Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 389 - Cultivation Examination(7)

Cangyue Mainland. The land was vast and besides the four great countries acting as the balance of the forces, the other areas were cultivators’ territories.

Within this Yellow Sea, there were only the Medicinal Valleys and the Wangyao Mountains. There were some insignificant sects obviously scattered around, normally formed by some nomads.

The actual sects were all gathered within Kunlun paradise. All the cultivators of the entire Cangyue Mainland were there and it was the center.

At the extreme north of the Cangyue Mainland was the Ghost Netherland where the ghosts gathered around. There were ghastly ghost qis and the ghosts traveled around frequently. By the most south of the Cangyue Mainland was the Red Sea, a dangerous spot. The seafloor devils had control of the sea and it was the forbidden place for the cultivators. By the east of the mainland was definitely the best training grounds for many disciples from different sects. The wastelands were where the evil gathered and it was a battlefield full of killing and plundering…

Whenever Su Wan had time, she would be researching the division of power within the mainland or Master Mo’s medicinal ingredients. In this courtyard full of spirit energy, her cultivation underwent rapid progression and she had reached the tip of refinement!

If...she had a base fill or other spiritual medicine to assist her, Su Wan was sure that she’d be able to breakthrough the refinement realm into foundation realm.

It was definitely a lie to say she wasn’t touched when she saw Master Mo coming back with a Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit.


Master Mo’s cultivation power was unpredictable. Su Wan was suspicious and believed he already entered the primary realm or higher. She wasn’t his match at all.

Seeing Su Wan looking around, Master Mo smiled faintly. “Xiao Qing, do you want to eat this?”

“I do but I don’t think I can afford such a valuable treasure.”

Su Wan shook her head softly. Master Mo also smiled faintly. “That’s right. I spent a lot of effort to acquire this fruit. It’s used to save a person.”

Saying this, Master Mo’s gaze turned gentle.

A person…

Su Wan froze. Master Mo was a rare poison physician within the Medicinal Valley. Everyone there respected him and was scared of him too. Su Wan didn’t notice him having too much interaction with anyone.

However, Jiu had seemed to tell her that there was a cultivating hidden chamber in Master Mo’s room and in there, there seemed to be an ice coffin.

The person Master Mo wanted to save was in the coffin?

Who could they be?

The Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit could revive skeletons and bones so it was quite unfortunate using such a valuable thing on a person.

Su Wan sighed inside. Let me drink some soup when you guys finish eating meat! I don’t need much, just one bite to increase my cultivation by five hundred years! A whole five hundred years!

No, no. She needed to think of a way to harvest rewards from risks. Su Wan was thinking silently about how to get some Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit from Master Mo but without leading to his suspicion.

Master Mo had returned to his room and he carefully opened the jade box, opening the door to the secret chamber. In front of him was a simple and clean cultivation room. In the center of the room was a transparent ice coffin. This was formed from the East Sea’s Millennium Year Old Ice after refinement. It could protect one’s body and spirit for thousands of years.

Master Mo slowly walked to the ice coffin. Through the faint blue sparkling millennium years old ice, he could faintly see the silhouette inside.

There seemed to be a little girl only about seven years old.

Master mo kept on staring at the girl inside the coffin. Some memories became more and more clear.

“Brother, carry me!”

“Brother, you’re the best!”

“Brother, I don’t want to die.”

That’s right. The person in the coffin was Master Mo’s sister.

She had been deep asleep for countless decades but she still maintained her appearance from when she was seven.

“Sister” was a familiar yet unfamiliar word. However, it also made one feel close to the person.

Master Mo opened the ice coffin and then took out the Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit from the jade box. The sparling and pure fruit emitted an alluring fragrance.

His slender fingers held the fruit and a moment of hesitation flickered through Master Mo’s face.

Unknowingly, he suddenly thought of little snake’s desireful eyes.

The pair of eyes…

Master Mo’s fingers slipped by and placed a piece of the fruit in the jade box. The rest were naturally for his sister. He placed it to her lips, helping her receive the fruit using his true essence.

Not long later, the little girl in the coffin recovered the color on her face.

Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit deserved its reputation. However, because she had been asleep for too long, there was no way for her to wake up right away. Master Mo left the cultivation room but after the room was closed, a black silhouette scuttled to the ice coffin.

Cough. The silhouette wasn’t anyone else but Su Wan.

Master Mo seemed to be absent-minded so while he was in a daze, Su Wan slipped into the cultivation room and then held in her breath, carefully hiding.

Thankfully, Master Mo wasn’t too on guard as it was his home. Plus, he didn’t really scan the room for other existences when he hurriedly left.

Su Wan was then able to get through successfully. Su Wan slipped inside the coffin and wrapped her body around the little girl. Feeling the aura that belonged to the Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit, she hesitated.

The girl looked similar to Master Mo. Could she be his sister? After all, she didn’t hear that Master Mo had a girlfriend. Since he didn’t have a girlfriend, there was no way he’d have a daughter.

Feeling the girl’s aura becoming more and more stable, Su Wan muttered, “You don’t need that much anyway. Why don’t you give me some? If I don’t die in the future, I’ll repay the favor.”

Su Wan slightly blew at the little girl’s lips and then the fruit essence that hasn’t been completely absorbed transformed into a faint green spiritual qi that enveloped the little girl and Su Wan…

Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit’s effect was too strong. By the time Su wan felt her body warming up and being taken over by the spiritual qi, and growing larger and larger, she couldn’t stop.

The plentiful spiritual qi had filled every corner of the cultivation room.

By the time Master Mo returned to the cultivation room with a gloomy look, he saw a faint green cocoon that was growing nonstop, about to take over the entire space!

His gaze coldened. He placed his palm on the surface of the cocoon and the spiritual qi immediately entered his body, following from his palm. The large cocoon slowly quietened down.

Seeing the two figures inside the cocoon, he furrowed his brows.

He knew she was a restless snake. Fancy that he even left a piece of the fruit for her, planning to refine it into a pill.

If people didn’t have specific blood types, they wouldn’t be able to take in such a treasure just like ordinary cultivators. Don’t mention a little snake who was only in the refinement realm.

Master Mo’s gaze darkened.

As expected, his decision was wrong from the start. He should’ve killed her at first glance.

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