End of World Businessman

Chapter 39.2: Digging Gold in Qingmin County [2]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 39.2: Digging Gold in Qingmin County [2]

In addition, all the crystal nuclei obtained in this job were owned by the employer aka Wu Ye’s group. However, after evaluating the scavenged goods, the employer would give 30% of the total value of evaluation as a bonus to them. This bonus would be voided if one disobeys the commander or died due to reasons during the job, though.

As for the car and ammunition… it would be prepared by Wu Ye as the employer.

When Wu Ye looked over the terms and conditions, his headache returned with a vengeance. Because, the cost of ammunition aside, the minimum total wage he would spend to recruit the zombies hunters already amounted to more than 12W transparent crystal nuclei. And that was only the basic wage!

Fortunately, Wu Ye’s luck was pretty good since tomorrow happened to be the day the bank allowed for cash withdrawal. And since in the past few days the store’s businesses were pretty good, there were as much as 16W transparent crystal nuclei in the savings.

However, this money was all withdrawn for the sake of this operation. This amount was only enough to cover the cost of it, though. It was only enough to pay half of the guaranteed base salary, the purchase of gasoline and ammunition, and other stuff.

As for the other half of remuneration and subsequent promised bonus… for the time being, it would have to wait until the success of the operation.

Ever since Wu Ye arrived in this apocalypse world, this was the first time the Local Tyrant Wu became penniless. Thus, he couldn’t help his feeling of ‘a hero becoming a beggar’ sort.

If it wasn’t because the system had issued him with another mandatory task of【Searching for Materials in Qingmin County 】, the Second Young Master Wu would definitely choose to retreat. After all, if these 16W transparent crystals were converted into gold and then converted to paper currency, he would get a full 160 million!

And this was just the data from before the decline of exchange rate between gold and crystal nuclei in Lan Cheng. In any case, calculating the figure was enough for even a local tyrant like the Second Young Master Wu felt pain in his chest.

However, for people like Zhou Sheng, they wouldn’t need to pay such high employment fees. The only thing they needed to do was to buy enough gasoline and ammunition. Of course, there was a downside too. After all, they needed to invest a lot of resources to their younger brothers aka their subordinates.

From this, one could conclude that it was difficult to become the boss in the apocalypse. And it was even more difficult to become a powerful person without a background.

In any case, for the ordinary ability users and zombies hunters, Wu Ye’s guaranteed base salary was something they could only earn if they spend one to two months not eating or drinking. Combined with the bonus he proposed, Wu Ye’s offer was considered very generous.

As such, in less than half an hour after Qin Wuhua released the request in the Zombie Hunter’s Union, hundreds of people had come to the designated locations for interviews.

Qin Wuhua spotted some familiar faces among the droves of people who had come. There were the three peak level first-order abilities users, who had worked with them during the siege; one was Peng Zijun who had sold the clothes to Wu Ye; and one other was a young man who sold the tablets to him. He saw that the three first-order ability users right now had leveled up to intermediate level second-order ability users. It seemed that after being inspired in that battle, the three of them had more practical ideas on how to use their abilities. So, their combat powers were now stronger than those from the same level.

Meanwhile, Peng Zijun was also an intermediate level second-order ability user. And though he looked very gentle, his ability was strength-based. As such, his body was infinitely strong. He was so strong he could freely knead a stone into powder with his bare hands.

As for the young man who sold Wu Ye the tablets, he was named Zhao Qian Yu. His ability was extremely rare, belonging to the dark-corrosive type. Not only that, he also had reached the peak level of second-order.

When Qin Wuhua looked into his eyes, he saw the unique eyes of cultivation madmen. So, Qin Wuhua agreed to a public fight when Zhao Qian Yu requested it. Of course, the two people understood not to go overboard with their fight. In the end, Qin Wuhua proved himself to be stronger and more skilled, winning the competition.

Despite Qin Wuhua’s win though, Zhao Qian Yu didn’t look deterred or devastated. Instead, he was looking at Qin Wuhua like a hungry man looking at a big fat chicken leg, expression dissatisfied.

Aside from the five people above, Qin Wuhua also hired another five ability users. Two of these five people had gold elements. One had a fire element. One had an earth element. And the last one had a healing ability. All of them had reached the intermediate level of second-order. Therefore, Qin Wuhua recruited a total of 10 ability users.

Among those who came for the interview, not many of them have reached the intermediate level of second-order. And there were even fewer people who were skilled in marksmanship. As such, it was easy for Qin Wuhua to choose among them.

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