End of World Businessman

Chapter 39.3: Digging Gold in Qingmin County [3]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 39.3: Digging Gold in Qingmin County [3]

In contrast, the competition among the ordinary zombie hunters was much tenser. After all, for the average zombie hunters, the payment of guaranteed 4.000 transparent crystals was something that was really hard to come by. As such, it was obvious that it would be very competitive. Not only that, because of the constant incoming applicant Qin Wuhua had to spend the whole morning picking the candidates.

In the end, Qin Wuhua chose 20 ordinary zombie hunters. And aside from their ability, these people have one common feature. They were all former soldiers before the end of the world.

Obedience is engraved in the soldier’s bone. It was their nature. Therefore, Qin Wuhua chose them out of all applicants.

After signing the employment agreement at noon on the same day and paying the corresponding guaranteed base salary, Qin Wuhua took these people to go to the hunting area for training. So, for the whole afternoon and the morning the next day, he took these 30 people to train. After this training, these 30 people went from fighting alone at the beginning to cooperating together in a coordinated manner in the end. As such, they managed to build tacit understanding with each other and increased their combat effectiveness in this time.

While Qin Wuhua was busy with that, Wu Ye was spending his hard-earned capital to exchange for three small energy isolation boxes from the system. He then asked Ji Yun to weld the four isolation boxes in his hand into a large box. Additionally, he asked Ji Yun to also attach it to the Craniotomy Robot’s body. Not only that, but he also asked him to modify the body into a conical shape with a very small opening.

This way, each time the Craniotomy Robot picked up crystal nuclei with its ‘hand’, it would directly put the crystal into the isolation box and close the lid. However, the efficiency of the robot became lower. To fix this, Ji Yun and Professor Li hurriedly installed another arm to the Craniotomy Robot, which allowed it to use two hands alternatively. It was only then that the efficiency in gathering crystal nuclei returned to the original level.

While Wu Ye’s side was busy with his things, the others were also busy with their own plan. After the disagreement that day, Xu Yan and Chen Baoguan both sent their men down to Qingmin County. They were trying to chart out their own routes there. However, the people they had sent there didn’t return within the stipulated time frame. Therefore, in the end, the two had to dismiss their idea and agreed to Zhou Sheng’s distribution method.

The next step was to discuss their strategy and tactics.

For this discussion, everyone agreed to move the location to a separate ‘mansion’ rented by Zhou Sheng. Once there, Zhou Sheng took out the map of Qingmin County he owned and shared the route with everyone.

According to the map, after arriving at the outskirts of Qingmin County, everyone should head to the industrial park avenue there. Once they were on this road, they could directly go to their destination, Cao Nan Street, using an old street that was only known to the locals.

After talking about the route, they discussed the area they were going to loot. After much discussion, everyone agreed that Zhou Sheng and Wu Ye would be in charge of the upper street. Meanwhile, Xu Yan and Chen Baoguan would be in charge of the lower street.

And since they likely only had a ten-minutes window time to act once they entered the street, they all agreed on one point. Once a party had entered a store, no matter what was in it, the other three shouldn’t enter it. This way, they wouldn’t waste their time fighting and potentially losing their life unnecessarily.

Then, once the ten-minute time frame was over, everyone should turn to Dong Shi Street towards Qingmin County’s station before leaving the county using the highway.

Undoubtedly, the highway had already been blocked, and cars couldn’t pass through. However, they could still walk from the sidewalk. And according to the testimony of Zhou Sheng’s people, they were able to leave Qingmin County successfully by walking on the sidewalk. They claimed the route was smooth and without a problem.

Thus, with everything ironed out, the meeting ended without a quarrel. Everyone went back to their places to do their own things.

When they returned back home, Wu Ye once again studied the strategies and tactics for this operation with Qin Wuhua, Qian Xin, and the others. Despite that though, Wu Ye still felt uneasy. As such, he exchanged 3 vaccines with his points and red crystals. With this added to the remaining 3 vaccines in Qin Wuhua’s hands, they had a total of 6 vaccines.

He wasn’t familiar with the 30 people that were hired for this job. As such, he didn’t care whether they die or live. However, this wasn’t the case with the 5 younger brothers under him. Wu Ye secretly admitted to himself that he didn’t have the heart to just watch these 5 people die if they happened to get injured by the zombies. Therefore, the vaccines on his hands were an assurance that he would be able to save them if something goes awry.

On the morning of the third day, a thread of white color revealed itself at the far horizon, signifying the dawn had arrived. At this time, Wu Ye was with his five younger brothers and 30 hired people, sitting on the truck. He was followed by Zhou Sheng’s big pickup truck and three smaller ones.

After leaving Lan Cheng base, they successfully rushed out of the zombie’s wall and went straight to Qingmin County, which was 200 kilometers away.

Before the apocalypse, Qingmin County was just a remote small county town with a population of about 800.000 people and 350.000 residents. Two or three years before the end of the world, Qingmin County’s governor finally managed to bring in a large amount of investment. He used that and worked hard to create a decent industrial zone to attract even more investors to the county. However, before the work even bore fruit, disasters struck down from heaven and everything went up in smoke.

After a three-hour boring drive, the convoy finally entered the outskirts of Qingmin County.

From the distance, you could see many apartments and office buildings with 30 to 40 floors that were fitted with many elevators. In this world, Qingmin County’s size was considered negligible. However, Wu Ye felt that if it wasn’t destroyed, the county was comparable to C Country’s third-tier cities. And he had a premonition that the situation was worse than he had expected.

Starting from the outskirts, the number of the zombies noticeably increased, and they had begun to chase after the convoy frantically. In order to avoid making loud sounds that would attract more zombies to them, no one in the convoy dared to shoot. They just went ahead at full speed, completely ignoring the zombies after them.

When they entered the industrial zone, they could see that the number of zombies doubled again. At this time, third-level zombies began to appear in the herd, and they were extremely fast.

Under the stimulation of fresh flesh and blood, they quickly poured out from all directions, chasing and intercepting the group. But when the convoy entered the alley, a third-level zombie jumped directly from the upper floor to one of the trucks. At this, someone finally couldn’t hold back and fired out the first shot.

Thus, a shadow was cast over the operation accompanied by several blood-curdling screeches.

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