Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 39 - 1: Spirits Not Accepted by Underworld

In order to seal the escaping evil spirit in Lou Ming’s body, Chen Yu had to absorb a lot of evil energy. Her spiritual energy was depleted so she hadn’t taken any new tasks for nearly half a month.

Chen Yu was heartbroken, she couldn’t help but complain to Lou Ming, “Third Brother, I only took advantage of you for a bit and I haven’t been able to pick up tasks for half a month. Kissing you is really expensive, ah.”

Lou Ming listened to Chen Yu complain and looked at her with a complicated expression, he said helplessly under the little girl’s aggrieved expression, “Then… I don’t want 30% profit from the Profound Strike Talisman.”

When Chen Yu heard this, she was so happy that she was almost unable to tell which way was north, “You don’t want any?”

“I don’t want any.” Lou Ming nodded.

“Aissh, this isn’t good, ah.” polite words should still be said.

“It’s okay!” Lou Ming broke out into laughter.

“Third Brother, you’re so good, ah, I’ll help you again when your evil spirit breaks out.” Chen Yu said without feeling pressured, anyway, she would still help him regardless of whether Lou Ming gave her 30% profit or not, but beautiful words, ah, they can always make people happy.

And our dear young master Lou, he didn’t feel happy, instead he trembled in shock and the teacup in his hand fell down and broke.

Finally, on the seventeenth day after she took advantage of Lou Ming, the evil spirit in Chen Yu’s body was completely gone and abundant spiritual power returned to her body again. In order to make up for the progress she had fallen behind on, Chen Yu took several tasks from the Spiritual Website. She must be promoted quickly in order to take on the higher-level, higher-paying tasks.

Chen Yu ran out of school under the pretext of going home, it would take some time to solve the two tasks she had just accepted. As she walked towards the school, she pondered where to find a hotel to rest. As she was thinking about it, she exited out of an alley and saw a police car in front of her.

Chen Yu didn’t mind. Imperial City was so big and there were cases every day. It’s not surprising to see police handling cases but when she saw a female ghost trying to climb a policeman, Chen Yu couldn’t help but gasp in admiration towards the ghost’s courage.

The righteousness of the police has an effect of driving away and repelling evil spirits, ghosts generally don’t dare approach public officials such as police or soldiers. However, this evil female ghost still crawled on the policeman’s body persistently, even though her body was obviously distorted and scalded by the policeman’s righteous aura.

Chen Yu could understand if this female ghost came for revenge, but she couldn’t feel any resentment coming from the ghost, it was as if she was just torturing herself.

Chen Yu was very curious, so she couldn’t help but take a closer look. With one look, she recognized the female ghost who assaulted handsome guys.

The female ghost also saw Chen Yu, but she didn’t stop her actions. Since the first time Chen Yu warned her, she had run into Chen Yu several times. The ghost was surprised to discover this little Heavenly Master wouldn’t really care about her as long as the ghost didn’t do too much.

As a result, the perverted ghost became even more unbridled in her way of molesting handsome guys that she wouldn't even leave a policeman alone, although it’s true today’s police brother is really handsome and stylish. Even if the pain of her soul being burned by his righteous energy was unbearable, the perverted ghost still firmly decided she must take advantage of the handsome brother, to kiss and hug him tight.

Chen Yu saw the perverted ghost actually sacrifice herself this much, she wondered what the policeman looked like, so she took a few steps forward, raised her eyes and looked at the policeman’s face. Chen Yu’s expression suddenly changed as she watched the female ghost climb onto the policeman’s neck, her mouth was pouting, ready to kiss him.

Chen Yu used a hundred-meter sprint speed to run over, grab the perverted ghost by her neck, and throw her to the ground.

“Aisshh, little Celestial Master, what are you doing? I was just gonna kiss him, ah.” The lecher was shocked by the sudden pinch on her neck.

“Don’t touch him!” Chen Yu threatened.

“Who are you talking to?” Chen Yang felt someone running towards him and as soon as he turned around, he saw his sister’s face, so he asked with a frown.

“Ha, ha, ha… brother.” Chen Yu shook her hand awkwardly.

When the lecherous ghost heard Chen Yu calling out ‘brother’, she was immediately terrified. She didn’t try to get up from the ground anymore, instead she crawled to the side alley, trying to leave the scene as soon as possible without attracting Chen Yu’s attention.

F*ck me, Imperial City is so big, how could she have met little Heavenly Master’s brother, ah?

Chen Yang looked at his little sister and his gaze stopped for a moment on the linen bag Chen Yu’s shoulder. Chen Yang thought his little sister liked this linen bag a lot and often carried it around.

“It’s 11:12:16 at night.” Chen Yang glanced at his watch and said, “At this time, you should be sleeping at your school dorm.” [T/N: yes, he said the seconds too]

“Huh??” Chen Yu’s guilty eyes moved around restlessly, but her eyes were too big and her guilty conscience was too obvious.

“Tell the truth.” Chen Yang knew that she was going to lie as soon as her eyes moved around.

“I… I… with classmates…”

“I have your dorm’s phone number.” Without waiting for Chen Yu to finish her words, Chen Yang ruthlessly broke apart the excuses Chen Yu had finally come up with, but failed to finish saying.

“…” Chen Yu stuttered, her hands were clutching her clothes, her eyes were shifting everywhere.

“Brother Yang, I found it.” Just when Chen Yu was at a loss, a man in his early twenties walked out from a 24-hour convenience store. Chen Yu could tell from his faint righteous aura that he was also a policeman.

“This store installed a CCTV in the alley, I checked it, it’s good, but it can only store video from the last seven days.” The young policeman handed the video backup to Chen Yang.

Chen Yang took the video backup, looked at it and said, “Okay, let’s take a look at the content tonight.”

“Yes.” The young policeman glanced at the girl who stood next to Chen Yang in surprise, “This is?”

“This is my sister, Chen Yu.” Chen Yang introduced her in passing.

“Hello.” Chen Yu smiled and shook his hand.

“Hello.” The young policeman replied with a smile.

Chen Yang saw it was almost midnight and he had to return to the office to investigate the newly obtained surveillance video, there’s basically no time for him to send his sister home. Thinking of this, he frowned and glanced at Chen Yu, “Get in the car.”

“Go… go where?” Chen Yu asked.

“Police station.” Chen Yang raised his hand and opened the back seat door.

“I didn’t break the law, ah!” Chen Yu said reflexively.


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