The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 39 - Celebrity Dream


Cheng Jinyu, “Thank you Chief Jiang for the affection. This small company of mine cannot compete with Chief Jiang, Chief Jiang had better just let me run its course. Chief Jiang, is there something else you needed? I still have something to do, leaving first.”

Jiang Zihan, “I feel that we could become friends.”

“I’m unworthy.” Cheng Jinyu stared at him, eyes indifferent and cold.

Jaing Zihan’s smile retreated and Cheng Jinyu drove away at lightning speed.

Jiang Zihan merely felt that his heart felt stuffy. He couldn't say where he was uncomfortable, but overall only felt that he wanted to provoke this person called Biao Ge.

Cheng Yan was free and unfettered for over two months. She firmly experienced the addiction of having money. But only the clothes and purse were name brands, in the end she ran out of money.

The clothes and purse were sold for quite a lot of money, but after squandering it all off, she finally only had her one outfit when she returned home. Reaching home,  the shabby walls, moldly scent, and her mother’s senile smile made Cheng Yan feel endlessly gloomy.

Mama Cheng had wanted to ask her where she went these days but Cheng Yan hastily ran out from the house. How come her family was this impoverished? How come she has to accept this hardship?

Cheng Yan thought of these things, tears couldn't help but leak out.

“You are Cheng Yan?”

“Who are you?” Cheng Yan looked at the lady in front of her.

Sister Zhang smiled. “My family’s lady is searching for you, she is waiting in front of you. Please come with me.”

Cheng Yan followed over and saw sitting inside a grand car was a luxurious lady. Looking carefully she actually looked a bit similar to her oldest brother.

“You... You are big brother’s aunt aren't you?” Cheng Yan said a bit excitedly. “I wanted to meet you earlier, didn’ think I would meet you here. It really is fortunate.”

“Are you looking for my older brother? Big brother isn’t home right now. If you have anything just tell me, I can help you convey it.”

Tan Liyun smiled and said, “You really are a good girl. Ah Cheng Jinyu… I told him plenty of times before to bring his siblings over to play, but he just wouldn’t listen!”

Cheng Yan's heart felt smothered. She kept wanting to get in contact with the people from the Chen Family, but big brother never gave her a chance.

Cheng Yan smiled with difficulty. “We are all children from a small household, we don’t understand the customs. Big brother must have been afraid that we’d be a disturbance and turn him into a joke.”

“What are you saying? You are considered my benefactor. If it wasn’t for your mother, we wouldn’t be sure if our family’s Jinyu could continue to survive. I keep looking for an opportunity to repay you guys, only before I was very busy, I really couldn’t find the time.”

“Big brother is like my real blood brother, my mother is also like his real mother. We treat him like we should, there's no need to thank us.”

Tan Liyun's smile was even more affectionate. “You really are a good and honest child, but you really don’t want my thanks? I brought over things in good faith.”

Cheng Yan’s eyes brightened, “ what you’re saying true?”

“Of course it is. Why would I need to lie.”

Cheng Yan was completely happy. “If you genuinely feel that you are shorting us, it would be better to prepare me for hospital work! I’ve already graduated for a long time, and I continue to not have a job.”

Tan Liyun, “You want to become a doctor? You like to be a doctor?”

Cheng Yan, “It's hard to say whether I like or not, but nevertheless I still need to find a job. Or else my mother will nag me. She urges me everyday. You are a big person, arranging me into a hospital shouldn’t be too hard!”

Tan Liyun looked at the girl in front of her. She was wearing clothes that did not match her body.  The investigation was correct, she was hundred percent a greedy ghost.

Tan Liyun, “If you really want to enter a hospital then naturally I can arrange it. But I think that it's not good for a girl to enter the hospital. You’re in contact with sick patients all day, perhaps even need to see dead people. That kind of place, a female isn’t suited for it.”

Cheng Yan also thought so. Originally she really liked hospital work and felt that kind of work was stable and would give her face. Afterwards when she found a doctor to be her husband she could also live well.

Although it wouldn’t be bad, it was not comparable to the rich women in front of her. In the past Cheng Yan did not have this kind of thirst for the life of rich people, but this name brand purse and clothes that she had for a few days really made her feel for the feeling of being rich.

Cheng Yan sighed, “Nothing you can do, this is my life.”

Tan Liyun, “If you did not come across me, perhaps this would be your life. But now you’ve come across me, then naturally it would not be the same. I also looked at you, I suddenly thought of an idea.”

“What idea?” Cheng Yan asked.

“I just established my own entertainment company. Now that the entertainment circle is very profitable, many celebrities are starting personal studios. I’ve been looking for new people to add to our company and I feel that you have a celebrity temperament. Look at yourself. Although you didn’t grow up to be a first rate beauty, but your temperament is extremely good.”

“Furthermore, your words are sharp and clear, talking and laughter is quiet. I think you fit our company’s requirements. How about you sign a contract with our company? Thanks to our relationship, I’ll definitely prioritize raising you up.”

“What did you say? You said... you want me to become a celebrity?” Cheng Yan thoroughly excited stood up, even grabbed onto Tan Liyun’s wrist.

Tan Liyun disgustedly looked at her, but thinking of her own plan she could only bear it.

“It’s a proposal, I am also looking out for Jinyu’s face. Of course, you can refuse.”

“Why would I refuse? I’ve always wanted to be a celebrity. I really want to become an actress or become a celebrity. Many people say that I’m very similar to the current popular idol Yanan, isn’t it very similar? Temperament is also a bit similar?”

Originally Cheng Yan thought that in this lifetime she could only live a life full of hardship. She didn’t think that this big meat pie would fall from the heavens. The big meat pie smashed her dizzy. Regarding this road on becoming a celebrity, she was already very excited to try.

Tan Liyun smiled and said, “Yanan is also at our company and recently signed a contract. If you can also come to our company, we can have you guys do a collaboration. Let you make a public appearance together..”

“That's too good, very good. Am I dreaming? Am I really going to become a celebrity? I want to become a big star!” Cheng Yan directly shouted out loud.

Tan Liyun actually felt that this girl was too easy to swindle. She didn't even have to spend much effort.

Tan Liyun, “Then you should hurry and come to our company to sign a contract. We have a limited amount of people we are signing, if you go too late there won’t be an opportunity.”

“Ok, ok, I’ll go right now.”

“That's right, Don’t tell Jinyu about this just yet. You know his temper, he doesn’t like me being in contact with you guys. If he knew I was helping you like this, he most likely will get angry.”

Cheng Yan was a bit angry. Big brother's aunt was obviously so nice, at that time it really was because he didn’t want to help her talk to his aunt to arrange her into a hospital.

She guessed what was on her big brother’s mind. It was most likely because she wasn’t his real sister so she was not allowed to live well.

Cheng Yan, “Don’t worry, I definitely won’t tell my big brother. This is the secret between us, I won’t tell another person.”

Jiang Zihan smiled, “Uncle, I must pay my respects to you with this cup. I worship you a lot and wanted to meet you before.”

Jiang Zihan said this and lifted his wine cup up again.

Chen Xiuyuan drank a mouthful. Chen Yuze smiled and said, “Dad, drink a little less. If mom knows I brought you to drink, she will most definitely be unhappy.”

“Brother Zihan treats me very well. These past few years he treats me as his younger brother.”

Jiang Zihan took a quick glance at Chen Yuze, smiled and said, “We have been friends since young, naturally you are like a younger brother.”

Chen Xiuyuan, “Yuze does not have a younger brother. Having friends like you is good.”

Jiang Zihan smiled and spoke. “Haha, We all admire Yuze to have a father like you.”

Chen Yuze forced out a smile. What Jiang Zihan said was a bit flattering. Many people envied him for having this kind of father? Besides giving him money what has this father given him?

Even right now this person was clearly sitting by his side, but he could not see an ounce of fatherly love from him.

Chen Yuze sometimes didn’t understand why his mother married him? Don’t tell me it was really for this man’s money? Or was it for the so-called reputation?

This man all year round would only come home a few times. His mother every night stayed home alone. The villa was very large, inside were so many people, but Chen Yuze still felt that it was very cold.

Chen Yuze looked at the man next to him, the years were especially cruel to him. He was only 50 years old, but compared to others the changes were great.

The wrinkles on his face had piled up, temples also had grown out quite a few white hairs. From day to night he was working. Besides work and making money, this person’s life had nothing else.

Zhang Hongyu smiled. ”Uncle, Brother Zihan’s project, how is it? Brother Zihan’s clothes are very popular. Reckoned to be one of the best domestically.”

Jiang Zihan smiled and said, “Hongyu, We are here to treat Uncle to eat, don’t need to talk about business here.”

Chen Xiuyuan took a quick lgance at Jiang Zihan, “Your accomplishments for your age aren’t bad. I’ve already taken a look at your company’s data. Just go according to normal procedures and you’ll be fine.”

Jiang Zihan understood the person, naturally understood his hidden meaning. Although he did not respond with much, but most definitely would take care of him.

Chen Xiuyuan’s company was very large. They would most definitely go with the normal bidding procedures. But Chen Xiuyuan’s meaning was already enough for him.

Jiang Zihan hurried to stand up, “Thank you Uncle’s care. Zihan first thanks you.”

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