I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 39 (Part 2)

Before Zhao Yuan could find out about her, E Xiaoxia got a few strands of her hair. Then, without eating any of her food, she hurried away.

After meeting Nanny Zhang, Zhao Yuan went back to school and bumped into Pu Shuang who was buying snacks in the supermarket near the entrance of the school.

The two walked back together.

"You gave your nanny money?" Pu Shuang was surprised when Zhao Yuan mentioned it. "Wasn't she fired because she said bad things about Zhao Mingxi? An employee who couldn’t control her mouth, dismissal is worthy of the crime, right? I’m sure you can find a new nanny who is efficient at work-"

Before Pu Shuang finished speaking, she glanced at Zhao Yuan’s face and quickly said, “Of course, I mean, it wasn’t necessary to dismiss her. It’s just a sentence from Zhao Mingxi and she didn’t commit any big mistakes. It's too pitiful for her to be fired just like this."

Zhao Yuan said, "That’s why I gave her 50,000 yuan. After all, it's not easy to find a job at the end of the year. She used to be very good to me. When I’m down with a cold, she will cook chicken soup for me and take care of me all night."

"You are too kind." Pu Shuang sighed. "50,000 yuan. That’s enough for her to not work for half a year. You can give it to her this one time, but there shouldn’t be a next time, or else she might just cheat you out of your money."

Zhao Yuan's expression relaxed. She said, "Yeah, I know."

When the two walked across the basketball court, Pu Shuang asked again, "What about your eldest brother?"

Zhao Yuan smiled lightly. "It's done."

Zhao Zhanhuai naturally didn't know how she managed it. He only thought that she invited her classmate to dinner and then that classmate begged his dad. That’s why the Lu family showed signs of letting go.

Zhao Zhanhuai felt that she had helped a lot, so he took the initiative to call her last night.

This was practically the first time Zhao Zhanhuai had taken the initiative to call her this month.

Zhao Zhanhuai’s company must now acquire that piece of land in order to make a new layout, otherwise the operating benefits of the entire year will collapse.

Even if the Lu family refused to lower the price, in the end Zhao Zhanhuai would still buy that piece of land for a big price.

Now, Zhao Yuan has helped him pry Mr. Lu's mouth open and the purchase price had a possibility of lowering. This could save Zhao Zhanhuai's company a large amount of working capital.

Of course Zhao Zhanhuai felt relieved.

Zhao Yuan won again and again, so she was in a good mood today. She just felt that everything could be restored by herself to the way it was when there was no Zhao Mingxi.

Next, it was time to prepare for the School Celebration and the Tournament.

"Lu Ye looks like he got beat up when he came to school today. I wonder if he was beaten by his father." Pu Shuang looked at Zhao Yuan. She hesitated. "Did you really agree to date him?"

"We’re only watching a movie," Zhao Yuan glanced at Pu Shuang and said. "I’ve never promised to date anyone before."

Pu Shuang: “...”

Pu Shuang stopped, suddenly feeling strange towards Zhao Yuan. At that moment, she didn't know what to say.

But Zhao Yuan was already way ahead of her.

Pu Shuang stared at Zhao Yuan's back for a while, then followed after her.


The fact that Lu Ye helped Zhao Yuan quickly reached Ke Chengwen's ears. It wasn’t that Ke Chengwen wanted to inquire about it deliberately, but the basketball court was only so big.

Lu Ye was so excited to be able to watch a movie with the goddess. He was so loud when he was proclaiming it everywhere.

In the afternoon, during the physical education class, Ke Chengwen went over with a basketball and immediately told Fu Yangxi and Jiang Xiuqiu about it.

Jiang Xiuqiu was wearing a down jacket as he curled up in the corner and shook his hands. His neck was tucked into his collar. He couldn’t figure out the situation. "So? What does this have to do with us?"

After he said this, he smiled and accepted the love letters handed over by the two blushing girls.

"You don't understand," Ke Chengwen said anxiously. "You don't know the troubles in Zhao Mingxi's house! What is Zhao Yuan doing now? She is winning favor! The reason why she asked Lu Ye to do that is because she wants the Zhao family to turn to her side!"

Jiang Xiuqiu stuffed the love letter into his pocket and returned to his expressionless appearance. "But Zhao Mingxi has severed ties with her family, right? She doesn't care who the Zhao family will favor in the future. The emperor is not in a hurry, so why are you, the eunuch, so anxious?"

"Xi ge, what do you say?" Ke Chengwen could not communicate with Jiang Xiuqiu, so he looked directly to Fu Yangxi.

Fu Yangxi's arrogant red hair froze in the cold wind. His handsome eyes were filled with depression because of his loss of love.

He stared sullenly at Shen Liyao, who was playing basketball over there, and unconsciously pressed his fingers on the can of Coke until the liquid popped out and the can was squeezed into a twisted ball.

He didn't seem to be listening to what Ke Chengwen said.

But after Ke Chengwen finished speaking, he let out a cold sigh.

“Give me your phone.”

Ke Chengwen quickly searched in his pocket and took out his phone for him.

Fu Yangxi picked up the phone, got up, walked a few steps away from them, and dialed a number.

Jiang Xiuqiu was so cold that he couldn't move his neck. He turned his whole body over to look at Fu Yangxi. He wondered, "He is-"

Ke Chengwen said in understanding, "Ruining Zhao Yuan's plans."

Jiang Xiuqiu: “...”

When Fu Yangxi came back, Jiang Xiuqiu sighed and said, "Zhao Mingxi doesn't like you at all. You’ve fallen out of love, yet you still care about her."

Fu Yangxi said angrily, "I'm not caring about her. I simply can't understand the Zhao family and don't want them to get better. This is my personal business, understood?"

Jiang Xiuqiu said, "Didn’t I say this earlier? Ever since we were little, I have never seen anyone pursuing us because of our personality. You still don't believe in that. Look, it’s true—"

Fu Yangxi's mentality instantly collapsed, and his sanity immediately exploded into burning fireworks.

His blood rushed up to his head. He stood up with a loud noise, dropped the coke can, and grabbed Jiang Xiuqiu's collar: "Do you want to f*cking fight?"

Jiang Xiuqiu's collar was deformed, but he was like an old, calm monk. He wasn’t angry, instead, he sighed in mourning.

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Fu Yangxi let go of Jiang Xiuqiu's collar and sat down beside him in frustration.

The warmth on Zhao Mingxi's body was real. She once created a wonderful dream for him, and it made his limbs warm every night when he fell asleep.

Zhao Mingxi once gave him one more reason to dream, which made him a bit less afraid of the nightmares of the past.

But now, the dream is broken, and the light is gone.

Zhao Mingxi was still warm, and the candy she gave him was still very sweet.

But Fu Yangxi's fingertips remained cold.

Seeing the depressing atmosphere looming above the two of them, Ke Chengwen couldn't help but to be affected as well. He sat down next to them. After thinking about it in distress, Ke Chengwen said, "Maybe-"

The two heads next to him turned to look at him.

Ke Chengwen was under a lot of pressure, but he could only bite the bullet and express his thoughts, "There’s nothing too difficult in this world for the rich. Maybe we can think of a way to throw money at the Shen family to drive Shen Liyao away and make him transfer to another school?! If Zhao Mingxi can't see Shen Liyao, she will gradually forget about him!"

Jiang Xiuqiu shook his head. "Not necessarily. Have you never heard that long-distance relationships can stimulate people's hormones? By doing this, you won't know whether you are helping the two of them or breaking them apart."

Jiang Xiuqiu continued to analyze, "Moreover, if Shen Liyao transfers to another school so abruptly, Zhao Mingxi will definitely feel that something is wrong. Fu Yangxi could be like the villain in a TV series. Have you ever seen a villain getting together with the main female protagonist?"



The three of them couldn’t think of any other methods.

Fu Yangxi continued to glare at Shen Liyao from a distance.

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