Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 387 - Cultivation Examination (5)

The Medicinal Valley was by the Yellow Sea, close to the Wanyao Mountain and where all the spiritual qis were.

Master Mo brought Su Wan and little plum blossom back to his residence in the Medicinal Valley. This was a separate courtyard. Before entering, he could sense the medicinal aura in the air.

“Master, master, you’re back!”

Before Master Mo even entered, there was a surprised voice. Countless vines welcomed him.

Feeling the sudden dangerous devil aura, little plum blossom cried in shock and hid behind Master Mo.

Such a dangerous aura. It has to be…

“Jiu, quiet down.”

Master Mo smiled and comforted the vines. The vines all shrunk back hearing his words. However, Jiu’s wronged voice rang, “Master, master, I’m so hungry, so hungry.”

Jiu slowly moved over to Master Mo. She was a man-eating beast that was the height of a person. However, this gorgeous and sinister-looking man-eating beast was now leaning against Master Mo and eating cute. “Master, master, they were all bullying me when you weren’t here. They refused to feed me. I was so pitiful. Hm. What’s this? Poisonous snake? Ah, even though it’s poisonous, I don’t mind. Master, did you capture this for me? Master, you’re the best. You…”

Before Jiu could finish, Master Mo left with Su Wan in his arms. He returned to his room but before closing the door, he tossed little plum blossom on Jiu’s leaves. “Help me look after her. Don’t scare her.”

“Oh, oh okay.”

Jiu answered. After making sure that Master Mo left, she immediately moved to the corner of a wall and exclaimed in a harsh tone, “Hmph. Even a plum blossom is trying to steal master’s love from me? Where are you from? Have you eaten anyone? Have you drank blood before?”

Plum blossom: …

Little snake, little snake, come and save me. This flower sister is really scary!

While little plum blossom was trembling, Jiu continued in a sinister tone, “Don’t think that you can gain the master’s favor just because you look petite and cute. Let me tell you. Master never raises useless things! A baby who has never drank blood before wants to compare to me? Hmph!”

Drink blood? It’s just drinking blood, no? Do flowers need to drink blood?

Little plum blossom was confused. Needless to say, only two people influenced her greatly during her journey to cultivate into an immortal.

The first person was Su Wan. She was her first friend after she activated her spirit and she trusted her enough that she’d die for her.

The second person was Jiu. She taught her how to become a fierce plum blossom— eat people and suck blood?

Ahhh. Those were Sinister Jiu’s forte. Little plum blossom actually learned them too…

Of course, this was in the future. The innocent and childish little plum blossom was now trembling to her death. In another room however, Master Mo had submerged Su Wan’s snake body into his own medicine.

She was still unconscious but she breathed steadily.

Master Mo’s gaze landed on Su Wan’s tail. There was a faint golden mark on her burnt red tail. The golden color was emitting a gentle glow.  That glow worked on recovering Su Wan’s body.

This gold light was…

This gold light was…

Master Mo froze seeing the gold light. He subconsciously wanted to touch the gold light but in the next second, he withdrew his hand as if he had been shocked by electricity.


The gold light contained an unpredictable dangerous aura.

Then, what exactly was that?

Master Mo’s gaze landed on Su Wan again. He should’ve killed her when they were in the forest but why didn’t he have the heart to suddenly?

What was that extremely familiar feeling?

He sighed and summoned his smelting furnace from his storage bag, silently refining the antidote.

Four hours later.

Su Wan slowly woke up. She felt her body warming up. A really comfortable gentle energy was swimming inside her. That was…

Spiritual energy?

No, it wasn’t. It was much better than spiritual energy. Could it be...ethereal energy?

Su Wan jumped at her thought. This wasn’t the world of the immortals. Where would all these immortals be at?


Even more, Cangyue Mainland had been silent all these years. The resources were lacking and the cultivation sects were also lessening. For the past thousand years or so, she hadn’t seen any cultivators that had achieved Dao and levitated heavenwards.

Cultivating was hard and becoming an immortal was even harder.

Su Wan slowly opened her eyes and found herself lying in bed. Right now, her snake body was all curled up and Master Mao was sitting by the bed, staring at herself. He couldn’t help but smile seeing her awake. He brought a bloody red pill to her face and exclaimed, “Eat it. It’ll benefit you.”

Sensing the spiritual energy from the pill, Su Wan swallowed her saliva. There was plenty of spiritual energy in the pill. People from the Medicinal Valley were quite outstanding.


“Why did you save me? Where’s little plum blossom?”

Su Wan refused to be blinded by Master Mo’s little favors. She was awake. Although she couldn’t make any actual noises because her cultivation wasn’t high enough, she was able to communicate with anyone through her mind.

Master Mo responded faintly, “I promised her to save you. In exchange, I’ll be using her within my medicine.”

Su Wan’s expression changed immediately. Why was little plum blossom so stupid? She actually…

“Is she dead or alive right now?”

Su Wan immediately pressed. Master Mo smiled. “She’s still alive.”

“Then that’s good.”

Su Wan sighed a breath of relief. Then she started moving and tossed the pill into Master Mo’s hands with her tail. “I can’t accept your medicine. You didn’t save me either so cancel your deal right now!”


Master Mo looked at Su Wan gloomily. “You think you have any say in the Medicinal Valley?”

“Oh? So you want to go back on your words? Are the people in the Medicinal Valley that shameless?”

Su Wan turned around and looked straight, staring at Master Mo’s face. “How about this? Little plum blossom and I will sign a contract with you, and serve for you a decade. How does that sound? Don’t tell me you need her for your medicine. If you really did, you wouldn’t have let her go a decade ago.”

“Serve me for a decade?”

Master Mo smiled at Su Wan and exclaimed, “You want to cultivate in my courtyard, huh? Do you know how valuable my herbs are? Even ten of you can’t afford half a medicinal herb.”

“To you, to me, your courtyard of medicinal herbs can’t compare to a single of my scales.”

Su Wan looked up and responded.

Master Mo: …

Should you really be arrogant as a snake?

Master Mo didn’t expect that Su Wan’s joking words would come true one day.

Don’t mention exchanging a courtyard full of treasures and ingredients with him, even if you exchange the entire Cangyue Mainland’s treasures with him, it couldn’t be compared to a single scale on her.

There were invaluable things in this world that couldn’t be exchanged with money. To him, it was her.

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