Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 39 - 2: Spirits Not Accepted by Underworld

"Pfft…” The young policeman couldn’t hold back his laughter, he leaned on the car with his waist bent over.

Chen Yang was so angry that smoke could be seen coming out of his nostrils, “Go to the police station with me first, wait until I’m done before I hear your case again.”

Chen Yu realized she said the wrong thing, she gave up and got into the police car with her head slumped.

The police car dashed all the way back to the police station. Chen Yang placed Chen Yu in his seat and said, “Sit here and don’t run around.”

“En.” Chen Yu obediently nodded her head.

Chen Yu sat bored for a while, when all of a sudden someone came over with a cup of milk tea. Chen Yu looked up in surprise and saw it was the young policeman.

“My name’s Qiu Heng, I have been following your brother since I graduated from police academy.” Qiu Heng then asked with a smile, “Why were you out so late? Did you go to a bar or internet café secretly?”

Chen Yu weighed the two and chose the latter, “I went to an internet café.”

“Internet café? It’s dangerous for girls to be outside, no wonder Brother Yang is angry.” Qiu Heng saw Chen Yu’s neat and tidy appearance, like someone who can be easily taken advantage of, so he couldn’t help but warn, “It’s not safe recently, you’re this beautiful, an easy target for bad guys.”

“Were you catching bad guys now?” Chen Yu asked curiously.

“Ahh, there have been several wounding incidents over there, the perpetrator hasn’t been caught, so we’re looking for evidence. That place isn’t very safe, you should go there less frequently.” Qiu Heng pushed the milk tea forward again and continued, “Drink something first, wait for your brother to come out later and apologize, you’ll be fine.”

After saying this, Qiu Heng turned around, left the office and walked towards the evidence room.

After a while, Chen Yang walked out from the room. He looked at his sister who was sitting in a chair, obediently drinking milk tea and he couldn’t help but frown. He dragged a chair over and sat down, “Have you thought about what you want to say to me?”

“I… Brother, I’m sorry, I won’t sneak out to play games anymore.” Chen Yu apologized pitifully.

“Playing games?” Chen Yang asked in surprise.

“I promise, I’ll study hard and never indulge in games anymore.” Chen Yu said reassuringly.

“You ran out at night to play games at an internet café?” Chen Yang doubted, “Then why were you in that alley in the middle of the night?”

“I… I was hungry, I planned to have supper and go back and buy an all-night package.” Chen Yu said cautiously. [T/N: for those who don’t know, there’s an all-night package that you can buy in internet café, you can play / sleep all night long in there]

“You still want to buy an all-night package?” the blue veins in Chen Yang’s forehead burst, “It’s Monday.”

“I… I was wrong, I won’t do this again in the future.” Chen Yu said with puppy-eyes.

Chen Yang held back his anger, but when he met his sister’s pitiful eyes, his heart became soft again. Thinking his sister had grown up in the backward and impoverished mountainous area for more than ten years and had never been in touch with games, it’s actually pardonable she would feel games were interesting. Hadn’t he been addicted to them when he was a teenager too?

When Chen Yang thought about it this way, most of his anger was immediately gone leaving only distress in his heart, “Final exams are coming soon.”

“Ah… en.” Chen Yu nodded her head without understanding why.

“Playing games is okay, but you shouldn’t let it hinder your studies.” Chen Yang said, “If you do well in the finals, I’ll give you a gaming computer later, if you want to play, don’t go to an Internet Café in the middle of the night.”

“There… there’s no need.” From being criticized heavily to suddenly being encouraged and rewarded with a computer, Chen Yu felt the change was too fast and she couldn’t accept it.

“Do you still want to go to an Internet Café in the middle of the night?” Chen Yang’s voice sank again.

“Not going.” Chen Yu immediately made her attitude clear.

Chen Yang rubbed his eyebrows, he raised his head and said, “I still have a case to work on tonight so I can’t take you home. You can stay in the police dorm for one night and go back to school tomorrow morning.”

Chen Yu stayed in the police dorm, the next morning she ran to the police station to say goodbye to her brother. She found an exhausted looking Chen Yang, it looked like he hadn’t slept all night, so Chen Yu didn’t dare bother him anymore and left after saying goodbye.

She walked along a road and saw a stall selling breakfast, Chen Yu thought for a while, ran and bought a dozen*, then found someone to send them in to her brother. Thinking her elder brother wouldn’t miss breakfast now, she finally could walk away with peace. [T/N: probs a dozen buns]

When passing by yesterday’s alley, Chen Yu saw the female perverted ghost who was trying to molest her brother last night. She became angry and strode past, dragging the ghost into the nearby alley and angrily said, “If I catch you molesting my brother again, I’ll burn you with a talisman.”

“Celestial Master, please have mercy, ah, I don’t dare, I will never do that anymore.” In fact, the ghost waited here to apologize to Chen Yu, “I really didn’t know that superbly dashing guy is your brother, ah.”

Seeing the ghost was really scared, Chen Yu softened her stance and said, “Say, haven’t you gotten tired of molesting people? You can almost enter reincarnation.”

“Celestial Master, what you said is too simple, lonely, wandering souls like us who missed the spirit gate, how could we get a good reincarnation.” The female perverted ghost said pitifully, “I would be caught and sent to jail for several years, I also don’t know which level of the eighteenth hell I would be locked in. When I was alive, I would at most get scolded if I was caught stealing a kiss or two, I never thought the punishment would be more serious after death, that it would directly affect my next reincarnation.”

“Then, what are you going to do? Keep on being a wandering lonely ghost?” Chen Yu asked.

“How can that be? When I have successfully collected 999 handsome men, I will seek a Celestial Master to transcend.” The female perverted ghost glanced at Chen Yu after she said these words. Although she was thrown away like a rag twice, Chen Yu was really the most sensible Celestial Master she had ever seen. When other Celestial Masters saw her, either they would try to exorcise her without saying anything, or they would earnestly persuade her not to molest handsome guys and go reincarnate.

Only Chen Yu was different, not only didn’t she exorcise her, she also didn’t prevent her from taking advantage of handsome guys.

Thinking of this, the ghost suddenly flatteringly smiled, “Little Celestial Master, can you wait for me to collect 999 handsome guys? I will then come to you and you can help me transcend.”

“You can wish, but my skill is really expensive.” Chen Yu refused without thinking twice.

Old Wu taught Chen Yu from an early age that she must collect money when she drives away ghosts because everything should have a price. Chen Yu had followed Old Wu since she was young, naturally she had seen a lot of lonely, harmless ghosts wandering in the world. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to reincarnate, it’s because they had missed the time to enter the spirit gate.

Of course, they can surrender themselves to the Town God or wait until the Spirit Gate opens again, but because they delayed entering the Underworld, they will be punished once they enter. However, if those lonely ghosts can slip past the errand ghosts’ inspection, then the punishment can be avoided, this was also a kind of transcending.

When she was young, Chen Yu had always felt those lonely ghosts were pitiful, so she always begged the old man to help these ghosts transcend. Every time she did it, the old man always said with earnest words: “No matter if it's a man or ghost, everything has to pay a price. They missed the Spirit Gate’s opening time because of their own reasons, and since they planted the cause, then they have to bear the fruit. We’re exorcists, not Lei Feng.” [T/N: spirit of altruism]

“I’m not Lei Feng!” Chen Yu added.

“That…” the female ghost remembered the two policemen who ran here to handle a case in the middle of the night and suddenly thought, “Little Celestial Master, I know who the criminal is in your brother’s case.”

“What do you mean?” Chen Yu glanced at her.

“I can help the policeman brother catch the bad guy, as a reward, when I want to reincarnate someday, will you help me transcend?” The ghost suggested.

Chen Yu wanted to refuse, but the thought of her elder brother’s haggard appearance this morning made her frown.

Forget it, just treat it as repayment for her brother giving her a computer. Besides, this ghost isn’t that annoying.

“Ok. If you help my brother catch the bad guy within a day, then I’ll help you pass on for free once.” Chen Yu said.

“It’s settled!” the female ghost widened her eyes in happy surprise.

Chen Yu took out a Sensor Talisman from her pocket and gave it to the ghost, “I’m a Celestial Master, nicknamed Exorcist Xishi. Put your Yin aura into this sensor talisman when you want to reincarnate.”

“Thank you, thank you.” The ghost quickly took the talisman.

“Of course, this is with the premise that you can catch the bad guy today.” Chen Yu reminded her.

“Understood.” The ghost vowed solemnly.

Chen Yu looked at the time, it was almost time for her first class so she stopped paying attention to the perverted ghost, turned around and ran out the alley quickly towards Imperial University.

After Chen Yu left, a child suddenly appeared in the empty alley besides the female ghost. The child looked to be about seven or eight years old, and he looked very cute in his little suit. He walked out of the wall and stood beside the female ghost.

“Sister Weiwei, are you going to reincarnate?” The little boy looked at the talisman paper in the female ghost’s hand curiously.

“Xiaokang, ah, where’s your brother?” she smiled once she saw the little boy.

“Brother doesn’t want to come out.” Xiaokang pointed to the wall and spoke.

A pitiful look flashed in the female ghost’s eyes; she can’t see this superbly handsome man, ah. She squeezed the little boy’s face and said, “Sister won’t get reincarnated now, sister has not gathered 999 handsome men yet.”

“Oh.” Xiaokang looked at the female ghost enviously.

Chen Yu kept a low profile after being caught by her elder brother. When she went out at night, she avoided police cars, fearing she would meet her elder brother again. Apart from this, what’s more pressing was that she originally just wanted to barely pass her final exam, but because her brother said she should do her exam well, Chen Yu felt an indescribable nervousness.

How many points do you need to be counted as good? Eighty, ninety? Chen Yu felt despondent while studying in the library, finals would start in a week, she might be able to get eighty, but ninety was very unlikely, ah.

“Little Celestial Master, little Celestial Master.” The sudden interruption stopped Chen Yu from reviewing her notes. She calmly stood up and walked outside the reading room.

“Pervert ghost?” She only gave out one Sensor Talisman.

“Little Celestial Master, can you come over now?” The female ghost’s anxious voice sounded in Chen Yu’s mind.

“Do you want me to transcend you?” The female ghost helped Chen Yang catch the criminal on time, so Chen Yu owed her this help.

“Right, right, right!”

“I’m in the library now and I don’t have anything with me. I’ll go to you tomorrow during the day.” Her compass was needed to open the Spirit Gate, but she left it behind in the dorm because she didn’t pick up any tasks recently to prepare for her finals.

“No! It must be tonight, please!” The female ghost pleaded.

Chen Yu frowned slightly, but she’s always a person who kept her promises. She thought about it, walked back to the reading room, picked up her books and went back to her dorm room. She held a linen bag while wearing a thick down-jacket and went to the alley near the convenience store.

Because there were some wounding cases not so long ago, people were still reluctant to walk along this alley even though the criminal was caught,

When Chen Yu entered the alley, the female perverted ghost impatiently welcomed her.

“Little Celestial Master!”

Chen Yu ignored the female ghost but carefully looked at the alley and soon found an array painted with cinnabar on the wall.

Chen Yu suddenly realized, “No wonder you’re in a hurry to reincarnate, as it turns out, you’re being targeted by someone.”

Chen Yu felt a very uncomfortable aura as soon as she entered the alley, so she followed this aura’s direction to discover such an array.

“Soul Refining Array, there’s actually a Celestial Master who targets you at your cultivation level.” Chen Yu felt that it was unfathomable, “You know, drawing a Soul Refining Array requires quite a lot of spiritual energy, it’s truthfully like killing a chicken using an ox knife to use this array just to kill a weak perverted ghost like you.”

“You know about Soul Refining Array?” a clear male voice suddenly sounded.

Chen Yu backed up two steps as she raised her eyes to look at the opposite wall. Two ghosts, one large and one small, suddenly appeared from the wall. Chen Yu’s heart was startled as she didn’t even notice there were two ghosts around.

“You know about Soul Refining Array?” The slightly older ghost was an eighteen to nineteen-year-old boy who looked better than idol stars that appeared on TV. He looked straight at Chen Yu and repeated the question again.

Chen Yu felt a fiendish aura hitting her face directly, she alertly looked at the young man and quietly took out an advanced-level Expelling Talisman from her bag with her fingers.

“Little Celestial Master, we don’t want to fight.” The female ghost was shocked when she saw Chen Yu take out a talisman and shouted with a loud voice.

“You guys are together?” Chen Yu asked with certainty.

“Yes.” The female ghost ran to calm the teenager ghost, “Xiang Nan, we’re asking for someone’s help, don’t be so impulsive.”

The young man named Xiang Nan was taken aback for a moment, then looked down at the little boy beside him. All of a sudden, the hostile aura that surrounded him was reduced by a lot.

Although Chen Yu was a little curious, her intuition was telling her this was definitely sticky trouble that can’t be shaken off, so she looked at the female ghost and said, “You, come out with me, I’ll transcend you now.”

Just finish early and leave early.

The female ghost and Xiang Nan looked at each other, and then walked out from the alley with the little boy in hand.

Soul Refining Array, evil spirit, although Chen Yu wasn’t clear what happened before, but as long as she wasn’t blind, she knows it’s big trouble. She wasn’t in the mood to care whether she had money or not. Seeing the female ghost coming out, Chen Yu raised her hand and threw the compass, and soon a Spirit Gate with glowing green light appeared in front of the three ghosts.

Xiang Nan’s gaze trembled. The female ghost took the little boy’s hand and slowly approached the Spirit Gate, she pushed the little boy in while Chen Yu wasn’t paying attention.


A golden light flashed, and the little boy was ejected far away along with the female ghost.

“Xiaokang!” Xiangnan ran towards the entrance of the alley anxiously, but he couldn’t go any further.

Chen Yu retracted her compass and looked at the two ghosts lying on the ground with a complicated expression.

There are ghosts that Underworld won’t accept?!

Author’s NOTE:

The internal communication group of assistants.

“Ms. Chen Yu said she will kiss Third Young Master again.”

“Third Young Master seems to be spending money on this.”

“Isn’t this basically spending money for someone to take advantage of yourself?”


Hmm… what’s the deal with the child ghost? And the handsome boi, I reckon he must be chained to that alley.

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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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