I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 39 (Part 1)

While the atmosphere of the International Class had become really weird because of Zhao Mingxi and Fu Yangxi, the atmosphere of the Evergreen Class and Gold Medal Class were not much better either.

For the last fight for the seat in the Tournament, the entire Evergreen Class was defeated in public. So far, whenever they met people from the International Class on the road, they could not hold their heads up. The group of Fu Yangxi's followers in the International Class were also unkind with their words. Whenever they saw them, they would mock and ridicule them. They wanted to fight but they had no reason to do so, hence they were frustrated to death.

In addition, Miss Ye Bing, their homeroom teacher, was criticized face-to-face for offending Professor Gao. Recently, the air pressure in their class has also been extremely low. As soon as she entered the classroom, she would pull a long face, effectively strangling all the fun in the room. This caused the entire Evergreen Class to be in dire straits and miserable.

In such a situation, the entire class could easily start fights with each other.

At the beginning, when the title of School Beauty was given to Zhao Mingxi, the people in the Evergreen Class didn't think it mattered. Anyway, Zhao Mingxi was several times more beautiful than Zhao Yuan. This was a fact before their eyes. Afterwards, when Zhao Mingxi was about to become the host of the Annual School Celebration, most of the people in the Evergreen Class were still indifferent. After all, why did it matter who became the host...?

But after experiencing the last incident, the dignity of the entire Evergreen Class was trampled to the ground. They couldn't sit still anymore! They started to think of Zhao Mingxi as a member of the International Class and began to quarrel with the enemy!

So when the lineup of events for the Annual School Celebration was released and the Literature Department announced that this year's host was still Zhao Yuan, the entire Evergreen Class let out sighs of relief and cheered.

After all, the class of the host would have the right to perform at the finale.

Zhao Yuan also let out a mental sigh of relief. She was finally able to win something back after the recent series of incidents.


What Zhao Yuan and the Evergreen Class didn't know was that just after she had contacted the teacher of the Literature Department that day, that teacher still offered the position to Zhao Mingxi again.

But Mingxi flatly refused her.

Thus, this opportunity went round and round before it finally fell into Zhao Yuan's hands.

Mingxi's thoughts were very simple. She couldn’t be bothered to fight with Zhao Yuan for what she has.

It was more sensible for her to have more time to study.

If this happened in the past, Mingxi might want to perform something for the show because the Zhao family would be watching during school celebrations. She would want to show off her face for the family to see.

After all, she was also a child who was full of expectations and wanted to be praised.

But now Mingxi didn’t care about these at all.

Even without their love, she could live well by herself.

Except for those who participated in the Tournament, the Evergreen Class was celebrating.

They enthusiastically began to prepare for the finale of this year's school celebration.

Only two people were not so happy.

Li Haiyang thought this year's host would be Zhao Mingxi so he quietly looked forward to it for a long time, but now he was told that it was going to be Zhao Yuan?

What's the difference between this and a fan who waited for a long time for his idol’s concert, but was suddenly told that a passerby would be on the stage?

He didn’t like Zhao Yuan, so naturally she was just a passerby to him.

"Don’t you guys find it boring?" Li Haiyang grabbed the gift from the table and couldn't help but murmur, "It was Zhao Yuan for the first two years. Don’t the school teachers feel bored?"

"What are you talking about?!" Lu Ye, who happened to walk by, heard him and immediately came back and grabbed him by the collar. He almost fought him. "What's wrong with Zhao Yuan? Zhao Yuan is good-looking. If you’re not convinced, just shut up!"

Looking at the wound on Lu Ye’s face, Li Haiyang felt that Lu Ye was a little stupid. "You stole your father’s bidding documents for Zhao Yuan and threatened your dad with your life! Does Zhao Yuan know that you did this? And even if you succeeded in helping Zhao Yuan, will Zhao Yuan remember you in the end?"

The two were friends, so Li Haiyang found it necessary to remind Lu Ye.

However, he was interrupted by Lu Ye before he could finish his sentence.

"What do you know? Zhao Yuan promised to go to the movies with me next weekend." Lu Ye glanced at Zhao Yuan's beautiful figure in the front row with a happy smile on his face. "At least I finally have a chance."

He ridiculed Li Haiyang again, "What about you? It’s been so many days, yet you still haven’t been able to give her a gift."

Li Haiyangyu was rendered speechless.

Another person who was not so happy was E Xiaoxia.

Her popularity in the Evergreen Class had declined to the point that only Miao Ran, who was her childhood friend, would still talk to her.

However, she couldn't figure out why everyone hated her yet not Zhao Yuan.

Can’t anyone see that Zhao Yuan is not as kind as she seems?

E Xiaoxia glanced at Zhao Yuan who was smiling and talking to Lu Ye. Then, she lowered her head to open her stationery box and glanced at two palm-sized transparent sealed bags.

The first one contained a few hairs that she took from Zhao Yuning's sweater while he was playing basketball in school two days ago.

E Xiaoxia wasn’t sure if it was Zhao Yuning’s. To be on the safe side, she paid out several thousand yuan and asked Miao Ran to pretend to have a crush on Zhao Yuning’s junior so that she could hand the money to one of Zhao Yuning’s basketball teammates. That guy pulled a few pieces of hair from his head and put them in another sealed bag.

All that was needed next was a piece of Zhao Yuan's hair.

E Xiaoxia was thoughtful. For the past few days, she had been thinking of ways to get Zhao Yuan's hair. However, Zhao Yuan was being very defensive towards her now. No matter how cautious she was, as soon as she got close to Zhao Yuan, she would be pushed away by Pu Shuang.

So it was very difficult.

But E Xiaoxia did not give up. She always felt that her intuition wasn’t wrong.

And even if there was a mistake in her intuition and the DNA test shows that Zhao Yuning and Zhao Yuan are siblings, there was not much for her to lose.

At noon that day, when she saw that Zhao Yuan did not go to dinner with Pu Shuang and the others but left the school alone, she hurriedly followed.

Zhao Yuan seemed to have an appointment and was waiting at a Japanese restaurant.

E Xiaoxia pulled out the chair at another table and sat behind the green plants, only to find that the person who rushed to meet Zhao Yuan was a nanny.

E Xiaoxia took a closer look and found that she recognized her. She was the Nanny Zhang in Zhao Yuan's family— the one who treated Zhao Yuan the best.

Previously, whenever E Xiaoxia went to Zhao Yuan's house, she observed that Nanny Zhang was always very enthusiastic, but she was only enthusiastic to Zhao Yuan's friends. In comparison, her attitude towards Zhao Mingxi was really bad.

Now Nanny Zhang seems to have left the Zhao family.

E Xiaoxia saw Zhao Yuan giving Nanny Zhang some money, saying that it was for her daily expenses.

E Xiaoxia's eyes wandered around. She called a waiter, gave him tens of thousands of yuan and whispered a few words to him.

Although the waiter couldn't figure out why the customer would want him to take the hair of those from the table over there, he was certainly willing to do such a simple thing for tens of thousands of yuan.

However, after walking over and serving the hot pot, the waiter became a little nervous and for a moment forgot whether “that woman” which E Xiaoxia mentioned was the young one or the older one.

As he did not have so much time to think, he quietly took the sample from the both of them.

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