The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner!

Chapter 39 – This is a good harvest of Magic Stones!! (魔石が豊作だよっ!!)

First, I cut the giant wurm in two, exposing its core.

Meanwhile, Allis-chan sets some 『Remote Controlled Landmines』evenly spaced along the ground near the road.

If those swarms of tiny wurms come above ground, they'll go out with a bang.

It would be terrible if the wurms attacked a carriage passing by, but it would be impossible for two battle-amateur young girls to fight a giant wurm while fending off the smaller ones at the same time, hence the plan.


Now back to the wurm the size of 5 train cars, cutting it in half looks pretty tough to do.

I wish I could use the Swordsman skill 『Slash』1 from the game, but I don't know how to activate it...

I mean I do have [Swordsman X], so I theoretically I should be able to do it... Should I just brute force it?


I gathered my energy, and poured it into the 『Giant Knife』 as if I were injecting my fighting spirit into it.

I confirmed the position of the Demon Core with 『Lust』.

Now if I just copy the motions of the game!! I'll cut down that wurm!!




The wurm split in two with a roaring noise. Success!!

But here's the problem.


『Slash』also cracked the ground.

A dirt cloud rising up. And under the ground was full of wurms.

You know what happens next, right?


"Allis-chan!! Retreat─────!!"


"Fueh!! ........Unyaaaaaaaah!! There's so many wurms!!"


The mass of young wurms gushed out of the cracked earth!!

And as if in response, wurms were also popping out of the ground near the road!! The very picture of Hell!!


"Allis-chan!! The 『Landmines』switch!!"


I gave Allis-chan instructions as the two of us ran through the plains.


"Roger that!! Take this!! Destroooy!!"


Allis-chan pressed the switch with a shout.

There was a strange glint in her eyes behind the goggles. It's a little scary.


The 『Remote Controlled Landmines』 exploding one after another.

And the young wurms flying about from the explosions. It's the very picture of Hell☆


"Looks like that didn't take care of all of them!! Take out the ones chasing us with the 『Bombs』!! I'll crush the one in front of us!!"


As if to stand in our way, in front of us was another giant wurm. It jumped out from the ground, raising a cloud of dust with it.


"Yes! Please leave it to me! I'll turn all the little ones into dust!"


Passing through blowing them apart and straight to dust, huh.

A bold Allis-chan was super cool. So reliable!!

Then I'll just have to do my part!!

Thanks to that 『Slash』from before, I'm starting to understand how to use the 『Swordsman Skills』!!


"Hey you big loaf!! You're in the way!! Take this, 『Five-strike Cherry Blossom Flash』2!!"


The giant wurm took on my Swordsman Skill『Five-strike Cherry Blossom Flash』and split into six in an instant.

It's something I myself did but.... The power level of the『Swordsman Skill』 is no joke. Scary.


Oops, no time to be put off on what I've done now.

After determining the location of the core with『Lust』, I dissected the wurm and took it out.


"Allis-chan, take a hit at this core!!"


I turned and called out to Allis-chan.

But, she was single-mindedly throwing her『Bombs』 and didn’t notice.

Since she couldn't throw them very far, Allis-chan was swinging her 『Fork』 and hitting the 『Bombs』farther out.

Th-that method.... It screams of potential friendly fire.

Explosions and dust clouds rose up all around, that if it weren't for the『Clear Vision Goggles』, the plains wouldn’t have been visible through the barrage.


"Crap, this is amazing. Bombshells are falling like the frontlines of a battlefield..... Ah, Allis-chaaan!! Notice me!! Hit this Demon Core!!"


"Fueeh.... I want to 'kaboom' these a little more..."


Allis-chan, aren't you becoming more of a bomb mania, or maybe even a bomb demon now?


"Hey--!! Crush this first!! The last giant wurm underground is starting to move, so level up with this first!!"


Reluctantly, Allis-chan paused her bombing and swung her fork down the core.


"Fueeeeeeh!! Destrooooyy!!"


Already used to crushing them from the slimes, the watermelon sized core was shattered in a single hit.

At the same time, the last giant wurm in the ground rose from underground.


"Allis-chan!! Next one's at two o'clock!! Here it comes!!"


But Allis-chan calmly looked at her case of explosion items and spoke up with a regrettable tone.


"Fueeeeh!! Bella-chan!! There's only about thirty 『Bombs』and 『Remote Controlled Landmines』 left!!"


You like it that much? Bombing, that is.

Speaking of, did she really use a total of 140 explosives on the plains of the royal capital? In about 30 minutes?

That's on the level of a war between countries, you know?

I did say to "Let me know when you have few left", but I didn't think she would actually use that much... This big sister here is shocked!!


With a teary, yet slightly expectant look in her eyes, Allis-chan held her hands out and requested for more.

You still need more?!


"After I take care of this one, I'll put up a shield for five minutes!! I'll replenish it then, so make do with those for now!!"


Unable to immediately get the item she wished for, Allis-chan was dejected.


"Okaaay. Destroooy......"


Now look here, Allis-chan.

All the young wurms were practically annihilated by you alone, okay?

Another, say, 60 rounds would be more than enough with excess over.


At any rate, it seems fine to leave Allis-chan by herself, so I ran towards the last giant wurm.






"What is this....."


As soon as he reached the plains, Marcus muttered in shock and stood in a daze.

The plains looked as if it had been a warzone, with gouges littered everywhere, and three giant wurm bodies..... Was it three? were lying about.

Not only that, but... could those be what was left of the young wurms? They were scattered all over the plain.

FYI, a young wurm was about the size of an adult anaconda.

And those were all over the plains.


In the midst of such a hellish scene, two little girls wielding a giant 『Knife』 and『Fork』 were happily running around, squealing.



"Bella-chan~!! There are magic stones here as well!! Can't miss these."


"Allis-chan!! Good job!! This is a good harvest of Magic Stones!!"


"But many of the little wurms don't have magic stones.... The size of the magic stones are also small..."


Allis-chan muttered in disappointment while poking the magic stone on her palm.


"Given our age and experience, I think this is fairly good, though?"


"But, these aren't enough to make a lot of explosives....."


So you still hadn't given up on that.

What in the world would a marquis’s daughter even use explosives for?

It was just irregular this time, and I'm sure you wouldn't face monsters on a regular basis.


In the span of just one morning, Allis-chan had evolved into a fine "Destroyer" not unlike an army reserve soldier...

...I wonder if I can cancel the evolution3........



    Next chapter is Allis-chan's status check☆

    And the second prince wakes up☆

  1. 『一閃 (いっせん)』
  2. 『桜花五連閃光 (おうかごれんせんこう)』
  3. pokemon reference


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