes were trembling a bit, showing signs that she was about to wake up.


Should she place an unconscious spell on her and let her continue to sleep?

While Su Wan was hesitating, the loli suddenly opened her eyes and then stared at Su Wan’s face with her clear and bright eyes.

Su Wan froze. It was unclear why she found the girl’s cute face and pure eyes to be so familiar and comfortable.

This loli and this type of eyes seemed to have appeared in her life before.

Was it a certain mission world? Su Wan couldn’t remember.


The loli blinked her eyes and asked childishly.

Su Wan immediately shook her head, embarrassed. “No, no. I’m not your mother. I…”


The girl tilted her head and looked innocently at Su Wan. “I can feel my brother’s scent on you. You’re sister-in-law right?”


Su Wan looked around and then smiled faintly at the loli. “Right, I’m your sister-in-law. Your brother wanted me to take you to Kunlun paradise to formally become apprentice to a master there. But you have to remember to keep your identity a secret, okay?”


The girl nodded obediently. “Qian’er understands. Brother taught me this before. We can’t tell anyone about our identities.”

As the descendants of that species, they mustn’t let people find out about their specific bloodlines within their bodies. Otherwise, it wasn’t just as simple as being vanquished.

This beautiful sister is my sister-in-law? Brother actually told her their biggest secret?

Qian’er completely believed Su Wan right now. Seeing that Master Mo’s sister was that cooperative, she also smiled. “Okay, Qian’er right? Rest some more. We’re on the boat to Kunlun paradise. Remember that you can’t trust anyone but your sister-in-law, okay?”


Qian’er nodded firmly. “Don’t worry, Qian’er remembers everything.”

Seeing that Qian’er went back to sleep, Su Wan sighed. Thankfully, this loli was easy to coax. The boat would take another few days before they would arrive at Kunlun paradise. Nothing can go wrong during this time period. Su Wan didn’t want to be game over’ed that soon.

She still had really important things to do.

Su Wan felt muddle-headed. She silently chanted a spell before calming down.

The first night on the Yellow Sea was quiet and peaceful. She also slept well.

When Su Wan woke up the second day, Qian’er was already awake. She looked at Su Wan, blinking her innocent eyes. “Sister-in-law, have I been asleep for a really long time? Is brother still okay?”

Qian’er memory stopped at when she was still seven. When she was unconscious, her consciousness was half asleep and half awake. Therefore, she didn’t know how long she really slept for. She vaguely felt like the world she was in right now was many years later in the future.

Su Wan caressed Qian’er’s black hair gently. “Qian’er, good girl. You didn’t sleep that long. Your brother is doing good. You’ll get to see him soon.”


Qian’er nodded firmly.

Meanwhile, little plum blossom who had been acting like a plum blossom hairpin that couldn’t do anything was now silently observing Su Wan and Qian’er.

Little snake seemed to be treating Master Mo’s sister really well.

Right. Sister Jiu said that women were all hypocritical. Then does little snake like Master Mo?

But she was a snake. Weren’t snakes cold-blooded?

Little plum blossom thought this world was too complicated. For a moment, she didn’t want to cultivate into a human.

Jiu was obviously the happiest when she saw Qian’er waking up. She had been trying to get close to her but unfortunately, it was to no avail.

Qian’er only seemed to believe Su Wan. She didn’t believe that she was her brother’s servant.

“You’re not my brother’s servant. You don’t have his scent on you.”

To this, Qian’er held her firm belief.

Jiu: …

What was this? How could she not have her master’s scent after being by his side all these years?

Even if she didn’t have her master’s scent, how did the little snake get her master’s scent? Hmph! Jiu seemed to have discovered a huge secret.

What have the little snake and master done behind her and little plum blossom’s back?

In reality, Su Wan was also confused. How come Master Mo’s sister was certain that she had Master Mo’s scent on her?

How could she tell?

Jiu didn’t know and Su Wan wasn’t sure either. Only Qian’er understood. There used to be a species that never looked at people’s appearances but their souls.

Although Qian’er had been unconscious all these years, her spirit was still there and she could feel her brother’s soul, although...the soul had been shaken violently a decade ago But Qian’er knew that her brother was her brother.

The girl clad in yellow’s soul had her brother’s scent engraved in her heart.

Qian’er remembered that her father said that only when people viewed each other as their true love would their scents be mixed together and engraved in each other’s souls. She knew this was right.

Therefore, in Jiu’s perspective, though Qian’er looked like she was muddle-headed, she actually saw through the situation clearly…

Jiu finally gave up after her many failed attempts. After all, little snake and little plum blossom would leave after they arrived at Kunlun paradise. She just needed to bring this little girl to report back. Sigh. She couldn’t afford to think about the others.

On the third day, they were attacked by a group of fierce sea devils. While resisting against them, the cultivators saved two cultivators covered in injuries in the sea.

“Miss Jiu.”

The captain of the boat seeked Jiu out because he knew she came from the Medicinal Valley. He respectfully invited her downstairs to check on the two injured people.

To this, Jiu had no choice but to agree.

As a domineering man-eating beast, how did she know how to save people? She only knew how to eat people. But she had no choice but to take a look. If she denied her identity right now, people would suspect her and little snake. They might even be tossed down into sea to be the sea devils’ monsters. Just thinking of this made her afraid.

“Little snake, little snake, help me! You and master were good friends so you must know how to treat people right?”

Jiu took Su Wan downstairs while communicating with her silently.

Su Wan: what is that supposed to mean? He wants to kill me. Are you blind?

Cough. Nevermind. Since we were on the same boat, I’ll help you get past this.

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