I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 39 (Part 3)

Shen Liyao has also been upset recently.

The number of errors in his experiments had increased and he was absent-minded when playing basketball.

After that day when Zhao Mingxi declared that she no longer liked him in front of his teammates in the hallway, she never came to look for him again.

More than that, she was avoiding him deliberately.

The person he met every day just disappeared from his world.

At first, Shen Liyao still held some secret expectation with a cold face, thinking that this was another chance for her to act mischievous, and that she was perhaps not sincere.

However, as time passed day by day, Shen Liyao gradually realized that Zhao Mingxi, amidst the daily confusion and anxiety, really walked there and then stopped.

She will not approach his world anymore.

Shen Liyao was not used to this.

How could he get used to this?

She was no longer on the sidelines when he played basketball.

When he pushed the door of the broadcasting room, he subconsciously thought she would be inside and was ready to say hello, but it was other girls who greeted him.

They no longer encountered each other in the library. He used to stay in the computer science area because he thought Zhao Mingxi would still be there, pretending to be searching for him inadvertently— but no.

She never appeared anymore.

Although everything was out of his control, Shen Liyao was still desperately enduring the anxiety caused by these unusual occurrences.

If he made a mistake in an experiment, then he would punish himself by doing it again.

When he was distracted while reading literature, he would force himself to calm down.

He felt that he didn't like Zhao Mingxi. All the abnormal psychology that appeared now was just some of the consequences of the word ‘unaccustomed’.

Once he gets used to the absence of Zhao Mingxi, everything will be back on track.

—That was what Shen Liyao thought.

But what was strange was that during Madam Zhao’s birthday party, he could not help but pick the style that Zhao Mingxi said was the most suitable for him before, and pretended to scan the crowd casually to see whether Zhao Mingxi was coming.

Of course Zhao Mingxi didn't come that day. Later he heard that Zhao Mingxi had severed all ties with her family.

When Zhao Mingxi no longer appeared in his world, his speed of obtaining information seriously lagged behind. He could only latch on to some gossip between her and Fu Yangxi from others.

Shen Liyao began to realize that other emotions were breeding in his heart. It was not just an unaccustomed feeling, but also— the irritability of seeing gold medals fall into the hands of others when he was a child.

After all, the classrooms of the two classes were on the same floor, so there would be occasions when they would pass each other by in the corridor.

Shen Liyao pretended not to see her everytime. But through the corner of his eyes he caught a glimpse of Zhao Mingxi and noticed that she, too, was not paying any attention to him.

Shen Liyao was unhappy. He thought that Zhao Mingxi was actually holding it back. After the two passed each other by, Zhao Mingxi should look back. But when he couldn't help it and looked back.

He realized.

The only one turning back was him.


If he was just not accustomed to it, then in more than a month, he should have been accustomed to not having Zhao Mingxi in his life.

But why was he still so unhappy?

Could there be something else?

To prove this point, Shen Liyao accepted an invitation from Kong Jiaze a few days ago and accompanied her to the zoo. Kong Jiaze was excited. She even put on a skirt with her bare legs out in the cold wind of more than ten degrees. However, after finishing all the dating projects, Shen Liyao only felt disappointed. He even went back to the school laboratory in advance that night.

Kong Jiaze can't do it, others can’t seem to do it either.

Shen Liyao gradually developed a terrible speculation in his heart.

Do I actually care about Zhao Mingxi—?

After a few days of solemn contemplation, Shen Liyao asked Ye Bai coldly in the laboratory, “If I go chasing after Zhao Mingxi now, what do you think?”

Ye Bai was shocked to the core. Although he discovered Shen Liyao's abnormality recently, he wondered whether Shen Liyao actually liked Zhao Mingxi. However, he never expected that Shen Liyao would have the idea of chasing people back! How determined was he?! At least Zhao Mingxi and a gold medal must be regarded as equally important.

"Are you serious?" Ye Bai's pupils were shaking. After he recovered, he thought about it and said, “I think, God Yao, if you are really uncomfortable, then you can chase her back. If it's you, surely Zhao Mingxi will come back as soon as you start. She used to like you so much."

As Shen Liyao received an affirmative answer, he was relieved and feeling a lot more relaxed.

He had a rare good night's sleep this night.

Shen Liyao has always acted quickly. On the second day, he began to formulate a series of schedules.

It was impossible for someone like Shen Liyao to confess rashly. He intended to take this step by step.

Let's be friends first.

So this Friday, after playing basketball, he returned to the classroom to take the school stipend and time schedule for training and walked towards the International Class.

ray's note: hey everyone i'm back! i'm finally free of work (for now) so here's the long awaited update! sorry to have kept you guys waiting. in other good news: i've received the funds to sponsor my new laptop 🎊 thank you guys so, so much for your support. it means the absolute world to me. i will never forget the change you all have made to my life. i will remember this moment and gift of kindness forever. this story would not be possible without you all. thank you! ❤️

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