His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 39 - Injured

The horse carriage sped out of the fruit garden and zoomed across the road.

Shen Ziqiao’s face was icy cold and she sat up straighter, clutching her hands tightly and then letting go again. Although she didn't say a word, her face was full of worry and her heart was full of anxiety. She couldn’t help but return to the village right away.

“Five, faster. Go faster!” She couldn’t help but rush the servant driving the horse carriage. The carriage jolted, making Shen Ziqiao’s body bang against the wall.

“Third Miss!” Hong Yu hurriedly held onto her, afraid she might be injured. “We’ll be there soon. Don’t be anxious.”

How could she possibly not be anxious? Shen Ziyang, that bastard, dared to come here to bully her people. Did he take her to be a good-for-nothing?

Thankfully, the fruit garden wasn’t far from the village and they arrived a bit later. Before the horse carriage fully stopped, Shen Ziqiao was already pushing the curtains to the side and jumping out. She pulled the hem of her dress up as she ran towards the main hall. She could faintly hear people crying for mercy already; it was Lady Lin and Hai Tang’s voices. She felt a surge of anger in her heart.

“Shen Ziyang, what are you doing?” Shen Ziqiao asked while slightly panting, her face red from running.

Almost all of the servants in the village were here, kneeling on the empty ground ahead. Standing in front of them was the arrogant and mighty Shen Ziyang and two young men that Shen Ziqiao never saw before. The two men wore glamorous and bright clothes. She could tell that they had extraordinary statuses, but they were smiling right now and completely ignoring the servants’ crying and weeping expressions.

“Ziyang, this is the sister that was kicked out by the Old Madam?” One of the young men wearing purple-red silk clothes glanced at Shen Ziqiao who was standing by the door in disdain and rudely.

Shen Ziqiao didn’t bother to ask about these two young men. She walked towards Shen Ziyang with an ashen expression and watched as Lady Lin was hugging a seven or eight years old young boy, crying. She hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong with Tie Dan?”

Tie Dan was Lady Lin’s son and he was groaning in pain in his mother’s arms.

Lady Meng had an unwell expression as she gently caressed Tie Dan’s feet. She said angrily, “Tie Dan was helping his father in the fields when these people arrived, riding their horses across the field and messing around. Tie Dan wanted to chase them away, but they bumped him over with their horses. He hurt his both feet and who knows whether his bones are broken or not.”

Shen Ziyang made a motion to kick Lady Meng. “Lowly servant, what is that tone of yours?!”

“Scram!” Shen Ziqiao kicked away Shen Ziyang’s feet and motioned for Zhao De. “Quickly invite a physician over.”

“He’s just a lowly servant. So what if he dies? Why bother inviting a physician over for him? He dared to get in this Young Master’s way, so he deserved getting kicked by the horse.” Not only didn’t Shen Ziyang think he was at fault, but he believed Tie Dan deserved this.

Shen Ziqiao was shaking with fury. She had been trying her best to let herself get used to this world. She had a different lifestyle, so she had been trying to change herself, forgetting about all the different modern tools and conveniences. Even though she wasn’t in the best state in the Shen Family, she wasn’t in despair. Instead, she still looked ahead positively. She was schemed by Sheng Peiyin, but instead of being discouraged, she searched for opportunities to turn the tables around. Even if she was kicked to this desolate village, she held the hope that she could quickly return back to the capital.

The only thing that she couldn’t endure was bastards who believed they were high and mighty, and that their lives were precious and priceless while other people’s lives were cheap and worthless!

No matter what, Shen Ziyang was her so-called younger brother. She always thought that he was just a bit spoiled and didn’t know how to respect people. Who knew that he was that bad.

“You’re saying that he deserved to be in this state right now?” Shen Ziqiao tried to calm her anger down as she asked word by word.

“Jiao Jiao, what are you doing? Are you going to stand up for a servant? Didn’t you frequently bully servants in the past as well? Compared to you, how am I doing anything bad?” Shen Ziyang interrogated, unable to understand. He found it hilarious that Shen Ziqiao was protecting the servants right now.

“When did I treat their lives worthlessly and cheaply? If something happens to Tie Dan, I won’t let you off easily.” Shen Ziqiao coldly said.

Shen Ziyang laughed out loud. “You won’t let me go? That’s hilarious. Guys, look. This is our Shen Family’s famous Third Miss. She’s basically like the reincarnation of a living Buddha.”

Slap! Shen Ziqiao couldn’t hold it in anymore nor did she want to. She slapped Shen Ziyang harshly. Not only was Shen Ziyang stupefied, but the other two young men’s smiles froze on their faces.

“The physician is here.” Hong Yu hurriedly walked in with a physician.

Shen Ziqiao ignored Shen Ziyang and had the physician immediately check out Tie Dan’s feet. Zhao Di and Yin Hua were about to come over to help move Tie Dan when Shen Ziqiao stopped them.

“Don’t move him. Have the physician check him out first.”

“You dare hit me? You dared to hit me again!” Shen Ziyang snapped out of his daze and angrily hollered. He was ashamed and angry. Shen Ziqiao dared to hit him in front of his friends. How would he go outside now? He’d completely lost his face.

Shen Ziqiao glanced at him and said, “What a pity that you’ve read the Holy Book, but not only don’t you have a generous heart, but you’re acting like a rascal instead. Shen Family’s face is going to be lost because of you. I’m teaching you a lesson on behalf of our father!”

“Physician, is there a bone fracture? Is it serious?” After cursing Shen Ziyang, Shen Ziqiao looked over and asked the physician in a low voice.

“His lower leg is broken and it is a bit difficult to set his bone back in place without moving him. Is there superior-quality ginseng at home? Cut a few slices for the child first.” The physician said this. He was an expert at bone injuries, so he knew how to treat him just by touching Tie Dan’s feet.

Lady Lin’s eyes were swollen from crying. "Ginseng?"

Lady Meng hurriedly said, “There aren’t any ginseng in the village. We can only go borrow some from Landlord Liu who lives in the town ahead…”

Shen Ziqiao hollered at Hong Yu, “Go quickly.”

“Silver!” Lady Meng shouted.

There wasn’t an accounting office in the village, so it wasn’t that easy to collect a few hundred silvers. Shen Ziqiao asked, “How much do you need? I only have a few dozen silvers. What do I do? What do I do?”

Hong Ying reminded her in time. “Third Miss, banknotes. You can also give them banknotes.”

Shen Ziqiao didn’t notice Lady Meng and Lady Lin’s strange expressions on their faces when she said she only had a few dozen silvers. “Hong Ying, hurriedly go get the banknotes. No matter how much it costs, you must get Landlord Liu to lend some ginseng to us.” Then she turned around to ask the physician, “Physician, just tell me what other ingredients you need. No matter how expensive and priceless it is, we’ll buy it.”

“This old physician has the ingredients to set the bone.” The physician looked at Shen Ziqiao. He didn’t think that a wealthy young miss would put so much effort in for a servant. He couldn’t help but view her favorably.

Meanwhile, Shen Ziyang was infuriated by the side. “You dare to give a cheap servant ginseng? Shen Ziqiao, you’ve gone crazy.”

“Scram! Don’t make me beat you up again.” Shen Ziqiao harshly warned Shen Ziyang.

“This belongs to the Shen Family. Are you saying that I can’t be here?” Shen Ziyang’s left face was swollen from the slap, but he didn’t know his place and still thought that Shen Ziqiao wouldn’t dare to do anything to him.

Shen Ziqiao sneered and said, “Hong Ying, beat these rascals out!”

“You dare!” Shen Ziyang yelled loudly.

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