Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 39 Part 2

San Qi saw Ah Jin finished absorbing the energy and asked, "Master, I-"

"Who is your master? Stop talking nonsense. I can't afford to raise a blood-sucking bird like you."

Ah Jin interrupted it.

San Qi suppressed the anger in its heart.

"Okay, boss. I have chosen a mission for you. You can be on your way."

Ah Jin also left without asking what the mission was.

San Qi waited for her to leave and went on a rampage in the space.

It madly flew around the space.

It even laid and rolled on the ground to vent its pent-up frustration and anger.

Ah Jin was getting stronger.

Even the mission kept failing, it was hard to fight and hard to curse.

The space would only settle the completion of the missions.

It did not care if Ah Jin died.

If the client asked to live well, the space would definitely deduct energy for Ah Jin's suicide.

If the client did not mention it, the space wouldn't meddle at all.

Even if San Qi was to find a mission for Ah Jin to live well, she would still find the opportunity to kill herself.

She was so sure that San Qi would definitely save her and was therefore acting even more recklessly.

If San Qi failed to save her, its share of energy would be even less.

But if San Qi used its own energy to save her, it could still stop the loss at that moment.

The "birdlife" was dark.

If it knew, it would not be greedy to participate in the company's plan.

It would have found a random stupid and obedient host to manipulate.

Although the energy growth would be extremely slow, it was better than now ah.

It was not only suffering from Ah Jin's torture, but also its own freedom was gone.

It was expected that even its little life would be taken into account.

The more San Qi thought about it, the more aggrieved it was.

Finally, it sat on the floor of the space and wept.

The feathers were all over the floor.

It was a sad little bird.

Whoever saw this scene would have sighed.

It was really miserable, but unfortunately, the space was empty, and there was no one to pity it.

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